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Character Lore • Cecilia Schariac
Stigmata • Cecilia: Pale MoonCecilia - HawaiiCecilia Schariac (Stigmata)
Cecilia Schariac
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Female Sign (Small).png Female
Known Relatives
  • S-Rank Valkyrie
Voice Actors
浮梦若薇[1] (Fu Meng Ruo Wei)
小林 ゆう[2] (Yuu Kobayashi)
  • Chapter V
  • Chapter VI
  • Chapter XXVIII

Cecilia Schariac is a deuteragonist of Second Eruption. She was the most powerful S-rank Valkyrie of Schicksal after Kallen Kaslana and Reanna Brigantia and before Durandal. She was the heir of the Black Abyss White Flower after Eleanor Schariac and Reanna and before Durandal.


Cecilia has white long hair and blue eyes. In her battlesuit, she wears a horn-like hairpin on her head along with a yellow and black cape with the Schicksal logo on it, yellow, black and white clothes, a black armband, black gloves, a yellow belt, black shorts and black and yellow thigh high boots.

In Sirin's illusion, Cecilia has shorter hair, a red T-shirt, black jeans and shoes.


Cecilia has a caring and selfless personality, willing to risk her life to save survivors from a Honkai outbreak and sacrificing herself to save those dear to her. She is also sweet and innocent, trying to see the good in people and never giving up hope when it comes to fighting for the better, and cautious whenever she gets into a fight.

In the past, Cecilia used to have a sad personality despite fighting the Honkai, until she met Siegfried Kaslana and started becoming more cheerful with him.


Cecilia as an A-Rank Valkyrie was already chosen and acknowledged by Otto Apocalypse at her time, but also was always in a sad and silent mood. As she was departing for a mission in a truck along with Patricia Highsmith and Cheng Lixue, they got attacked by Welt Yang who wanted to investigate the vehicle she was in, but managed to get out of it alive and prepare for battle.

While she and her team were fighting, Cecilia was thrown away and landed unconsciously against Siegfried Kaslana and was brought to his home later. She then woke up there and met Siegfried for the first time as he gave her a soup he made, which was cold and sour, of which she still ate nonetheless.

As she introduces herself to Siegfried, Cecilia asks him if he saw Patricia and Lixue, in which she is answered with uncertainty. Siegfried then suggests her to stay at his place, but Cecilia refuses by telling him that she must return to the Schicksal base.

Siegfried, disappointed, then suggests her to give her a ride on a bike to her base. Cecilia tries to refuse again, but Siegfried tries to convince her by telling her that her boss can pay him for bringing her to the base. This leaves Cecilia confused and questions about Siegfried as he increases the price he wants for bringing Cecilia, before she eventually accepts the suggestion.

Cecilia then gets ready to go outside by wearing a dress Siegfried gave her and cutting her hair short to go unnoticed by potential attackers. Before they go, Siegfried questions Cecilia's haircut, in which she asks if it looks weird, which makes Siegfried fall in love for her and tell her that it looks "really fine".

On their way to the base on the bike, Siegfried lets Cecilia visit the town, which leaves her impressed, and Siegfried recommends her to stay there for a day, in which Cecilia refuses because she has to go back to base as soon as possible, despite wanting to visit further. Soon, Cecilia notices that Siegfried's bike handle broke seemingly on accident and would need to be taken at the shop to be repaired, therefore delaying her return, in which Cecilia does not mind.

After bringing the broken bike handle to the shop, Siegfried claims that the reparation will take a day and proposes Cecilia to explore the town, which Cecilia accepts. As they visit the place, they go to libraries or shopping, which Cecilia enjoys. Siegfried, wanting to have fun with her further, brings her to an arcade, and Cecilia is greeted by a janitor "Anya" who thinks of her as a girlfriend, which leaves Siegfried embarrassed.

In the arcade, Cecilia is surprised to see Siegfried play a shooting game and enter the top 3 in the leader board behind 2 other players. Cecilia tries the game at her turn, surpassing Siegfried and the 2 other best players of the game, as she takes 1st place in the leaderboard thanks to her Valkyrie abilities. Both of them soon try other games such as racing and fighting, but Cecilia always manages to surpass Siegfried in them.

