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This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future but its return, at least in its original form, is highly unlikely.
Armory: Pulsing Bow
Armory: Pulsing Bow.jpg
Apr 07, 2022 ~ May 19, 2022
Notable Rewards
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Armory: Pulsing Bow (Banner).png
Armory: Pulsing Bow | Participate to get bow [Cerulean Flare]
The appearance exudes a delicate sense of nostalgia, but inside it is designed to unleash the firepower of modern firearms. What an ingenious creation!
—Comments by a doctor of Anti-Entropy

[Armory: Pulsing Bow] is here! During the event, you can complete all four missions of the panel to get the 4★ bow [Cerulean Flare] on the event panel!

※※※※※Armory: Pulsing Bow※※※※※

[Event Time] After the v5.6 update - 04:00, MAY 19

1. During the event, complete the missions on the [Armory: Pulsing Bow] panel to build up mission progress.

2. This event has four missions. Complete all of them to max out mission progress to claim 4★ [Cerulean Flare] on the event panel.

3. The four mission objectives are as follows:

  • Log in once during the event;
  • Obtain 1000 Decayed Insignia in the limited-time event [Flame-Chasers' Trials] Chapter 3 in Elysian Realm (launched after the v5.6 update);
  • Clear all Story stages of Chapter 3 in [Empyrean Legends] (launched after 10:00, APR 21);
  • Clear the Challenge level of Stage 5 in [Starless Nights] (launched after 10:00, MAY 5).

4. The launch time and required level to unlock the missions are the same as that of their respective events. Please see event announcements for more details.