Blueberry Blitz
Blueberry Blitz.png
Base Rank:

Valkyrie A.png


MECH (Icon).png

Obtained From
Standard Supply
Vodka Girls Expansion Supply
30 Blueberry Blitz Fragment


Close to mid-range shieldbreaker DPS.
Powerful DEF and retaliation skills.
Buffs specific team mates.

Main Combination

ShieldBreak State.png Shield Break     ChargeAttack State.png Charge     Pull State.png Attract     Ice State.png Freeze    


The younger sister of the Vodka Girls, she hits hard with powerful counterattacks.
"Blueberry? Where did Roza get this name from? A burnt menu?"


 Combination 1
Honkai Overgrowth

Provides a protective mecha barrier to deal DMG from behind.

 Combination 2
Passive: Weakness Scan

Casting Ultimate can buff her twin's DMG.


Liliya Leader Skill.png

Leader Skill

Blueberry Blitz Special.png

Special Attack
Charged ATK: Sturmovik

Liliya Passive Skill.png


Blueberry Blitz Ultimate.png

We'll Bury You

Skill Switch 1.png

Emergency Evasion

Liliya Basic Attack 1.png

Basic Attack
Blitz Ataka


Leader Bonus:
Vstavai!: MECH and PSY-type battlesuits deal 10.0% more DMG to shields.

Vstavai! Valkyrie S.png

MECH and PSY-type characters deal 25.0% more DMG to shields.

Charged ATK: Sturmovik

Perform a charged leap into the air for a Dive ATK.
At max Blitz Power (BP), tap and hold the [ATK] button to spend all KE, aim at the attack site, and release the [ATK] button to unleash Diving Ilyusha.
Diving Ilyusha: Deals 1000% ATK of Physical DMG and knocks enemies airborne.

Hardened Sabot Valkyrie SSS.png

Charged ATK deals 50% more Physical DMG to shielded enemies.

Tactical Stance Valkyrie A.png

After Charged ATK, character enters Tactical Buff that gives 25% faster Move Speed, 20% Total DMG Reduction, and Ignore Interrupt for 7s.


Passive bonuses apply automatically
Blitz Power (BP): SBattle starts with 1000 BP (max). BP recovers at 40/s.
First 3 sequences of Basic ATK restores 35 BP. 4th sequence and Ultimate Evasion restores 70 BP.

Maneuver Warfare Valkyrie A.png

Character gains 40.0% Total DMG Multiplier against enemies affected by Weaken or Time Slow.

Equipment Enhancement Valkyrie SS.png

After switch entry, first Charged ATK or Ultimate ATK freezes hit enemies for 4.0s CD: 30s. Upon exit, the character switching in gains a 15.0% Physical DMG buff. If Molotov Cherry switches in, then she also gains Ignore Interrupt for 15s. CD: 20s.

We'll Bury You

Adopt a DEF stance to negate incoming attacks.
Duration: 1.8s.
When DEF Stance ends or when attacked during DEF Stance, Retaliation is triggered inflicting 550% + 400% ATK of Physical DMG and applies Weaken (deals 20% less DMG) to the enemy for 6s. If attacked immediately after taking DEF Stance, Retaliation EX is triggered, dealing 850% + 700% ATK of Physical DMG, proccing a brief Time Fracture and reducing Ultimate CD by 9s.
CD: 15s. SP cost: 25

Weakness Scan Valkyrie A.png

After performing the Ultimate, character deals 50.0% more Physical DMG while Molotov Cherry deals 25.0% more Physical DMG for 30s. Triggering this again resets the duration.

Lethal Strike Valkyrie S.png

Ultimate gains 40.0% Crit Rate and 60.0% Crit DMG.

Composure Valkyrie A.png

Retaliation EX also recovers 12.0 SP.

Emergency Evasion

Quickly evades enemy attack. Can be performed twice in a row.
Ultimate Evasion: Generates an Iron Curtain that hits enemies in the AOE, dealing 50% ATK of Physical DMG per 0.5s and pulling them in for 3s. Base CD: 15s.

Speedy Recovery Valkyrie A.png

Shortens CD of Ultimate Evasion by 3.00s.

Zamorozka Freeze Valkyrie S.png

Iron Curtain also deals 30.0% ATK of Ice DMG for each hit.

Blitz Ataka

Swing that greatsword!<br> 1st Sequence: 150% ATK of Physical DMG.
2nd Sequence: 150% ATK of Physical DMG.
3rd Sequence: 150% + 3x100% ATK of Physical DMG.
4th Sequence: 2x100% + 300% ATK of Physical DMG.

Flash Freeze Valkyrie A.png

Each Basic ATK hit also deals 300.0 Ice DMG.

QTE: Operation Gemina Valkyrie A.png

QTE: Triggered when enemy is knocked airborne or when teammate is hit (does not work in co-op/squad modes), dealing 3x150% + 300% ATK of Physical DMG. Heal Molotov Cherry for 300.0 HP if she is in the team.

* Any numbers shown are for MAX level skills.

Dorm Chibi

Origin: Blueberry Blitz Battlesuit
Blueberry Blitz Chibi.png
Background Info
Date of Birth Unknown       Height 149cm (no horns)
Gender Female       Weight 1kg lighter than Rozaliya
Organization Cocolia's Orphanage       Place of Birth Siberia
Valkyrie Armor Story 1
Liliya grew up under her sister's protection. Liliya's treatment was less perfect than what Rozaliya received. She must rely on several prosthetics and devices to fight alongside her elder twin. But Liliya enjoys outdoor life with her sister.
Valkyrie Armor Story 2
A side-effect of the surgical operation was extreme drowsiness at about 19:00. Nevertheless, Liliya knew it was a great improvement compared to her previous bedridden state. The sudden drowsiness could be a little troublesome, but Liliya would feel safe because Rozaliya is always by her side.
Valkyrie Armor Story 3
Rozaliya called this battlesuit Blueberry Blitz based on the tattered remains of a bar menu. Though Liliya doesn't know how it tastes like, she's pretty sure it's blue. But what shade of blue? The celestial tone of the sunny sky? Or the deep azure shades of the vast oceans? No matter what, Liliya is confident that her sister gave her the best name out there.
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