After playing video games, Siegfried and Anya introduces Cecilia to a guessing game, in which the player has to put their hand in a giant HOMU's mouth which will ask questions, and whenever the player answers wrong, the giant HOMU will grow teeth and bite the player's hand. Siegfried decides to join in, but Cecilia worries about him due to the game sounding dangerous.

As Siegfried loses the game by answering incorrectly to a question and is about to get bitten by the giant HOMU, Cecilia charges and pushes Siegfried to prevent him from being hurt by the giant HOMU, not knowing that the teeth of the HOMU are made of soft sponge. Cecilia and Siegfried both get embarrassed from being too close to each other.

Later after vising the arcade, Siegfried and Cecilia go into a cafe to eat dinner. Cecilia eats a wurst meal for the first time and likes it, claiming that it is "really good", and thanks Siegfried for letting her visit the town and giving her her "happiest 2 days of her life" while deciding to cherish those moments forever. Siegfried then recommends her to take her to other places in the future, but Cecilia refuses, claiming that the base won't allow it. However, she then hears about Siegfried's escape story from his house, and Cecilia gets impressed when Siegfried claims that he can teach her how to leave the base like a true ninja.

Siegfried further tells Cecilia what they're going to do once she escapes the base, and he offers his hand, telling her that he will meet her at the launch party after the release of a game "Citadel Apocalypse." Cecilia is about to grab his hand in return, before remembering the test, which enhanced her body in exchange for not being able to be away from Schicksal HQ for too long. At the time, Theresa Apocalypse tried to stop Otto from giving the test before learning that Cecilia had already volunteered for it. Theresa then asks her if she really did agree to Otto's test, and Cecilia admits that she did, claiming that she grew up in the HQ and doesn't need to leave it.

After looking at those memories, Cecilia gets hurt in her heart due to the test, and tries to leave as she cries, promising Siegfried that he will get paid, until she hears about him wanting to bring her to an action movie, "Arahato: Chaos Blade", he had planned ahead. Cecilia doesn't refuse, as the movie suddenly reminds her of a toy she saw in a claw machine at the arcade, sees Siegfried excited for it and notices that she has 20 minutes before she has to leave. Cecilia goes to the arcade to obtain the toy from the claw machine to give it to Siegfried, telling him on her way that she will be back for the movie.

In the arcade, Cecilia manages to catch the toy in the claw machine, but doesn't get to bring it out. She then meets Lieserl Albert Einstein who kicks the machine to take the toy out and explains to Cecilia how it works. Cecilia thanks her for her explanation and for giving her the toy, but then suddenly falls unconscious due to a sleeping gas Einstein made. After Einstein took a sample of her blood, Cecilia wakes up and runs to Siegfried who fainted in the same alley after his bad encounter with Welt, leaving him weak but still alive.

As she holds Siegfried, Otto suddenly appears at her location and orders her to go back to HQ. Cecilia, crying, hears Siegfried's words about wanting to bring her back to the arcade and beat her in a game, but Cecilia tells him that he already won and leaves him.

Two years later, Cecilia is seen getting ready for training again, but can't stop remembering about Siegfried. She regrets not following him, but still accepts having spent the good times together, before being called by Theresa to follow her to Schicksal training cabin. At the training cabin, Cecilia cries as she finally meets Siegfried again, hugging him impatiently and kisses him.

Manga Story[]

Second Eruption[]

Cecilia is first introduced when she sits next to Theresa on a bench to thank her for allowing her daughter, Kiana, to have fun, claiming that she likes her in her costume. Cecilia then suggests Theresa to come over her house to try her husband Siegfried's cooking, which Theresa refuses as she is scared, and watches her husband play with her daughter.

Later, while her husband is on a mission, Cecilia comes back from shopping and meets Otto in his failed solium body, which gave him a child's appearance. While she doesn't recognize him, she still brings him at her house nonetheless and allows him to play with her daughter as she prepares a meal for them.

