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Armadas are Honkai Impact 3rd's equivalent to "guilds." In other words, an armada is a group of players who come together under the same armada name and perform various activities to achieve benefits within the game. It is highly recommended that all players join armadas as soon as possible. There are numerous benefits to doing so including receiving currencies that can be used to obtain items from the Exchange Shop, Standard Supply Cards, rare 4-star upgrade materials, and valkyrie fragments.


To join an armada, your captain level must be level 10 or higher. To start an armada, your captain level must be 30 or higher.

Leaders can set a level requirement for the armada as well as whether the armada will automatically accept members as long as their captain level is high enough.

All armadas have 2 main currencies.

  • Funds are used to upgrade cabins, the compartments that grant the armada various functions like increasing member capacity, funds and fame limits, and allowing access to facilities like Boss Invasion, Warehouse, and Matrix Exploration.
    • Funds are acquired through various armada activities like commissions, matrix exploration, boss invasion, etc.
  • Fame is accumulated and used primarily to upgrade the armada ship to the next tier. It is also used to set and start a Boss Invasion.
    • Fame is accumulated by expending stamina in any battle stages. This does not include adventures in the base command center.
      • The daily cap on Fame is 240 for each member of the armada. 6000 from the armada in total can be acquired daily.
    • Fame is used daily for maintenance. The amount depends on the tier of ship of the armada.

Ranking Up Your Armada

To rank up an armada, the armada must have the appropriate amount of funds and fame accumulated to pay for the rank up. However, armadas must upgrade both Cabins and Warehouses so that they can raise their maximum Fame and Funds limits to allow for holding enough Fame and Funds to rank up.

Tier Rank Funds Needed Fame Needed
1 Nova 0 0
2 Izanami 12000 6000
3 Knut 90000 50000
4 Ishtar 350000 210000
5 Revelation 750000 450000


Every day, in addition to weekly duty points, players can also gain armada contribution by completing daily missions. The entire armada can claim rewards such as coins, Ranger Reputation, and 25 Crystals after reaching certain accumulated armada contribution. Each player can accrue 165 armada contribution a day. The entire armada will require 5000 a week to gain all rewards. The missions can be found below:

Daily Missions
Contribution Objective
5 PT Daily Login.
5 PT Login after 11:00 AM to get 30 Stamina.
5 PT Login after 6:00 PM to get 30 Stamina.
25 PT Clear any Weekday Event stage 1 time.
20 PT Complete any Training Camp stage 1 time.
15 PT Clear any Event Stage 2 times.
5 PT Complete any Story or Extra stage 1 time.
10 PT Complete any Story or Extra stage 3 times.
15 PT Complete any Story or Extra stage 5 times.
10 PT Collect Coins in Dorm 1 time.
20 PT Consume a total of 100 Stamina.
15 PT Complete 2 Armada Commissions.
15 PT Complete 2 Errands in Dorm.


Armada Commissions (Cabin).png

Armada members can collaborate to fulfill commissions from various companies by turning in various obtainable items. Commissions can ask for a wide range of items such as EXP chips, enhance materials, Infinity Abyss witness items, stigmatas, and weapons. When turning in items to fulfill commission requests, players will obtain funds, fuel, ranger reputation, and various other items for the armada. These items are pooled together before the end of the day and distributed based on each member's contributions for that day. Better items are rewarded for harder to obtain items, and the rarest rewards are reserved for fully completing commissions.

  • Each regular member can start one commission from a list of five.
    • The armada leader and vice leaders can start ten commissions in the same fashion, but remember that only so many commissions can be completed by the armada.
  • Each commission has 8 parts. To receive the best rewards, players should aim to complete as many commissions as possible.
    • There is no penalty for leaving a commission unfinished, but you will not receive the more sought after completion rewards.
    • When turning in a reward, there is a number called "Contribution" next to the submit button. The more contribution you obtain, the more rewards you will obtain when they are distributed.
      • However, remember that completing commissions will always give the best rewards overall. Even if a commission requires a very low contribution item to complete, it is still recommended to complete it.
  • Each player can turn in 8 commission items. This means, in theory, each player can complete one commission each. However since some items are more difficult to obtain and some players will try to turn in higher contribution items, the amount of completed commissions will not always equal the amount of members participating in commissions.
  • Before rewards are distributed you can "make a claim" on the items in the rewards list, but the more items you choose in the list, the less likely you are to receive them. By default, you will choose all of the items available.
    • Be aware that after saving your claim, any new items added to the pool will not be added to your list of items.
    • Making a claim on items does not guarantee they will be yours. It simply determines your chances of getting them.
  • Items are awarded at 20:00 every day. (Not accounting for daylight saving time.) Be sure not to miss out!


Armada Warehouse (Cabin).png

Armada members can request items to be donated by fellow armada members here. Depending on the item, a fee of Ranger Reputation Ranger Reputation (Small).png and coins are required. Some items may also require a certain captain level to be requested for donation. If an armada member donates an item to another member, they will receive the ranger reputation used for the fee and funds for the armada. Each member can only donate up to 5 times a day. Building warehouses and upgrading them increases the armada's funds capacity.

Please be aware that not all in-game items are available to be requested. To see the full list, please check the in-game list.

Communication Hub

Armada Communication Hub (Cabin).png

Communication hubs allow members to view the member list and increase the member capacity of the armada when built and upgraded. You can perform various actions similar to your own friends list here like view information on other members, their funds and fame contributed for the week, add them as friends, and access their profiles. For leaders and vice leaders, viewing the member list often is a good way to see which players are not active or need to be kicked. However, keep in mind that because of the way numbers are displayed, some members may only show 3 digits for contributed funds and fame because the 4th digit is truncated or cut off.

Sim Battle

Sim battle is like a simulation in your armada ship on which all members can partake in. It focuses on getting the highest score possible with three bosses. You have a set pool of valkyries to choose from, so pick wisely! There is a reward bar at the bottom and a total score counter at the top right corner of the screen. The higher your collective score is on all three bosses, the better you rewards will be. There’s also a ranking every week for all the guilds to see their total scores and the general player skill levels in each guild.

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