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This article is about the Honkai Beast. For the Memorial Arena boss, see Benares (Memorial Arena). For the Stigmata set, see Benares - Awakening.
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  • Bella (by Sirin)
  • Chapter XVI
  • Chapter XVII

Benares is a Judgement Class Honkai Beast that takes the form of a dragon.


Human Form

It rampaged in the 2nd Honkai War in February, 2000 under the 2nd Herrscher's command, more precisely, serving as the main supporter and ally of Herrscher of the Void in her quest for genocide. She was born at the same moment Sirin became a Herrscher and assisted her to become stronger, as well as wiping out all Schicksal's staff. She was once given an human form by the 2nd Herrscher, and wielded the Psuedo-Herrscher Core of Thunder.

Manga Story[]

Benares was born at the moment Sirin became the 2nd Herrscher during her days as a guinea pig of Schicksal's Babylon Labs. On February, 1st, 2000, Sirin awoke her powers as the Herrscher of the Void after absorbing all the Honkai energy from the drugs and reactor of the tower, becoming the 2nd Herrscher. Sirin hijacked the defensive systems of the tower and lock everyone inside as she sent her astral projections to mutilate, torture and kill all 322 scientists of the research staff of Schicksal Babylon Tower. When one of the scientists reached a safe room, Sirin cut off the leg of his companion to see him agonize while she went to the safe room to cut his friend in pieces. After killing all scientists, she summoned Benares to devour all survivors, including feeding the Honkai Beast with children who witnessed her work, fearing they might tell the arriving Valkyries that she is the culprit for the massacre.

Much later after Patricia escaped the Babylon Lab injured with lost limbs, Benares apprises Sirin is in peril when she sensed the energy of the First Lawman standing outside of the tower and scrounged her to elude. Benares then sends her to a sphere of Honkai energy 15 kilometers away from the tower to avail her grow more vigorous. Later, with the puissance of the 1st Herrscher Welt Yang, the Honkai creatures are wiped out and her dimension is broken apart, revealing Sirin preparing to kill Theresa inside. She is then confronted by Welt, who asked her to come tranquilly with him to obviate her potency from tearing the world apart. When Siegfried arrived to rescue Theresa, Sirin immediately endeavored to kill him but was ceased by Welt. On the empyreans, Welt reveals his identity as a Herrscher to convince Sirin to surrender but then the Honkai Pet who revealed itself to be "God" verbally expressed Welt was an apostate who was gifted with the same powers but turned his back on them. Exasperated, Sirin attacks Welt, calling him a "apostate" to Honkai race. Utilizing a profound barrier of lances, Sirin puts Welt in peril and mocks him for utilizing frivolous attacks against her. However, much to her surprise, Welt teleports to her back and prepare to punch her with all his energy, only to be sucked into her dimensional portal and then devoured by Benares.

When Welt summons an artificial black hole, Otto Apocalypse used one of his backup soulium bodies and prevents the black hole to suck Sirin whole for good, allowing her to escape with Benares to the moon where she will meet "God" called The Will of Honkai.

After Sirin is gifted the Gem of Conquest, Gem of Silent Death, Gem of Desire and Gem of Flames by The Will of the Honkai, Sirin gave away the powers of the Core of Conquest to Benares and dispatched her to the atmosphere of the planet to unleash an EMP weapon that covered the entire planet, causing ecumenical panic and isolation of civilization. This consequently caused the commencement of numerous riots and chaotic protests that spread even more chaos and disorder to the world's regimes.

Benares watched the battle between Sirin and Welt, where the former was found victorious and devoured his Herrscher Core, ascending her to new levels. After the brawl, Benares and Sirin returned to the earth to orchestrate the 2nd Honkai. Schicksal and Anti-Entropy sent forces to invade the tower and defeat the center of all Honkai operation but they were all wiped out by Benares. Sirin revived her childhood friends to fight by her side after giving them powers comparable to a Herrscher. Benares once brought Agata's body, one of Sirin's childhood friends, to Sirin in an endeavor to rejuvenate her, Sirin relucted to do so and verbally expressed she was no longer utilizable, letting her to die and sending her soul back to the oblivion. Sirin then increases the number of Honkai creatures by opening even more portals to "pressure" the world's military and ravage even more the last hope of all regimes.

Days later, Schicksal strikes the tower again, but this time, Otto and his elite squad are present and teleport themselves directly to Sirin at the top of the tower. Benares is dispatched to fight the Schicksal and Anti-Entropy army below and engages in battle with dozens of S-Valkyries, forfending the tower and portals to perpetuate the evoking of Honkai beasts. After a long fight, Benares is subjugated by Delisa and her body was frozen alive in the undergrounds of Siberia's battlefield.

