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Attack menu is where Captains can access most of the game's content from. It has 3 tabs on the left titled Attack Event, Challenge Event, and Event Event.

1st Tab - Attack[]

Tab 1 overview

On the first tab, one will see story/casual content.

  • Left-most is the Open World button. Clicking it will transport Captains to the last OW map they visited. Once an OW is loaded, Captains can switch between the map if they want to visit another one from the OW menu.
  • In the middle there's Story button at the top and Chronicles button at the bottom. The story button image will change based on which chapter menu was last visited.
  • On the right, there are Co-op Raid and Material Event buttons.

2nd Tab - Challenge[]

Tab 2 overview

Tab 2 overview (continuation)

As the name suggests, on the second tab one will see more challenging content. It is the game's bread and butter and what makes it arguably the most money as achieving higher scores in these game modes to get better/more rewards often requires new and shiny paid gear acquired from Supply or usage of specific characters that match the stage's gimmicks.

The tab lists the following from left to right:

3rd Tab - Event[]

Tab 3 overview

Features Tactics Class and Trial Play on the left and event banners on the right. Sim Battle will always be the last event banner and placed at the bottom.