Allan Poe/4-star
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Obtained From
Featured in:
Path to Acheron and Allan Poe Focused Supply (7-17-20)
Path to Acheron and Allan Poe Focused Supply
Appears in:
Focused Supply
Added During
Version Unknown
Allan Poe (T) (Icon).png
Stigmata Top.png 261 72 28 0
Gain 9.0% Crit Rate. If there are 2 or more enemies present, 1.1%*n of the bonus Crit Rate will convert into 2.2%*n bonus Physical DMG (n=the number of enemies present, and n≤5).
Allan Poe (M) (Icon).png
Stigmata Middle.png 307 0 111 7
After spending 3/33/63 SP in one action, Crit DMG of Basic Attacks (including Combo ATKs and Charged ATKs) increases by 20.0%/30.0%/40.0%. This effect lasts until the next trigger.
Allan Poe (B) (Icon).png
Stigmata Bottom.png 215 38 41 13
Attack speed increases by 13.0%. CD of Ultimate Evasion shortens by 9.0%.
Sculptor of Terror 2 Pieces
Gain 20.0% Total DMG Multiplier. Total DMG of Charged ATK and any follow-up hits unleashed within the following 1s increases by 40.0%. Seele equip bonus: Total DMG increases by an additional 40.0%. CD: 3s.
Weaver of Death 3 Pieces
Once attacked, ignore the damage from the attack and greatly gain Ignore Interrupt for 3s. CD: 20.0s. During CD, the host restores 650 HP upon hitting enemies with Charged ATK (applies once during each CD). Seele equip bonus: Total DMG increases by 25.0%.

Upgrade for each piece (ALL UPGRADES)

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Frame (Purple).png
Frame (Purple).png
Frame (Purple).png
Frame (Purple).png
Frame (Purple).png

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