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Ana Schariac was a former A-Rank Valkyrie and leader of the Snow Lotus Squad garrisoned at Coral Island, before becoming the Herrscher of Ice.


Ana was a thin and pale girl. She had long, ecru hair trailing into white at the tips and an outlying white strand on the right side of her face. Her eyes were cerise, with her eyebrows usually frowned.

She wore a black beret hat, embroidered with white flowers with pointed petals and bottomed by a pale blue stroke. She also used a royal blue hairpin in a shape of a bow but with pointed edges on the left part of her hair. Under her chin, rested a black neckpiece with a beige, horizontal rhombus at the center, bordered by two smaller circles. She sported a royal blue half-cloak over her left shoulder with a tight black and white battlesuit and royal blue belts hanging sideways towards her right waistline.

In Herrscher form, her hair turned white and she donned a full black bodysuit embroidered with various silver ornaments, that turned into a gradient of dark blue towards white from her wrists to her fingertips. From below her waist, her legs slowly turned white further down with a light blue hue coloring her knees. Her eyes changed into a deep shade of blue while a navy and white cloak rested on her head and adorned her sides with fur outlining the inner seams. On her head, was a spiked silver crown while pale white chains trailed her arm length.