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Azure Empyrea Chibi.png
Background Information
Date of Birth: February 9
Height: 165cm
Gender: Female
Weight: 53kg
Organization: --
Birthplace: Unknown
Battlesuit Details
At that time, people referred to her as Phoenix the Celestial, rather than Fu Hua. Though the Celestial remained detached towards any worldly affairs, and was always travelling alone around Shenzhou, people of Shenzhou knew they could count on her, their mighty guardian, to protect this land in cases of any Honkai disasters. If those Honkai Beasts ever had dreams, the Celestial must have been their worst nightmare.
Battlesuit Details
The Celestial lived in solitude. Because she had always been aware that, even a dearest friend would eventually leave her, when their life reached the terminus. So she chose to embrace reclusion, and solely assumed the responsibility to protect Shenzhou. Her only companionship had been breezes and chirps of birds on the mountain.
Battlesuit Details
During her endless years, some memories had been buried deep in her mind. Those cherished days had all gone for so long. As time went by, she gradually mastered the skill to elude emotion and embrace solitude. She managed to imprison herself in the role of being a devoted guardian… Until that incident occurred.

Affection Fluff[]

♥♡♡♡ Azure Empyrea would like to know more about you.
♥♥♡♡ Azure Empyrea would like to know more about you.
♥♥♥♡ Azure Empyrea trusts you to look after her pet.
♥♥♥♥ Azure Empryea wants to play Weiqi with you.


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