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This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future but its return, at least in its original form, is highly unlikely.

Battle Pass Season (Hour of Judgment) (Banner).png


  • Duration: Feb 17, 2020 ~ Mar 30, 2020
  • [Keys of the Void], [Cinder Hawk], [Hand of Tyr] and [Sirin: Ascendant] are now purchasable!


Duration: FEB 17, 04:00 ~ MAR 30, 04:00

  • Captains of Lv.20 or higher can unlock Vanguard BP for free
  • Complete certain dailies, LTO events, and BP missions in the season to gain BP levels for Crystals, Lucions Lucion (Small).png, Honor Chips Honor Chip (Small).png, and more.

BP Shops[]

Duration: FEB 17, 04:00 ~ APR 2, 04:00

[Elite Works][]

  • New offers: Oath of Judah, Tranquil Arias, Keys of the Void, Cinder Hawk, Hand of Tyr, Sirin: Ascendant and Shakespeare.
    • v3.7 exclusive offers: Oath of Judah and Tranquil Arias.

[BP Stores][]

  • Captains can purchase Focused Supply Card Focused Supply Card (Small).png, AE Imaginons AE Imaginon (Small).png, and other rare items.

[Hour of Judgment] Season Rewards[]

  • Captains who unlock [Knight BP] or [Paladin BP] and reach BP level 20 in this BP season will receive an exclusive reward: [Rare Outfit Option].
    • Use [Rare Outfit Option] to choose 1 from outfit [Dark Devourer], outfit [Azure], outfit [Helena's Wings], or Asterite x8000.
  • Captains who unlock [Paladin BP] in this season will instantly receive exclusive rewards: [Nature's Way] frame, [Mind Stone Mind Stone (Small).png x10], and BP BP (Small).png x20000.


  • BP status and level are reset when each BP season ends.
  • Honor Chip expires when each BP season ends. Captains are encouraged to spend them ASAP!
  • Please refer to in-game BP system notes for more details.