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Party's Over, Back to Sleep... ZZZ...
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future but its return, at least in its original form, is highly unlikely.
Before Starfall
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Dec 02, 2021 ~ Jan 13, 2022
Notable Rewards
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Before Starfall | APHO Chapter 2 Prologue
In the Arcane Castle, she alone defended the one upon whom she once relied; Between the ruined walls, the warrior returned in a white flash... APHO Chapter 2 Prologue [Before Starfall] released! Clear the Story stages and Challenge stages to earn [Sweet 'n' Spicy] Fragments and Crystals!

After the v5.3 update ~ 04:00, JAN 13, 2022

[Required Level]
25 or higher

[Before Starfall] is divided into Story mode and Challenge mode.

Story Mode
1. During the event, Captains who have not completed APHO Chapter 1's story stages can also access the Chapter 2 Prologue! Its story stages will be permanently available. After 04:00, DEC 16, they will be moved to [A Post-Honkai Odyssey - Collection].

Prologue content will be released over 3 phases:
>Phase 1: After the v5.3 update

>Phase 2: 10:00, DEC 4

>Phase 3: 10:00, DEC 5

2. Bronya Zaychik, the acting leader of Squad 2, will appear as a playable guest character in certain story stages. Her full moveset will be unlocked in the upcoming APHO Chapter 2, so stay tuned for her cool action!

3. Clear the stages of [Before Starfall] to claim [Sweet 'n' Spicy] Fragments and Asterite on its event panel!

Challenge Mode
During the event, clearing the Story stages of a phase unlocks the corresponding Challenge stage. There are 3 Challenge stages. Achieve stage objectives to make progress in unlocking [Sweet 'n' Spicy] Fragments and Crystals on the Challenge Mode panel. The Challenge Mode will close after 04:00, JAN 13, 2022.