Subsequently, after her husband is about to depart for the moon, Cecilia video calls him with Kiana in her arms and after her daughter is done talking with him, Cecilia lets her play, telling Siegfried that she is worried for him, in which he answers that it will be fine, despite having some hesitations, and ends the call.

Cecilia is then seen as a fragment of memory behind Siegfried to cheer him up and tell him that she will stay with him. As Siegfried launches to the moon, Cecilia is seen with Kiana in her arms looking at him fly to space.

At a later date, Cecilia calls Lixue through telephone, who tells her that Shub-Niggurath is safe, and she thanks Lixue for protecting Niggurath. After the call ends, Kiana asks her mother when Siegfried coming is coming back, in which Cecilia suggests that she sleep so her father can come back sooner. After leaving Kiana asleep in her room, Cecilia meets Amber, who calls her to prepare for the Second War.

During the preparation for the war, Cecilia meets Niggurath during a training and challenges her to a fight, which Niggurath accepts. Later after the fight, in which Niggurath didn't manage to land a single hit and Cecilia stunned her, Niggurath cries for not being strong enough after she wakes up on Cecilia's laps, but Cecilia reassures her. Following the training before the war, Cecilia is seen introduced during Otto's speech with her battlesuit and Black Abyss White Flower, alongside Lixue.

Cecilia then joins in the war, departing for the field aboard the Helios, 51000 meters above sea level and jumps from the ship before Shigure Kira ends the countdown for her launch, to defeat her first target, Avrora. As she falls towards her enemy, Cecilia blocks an attack Avrora tried to land her, and then throws the Abyss Flower to Avrora, managing to break her defenses and piercing a hole through her body which kills her. Cecilia manages to land safely on the ground as the Abyss Flower creates a tree to support her landing, and then she asks Kira for a pickup.

After defeating Avrora, Cecilia is then in command of the S-1 Formation, a squad composed of 212 Valkyries from the African and Oceanian branches, to depart for the Siberian plains in order to locate the 2nd Herrscher. While they are leaving, Cecilia saves Cocolia and kills the Honkai Beasts that were targeting her. Cecilia requests evacuations for survivors to Otto, but as he refuses, Cecilia moves on and continues to lead her forces in Siberia. Later, Cecilia arrives in the Southern Siberian Plains, commanding her squad to move out.

During their fight at Southern Siberia, Cecilia suddenly gets dragged into a portal while she leaves Abyss Flower behind, entering an illusion. In the illusion, Cecilia is seen proud of her daughter who grew up as a teenager wearing the Winter Princess costume, and tells her a "magic word", which is "Ich liebe dich.", standing for "I love you." in German. Later in the illusion, Cecilia along with Theresa and Siegfried are seen celebrating Kiana's birthday.

As Siegfried tells her daughter that she bought her a "DS4" which is under her bed, Cecilia notices it and gets disappointed at how her husband bought her daughter a video game console despite her midterm results, which will end up worsening. Kiana then begs her to be allowed to play the DS4, which Cecilia accepts but only for 1 hour. As Kiana goes to play with the DS4, Siegfried decides join in with her, but Cecilia stops him and tells him to do the dishes.

Later, after Sirin arrives in the illusion and meets Siegfried who angers at her, Cecilia invites her to the birthday party despite her feeling unsure. She then hugs Sirin, as the Herrscher of the Void cries after eating a birthday cake Cecilia left for her. Afterwards, while Sirin questions about the illusion in her mind on a bed, Cecilia comes next to her and reassures her by telling her that she shouldn't have left her alone while organizing Kiana's birthday party and hugs her from behind, making her fall asleep. The next day, after she gave her the breakfast, and while Siegfried and Kiana are playing the DS4, Cecilia takes Sirin for shopping at a mall.

