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Catherine is a minor antagonist of London Holiday. She was a director of a British Museum, a member of World Serpent and is a researcher in Schicksal.


Catherine has brown hair and orange eyes. She wears glasses, a green pendant and a dark blue dress with a white shirt inside.


Catherine has a welcoming character, being able to greet people with joy and has a huge passion for history and her museum. She is also authoritarian, holding lots of responsibility for her museum, and even working for World Serpent dutifully under Jackal without knowing that she was only being used as a pawn before later working for Schicksal after World Serpent's failure to retrieve the Second Divine Key.


Catherine was confined in her house to her bed for many years because she used to be sick from allergies that don't fit well with British clime. During that time lapse, Catherine spent lots of time reading books, especially history genres, which eased her pain and her feel of illness.

Manga Story[]

London Holiday[]

Catherine is first introduced in a British Museum greeting Rita Rossweisse, claiming that she is honored to welcome a Schicksal Valkyrie. As Catherine shows the museum to Rita, she introduces a celtic fresco from the VI Century of Merlin and Young Arthur, who pulled a sword and became the King of Britons before founding the Knights of the Round Table who pledged to defend Britain.

Catherine then asks Rita about her interests in this piece, in which Rita answers that it is classified, which leads to Catherine leaving Rita alone for her work and going to her office. Soon after, as Catherine comes back, seeing her museum destroyed and Rita with her battlesuit. She gets angered and asks for an explanation from the valkyrie. Later, Catherine calls Rita through telephone to suggest her help in Rita's research.

After welcoming Rita in the Museum Director's office, Catherine tells Rita that she is infuriated by the museum attack, and then begs Rita to let her help about the Arthurian Legends, which Rita accepts. As they both talk about the legend, Catherine mentions Avalon, the final resting place of King Arthur, which was actually never found contrary to popular belief and that it is not a place of their world, perhaps even existing on another side of the spacetime fabric.

Catherine further develops the explanation, mentioning a divine sword that is able to slice the very fabric of time but was unable to be used to find Avalon. Catherine claims that Avalon's existence is a minor speculation, but that Merlin was based on a real person. As Rita decides to further look into Merlin, Catherine gives Rita her pile of papers about her years of research.

While Catherine accompanies Rita for her leave from the museum, they both notice the fresco that was first destroyed by the "vandals", but Rita soon notices a glowing piece in the fresco and brings it to Otto.

Later, Catherine meets Rita and a supposed Susannah in a hotel, and they first start their research with Catherine suggesting 3 places to look at which are Tintagel Castle, the birth place of Arthur, Mount Snowdon, the place Arthur defeated a giant, and Glastonbury, a place that is believed to be Avalon, with all of them being popular due to their connections with Arthur.

Catherine soon notices Susannah having trouble reading because she is holding her book upside down, and as she takes the book correctly, Catherine suggests Glastonbury Tor, which Rita accepts and decides to investigate with Susannah.

As they arrive in Glastonbury Tor, Catherine sees Susannah use a metal detector around the location, and even though she is dismayed by Susannah falling on the ground during her research, Catherine still decides to help her nonetheless and is proud of her. While Susannah claims that Catherine is "supersmart" to have become a museum director, Catherine mentions that she would have preferred being a Schicksal Valkyrie and talks about her past, which makes Susannah cry and promise her to find a cure for her, in which Catherine answers that it's nothing serious and it is just allergies. Susannah then suggests to take Catherine to Schicksal HQ, which has fresher air, and Catherine accepts.

Later after Susannah finds a secret passage in Glastonbury Tor, Catherine and Rita dig under the place and find a grave which was hiding a secret passage. Rita pushes the grave away and finds the secret passage, in which Catherine and Susannah both decide to explore with Rita. Inside the passage, they find a sword stuck in a rock, which appears to be the divine sword mentioned in the legends. As Catherine touches it, she gets trapped with Susannah away from Rita with a wall blocking them, before getting ambushed by a group of android enemies from World Serpent, in which Susannah decides to protect Catherine. After managing to defeat the enemies, Susannah then gets shot twice in the head with a gun carried by Catherine, who betrays her, and remarks that she will not be visiting Schicksal anytime soon.

After seemingly killing Susannah, who destroyed the androids, Catherine waits for Stan to kill Rita, but suddenly gets attacked and stunned from the back by Susannah who woke up with a Mimicry of Fenghuang Down. The supposed Susannah that woke up and attacked her was revealed to be Otto Apocalypse in Susannah's Soulium costume, who then looked inside Catherine's mind with the mimicry but found nothing about the Second Divine Key, resolving to take her appearance for his follow up plan.

Afterwards, Catherine is seen working in her office under Otto in Schicksal HQ to study the Second Divine Key.


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