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This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future but its return, at least in its original form, is highly unlikely.
Battle Pass (Season 10)
Battle Pass (Season 10) (Banner).png
Sep 21, 2020 ~ Oct 26, 2020
Version Unknown
Notable Rewards
Battle Pass (Season 10) (Banner).png
Introducing the new theme milestone system! First-ever BP theme [Blooming Rosemary] is now available!

BP Updates[]

Duration: 04:00, SEP 21 ~ 04:00, OCT 26
Captains must be Lv.20 or higher to participate.

  • Complete certain daily missions, time-limited events, and BP missions in this BP season to gain B(attle)P levels for Crystals (Small).png Crystals, Fallen Crystallum (Small).png Fallen Crystallum, and Honor Chip (Small).png Honor Chip.
    • BP no longer provides Lucion during [Blooming Rosemary].

First BP Theme: [Blooming Rosemary][]

Duration: 04:00, SEP 21, 2020 ~ 04:00, MAR 4, 2021
BP Theme Overview

  • Starting v4.2, BP will include the new theme milestone system, allowing Captains to earn theme rewards by increasing B(ravo)P Level.
    • The first theme will last 4 versions and will be replaced by a new theme with new rewards upon expiration.

B(ravo)P Level

  • A percentage of Battle Pts you earn from missions will be converted to Bravo Pts to increase B(ravo)P Level to unlock premium rewards.
    • The rules are as follows:
      • B(attle)P Level is lower than 50: 20% of Battle Pts you earn from missions are converted to Bravo Pts.
      • B(attle)P Level is 50 or higher: 100% of Battle Pts you earn from missions are converted to Bravo Pts.
  • You can also acquire Bravo Pts directly from Knight BP Chests, Paladin BP Chests, and Knight BP missions.
  • After hitting the weekly Battle Pts cap, missions no longer reward Battle Pts directly and Bravo Pts indirectly.

BP Shops[]

[Elite Works]

[BP Stores]
Duration: 04:00, SEP 21 ~ 04:00, OCT 29

[Rosemary Garden]

[Elite Works Vintage]

  • All exclusive weapons and stigmata that were once available in Elite Works will return to [Elite Works Vintage] at once in v4.2.
    • You can purchase them with [Lucion] Lucion (Small).png Lucion for 4 versions.
  • The purchase options of v4.0 and v4.1 will be prolonged without reset.
  • Focused Supply Card Focused Supply Card (Small).png Focused Supply Card and Einstein's Torus Einstein's Torus (Small).png Einstein's Torus will also be purchasable in Elite Works Vintage.

BP Rewards[]

  • Captains who unlock [Knight BP] or [Paladin BP] and reach B(attle)P Level 20 in this BP season will receive the exclusive reward: Night Squire's outfit Dark Butler.
  • Captains who unlock [Paladin BP] in this BP season will receive the exclusive reward: frame [Floral Serenity Ribbon].


  • BP status and B(attle)P level reset when each BP season ends.
    • Theme status and B(ravo)P Level reset and the Crystallum of the theme (currently Fallen Crystallum) expires when each BP theme ends.
  • Honor Chip expires when each BP season ends.
    • You are encouraged to spend them ASAP!