In Game Story[]

Chapter 8: Will of the Herrscher[]

Sirin took control of Kiana Kaslana after Otto amalgamated the Gem of Serenity into her body. Upon the reawakening of the Herrscher of the Void, Sirin uses her powers to contact her servants previously frozen on the battlefield of 2nd Honkai War in Siberia. When the Otto saw Benares awakening from the ice, he immediately ordered his force to deploy the regional defense satellite and dispatched all his Valkyries to fight the incoming horde of Honkai creatures that are trying to protect their queen.

Hours later, the ship Helions arrive at the scene but are assaulted by groups of Honkai monsters that are now endeavoring to perforate the shield of Otto's HQ. After a long battle against the Honkai, Sirin who had now full control over Kiana's body eradicated the laboratory of the HQ and used dimensional wormholes to teleport Raiden Mei, who had the Gem of Conquest, to her hands, where she stated to be jubilant now that Mei is on her hands and can facilely kill her to renovate the Herrscher gem that was implanted in her body 16 years ago when Sirin died by the nuclear missiles of Schicksal.

As Herrscher prepared to evoke more Honkai creatures, an army of mechas from Anti-Entropy engages with her personal army of monsters. In lieu of focusing in the Honkai, hundreds of bomber-mechas focused their attention on the Herrscher and launched countless missiles at her only to be teleported back to them via dimensional wormholes, erradicating the entire army in less than 5 seconds. Soon afterwards, Benares arrives to fortify Herrscher alongside hundreds of Honkai creatures. With such puissance, Mei could only examine Sirin.

Chapter 9: Journey To Tomorrow[]

Culling her next victim, Herrscher of the Void evokes dozens of wormholes to tear apart every single part of her body but she was chained by mystical chains of Theresa and Einstein, who had arrived just in time to avail in the fight.

Incapacitated, Herrscher of the Void evokes more minions to kill her opponents but in vain yet it was a great diversion for her to break liberate from the chains. A discussion commenced between Herrscher and Theresa, who verbally expressed to Herrscher to leave Kiana's body at once. Witnessing such insolence, Herrscher evokes Benares again and makes it fight Mei and Theresa but Bronya, who was reposing after the last battle, arrived at the scene and fought the beast. With the avail of Mei, the duo vanquished the dragon, leaving Herrscher of the Void bored and decided to culminate this battle herself by killing the others and leaving only Mei alive to take back her gem.

Benares then assailed the Hyperion in Sirin's place but Himeko bested the beast with her Godsbane Battlesuit and was dragged into the Imaginary Space, which turned out to be a dimension of tenebrosity where Hyperion is flying in the middle of nowhere. There, Himeko caught the visual perception of the recuperated Sirin and fought her again but in extreme disadvantage as Sirin utilized everything she got to culminate her life this time. After a brutal fight, Himeko managed to distribute the anti-Honkai serum, causing the Herrscher of the Void to be sealed again inside of Kiana's mind and liberating the latter from Sirin's control.

Chapter 16: Imminent Storm[]

Months later, Benares revealed to be alive and returned by sentineling the area where Kiana Kaslana was hiding in an attempt to bulwark it's master since the presence of the Herrscher of the Void was getting more vigorous again. Mei Raiden fought against it multiple times on the ruins of Nagazora and even asked the avail of Raven to fight it, making an ad interim armistice until they could find Kiana. After being vanquished by the two, Benares screamed in despair afore it was tossed into Nagazora's flooded streets

Chapter 17: Thunders Over Nagazora[]

Benares returns again, lying injured along the path back to Helios. As if she knew about it, Kiana healed Benares, feeling warmth for the creature she didn't know. Benares then followed her back to Helios. It stayed with Kiana for as long as it could, heedfully auricularly discerning her commands even when they were insane or reckless. They flew up to the aperture in the firmament (caused by the 2nd Divine Key) afore the two were assailed by Husk-Nihilus. Benares fell to the ground, its wing stabbed through. Before Husk-Nihilus landed the killing blow on Mei who was affected by it's time powers and weakened state, Benares took the blow for her, putting an end to Benares' life for good and eradicating what was minuscule left of Benares' persona inside of the dragon.

Soon after Raiden Mei became the Herrscher of the Thunder, she revived Benares as her own personal Honkai monster as a plenarily different creature.

As Benares[]

After Benares died saving Raiden Mei from a Husk Nihilus, the soul within it passes on and Benares becomes a mindless beast once more. As the Herrscher of Thunder, Mei reanimates the corpse and renames her Kurikara.

As Kurikara[]

In opposition to Benares's blue and white color scheme, Kurikara is a deep red and black to reflect the will of her new master. She becomes the Herrscher of Thunder's steed. Currently, she aids Mei whenever she is called.


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  • Benares may have been given the soul of Bella by Sirin.
    • Benares recalls during an inner monologue that the Pseudo-Herrscher Core granted her "a human form and a girl's soul".[1]


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