At the mall with Siegfried, as he laments his bank account's declining balance, Cecilia explores the shops with Sirin and buys a chocolate ice cream for her, a pepper mint one for Siegfried and a strawberry one for herself, and plenty of other activities like trying/buying clothes and petting cats with her. However, as Sirin is about to show off a red and white dress she tries, she backs off, and Cecilia notices that she is still angry before the mall explodes. While glass shards come towards Sirin, prompting her to dodge the shards, Cecilia charges and hugs her to protect her from glass shards while a shard grazes her own cheek, telling Sirin the magic words, "Ich liebe dich.".

Thereafter the mall incident, which was revealed to be a gas incident, Cecilia is seen sitting next to Sirin in a waiting room as she hugs her. Later at night, Cecilia notices that an attack is happening at her house and saves Siegfried who was struck by a Void Lance. She then begs Sirin to stop and tries to reassure her as she gets even angrier, until Welt Yang appears suddenly and escorts Cecilia and Siegfried away.

After running away as they try to treat Siegfried, Cecilia worries about him dying in the illusion world, which would end up incapacitated in the real world, revealing that she was aware that she was in an illusion all this time thanks to her training with Fu Hua and Fenghuang Down. Cecilia then asks Welt about his identity as she hesitates about either convincing Sirin to free them from the illusion world or finding a way to knock her out, until Sirin appears once again in front of them and Welt orders her to leave the illusion world with Siegfried as the Selene opens a portal for them and fires at Sirin, which momentarily stuns her.

Following the escape from the illusion world, Cecilia wakes up on the Tower of Babylon, along with Siegfried in front of Theresa, who was waiting for them to wake. After Sirin also woke up from the illusion and attacked Einstein and the Selene, Cecilia throws the Abyss Flower at Sirin and entangles her with its trees, and she gets worried at her as Sirin gets angry about the drama in the illusion world and unleashes an explosion while dragging Siegfried and Cecilia in an infinite corridor dimension trap that kept them separated.

While she tries to escape the dimension, Cecilia runs in one direction while calling for Theresa and Siegfried, but fails and comes back to the same place she landed at, trapped as she worries about her husband until the infinity corridor breaks. Leaving the corridor, she comes to the sight of an unconscious Siegfried in his MANTIS form with the Cleaver of Shamash.

After Siegfried wakes up and tells her to leave the location to save herself, Cecilia refuses to leave him behind, and as they are about to get hit by Honkai blocks from an outbreak of Sirin's Void Cascade, they are protected by the Selene that creates a force field for them.

While they are protected, Siegfried gets ready to sacrifice himself to stop the Honkai outbreak and seal Sirin's core. Cecilia starts to worry about him and the Honkai radiation increasing. Not wanting Siegfried to die, she decides to sacrifice herself instead and leaves the force field, lying to Siegfried that she will be fine. On her way, she remembers Otto's observations and information on her Schariac blood that is revealed to be able to temporarily neutralize the Honkai, therefore killing a Herrscher. However, using too much of it will also kill her.

Nonetheless, Cecilia arrives at the field near the Void Cascade, and after she reminds herself of her daughter Kiana and her husband Siegfried, Cecilia, with her blood and Black Abyss White Flower, unleashes "Sacer Sanguis: Lilium Sanguineum", and throws it at Sirin, therefore neutralizing the Honkai in the cascade.

Soon, after Cecilia's and Siegfried and Judgement of Shamash - Might of An-Utu's attacks hit on the cascade, Cecilia is seen with Siegfried on her lap, crying at him as she is sorry for not being able to make it through the war alive with him and telling him to take care of Kiana. She then goes away, leaving the Abyss Flower with him in order to protect him with its trees, knowing that she will die soon due to her blood loss and Otto's fission missiles arriving at her position.

Afterwards, Cecilia goes towards Sirin and hugs her from behind on a field of flowers, and while the missiles are about to explode at their position, Cecilia tells Sirin that she tried to be her mother in the illusion world because she saw her pain there, and therefore will spend her last moments without leaving her alone as she couldn't do much for her back then. As both of them share a moment of warmth together, Cecilia tells Sirin her magic words for the last time, "Ich liebe dich.", before she dies from the explosion of the nukes.



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