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Chen Tianwu
Male Sign (Small).png Male
Known Relatives
  • Chen Tianwen - younger sister
  • World Serpent Officer (formely)
  • Owl (codename)
  • 6th Herrscher
  • Herrscher of Earth
  • Herrscher of Stars
Voice Actors
保志 総一朗[2] (Soichiro Hoshi)

Chen Tianwu, aka Owl, was a former World Serpent officer, who became the Herrscher of Stars during the Coral Island incident.




Year 2015: Honkai incident in Manila[]

A major Honkai broke out in Manila in 2015. Tianwu Chen's family was killed, and he escaped with the help of Ana Schariac. Due to the physical erosion caused by the Honkai, Tianwu Chen searched for a way to heal himself, stepped into the dark side of society, and joined the Thousand Fists Organization. After that, Thousand Fists Organization would be destroyed by Raven, but Raven spares him because of her appreciation of Tianwu Chen's ability, and introduced him to the World Serpent. After being promoted to a cadre, he was codenamed "Owl". With the help of the World Serpent, he prolonged his life by transforming his body and served the World Serpent in order to survive.

Chapter 18: Condensed from Frost[]

Owl first went to Coral City to wait for Raven and Mei to capture the Herrscher for the Stigmata Project. World Serpent followed the signal and discovered the Herrscher of Ice, but she escaped. Later, Owl learned that the Herrscher this time was his benefactor. Later, after Mei and Raven found the Herrscher, Owl went with Mei to capture the Herrscher, but he designed that Mei stepped into the trap and let the Herrscher of Ice escape, then stunned Raven to leave. Afterwards, he tried to wake Ana, but Mei and Durandal interfered. When Mei fought Ana, Owl chose to protect her with his life, and successfully escaped with Ana when Mei hesitated.

Chapter 19: Into Earth Does the Water Flow[]

On the occasion of his death, Owl saw the scene of Ana who had escaped in Manila in 2015 and gave up saving her sister. Completely desperate and tempered, Owl, who became the Herrscher, then gave his core to Ana Schariac, who has become the Herrscher of Ice, hoping that she can "live on her own".

Herrscher of Star[]

His abilities are the same as those of the former civilization's "Herrscher of Rock", and they are all gravity-controlled. But because they are not closely related to rock, he was codenamed "Herrscher of Star" by Schicksal.


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