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Cheng Lixue
Cheng Lixue Profile.jpg
Deceased, killed by Sirin
Known Relatives
  • A-Rank Valkyrie

Cheng Lixue was a former A-Rank Valkyrie of Schicksal. At the age of five, she was taken into the care of Fu Hua after she lost her family overnight. She made her first appearance in the Second Eruption manga.


Lixue has long, greyish blue hair, tied in a tail at her back with two long strands on either side of her face and light jade eyes. As the vice commander of the valkyries during her time, she wore an admiral-styled uniform with a teal, dark narvy, and ivory pallet.


When performing her duties, Lixue takes a more serious approach to things, having once chided Patricia for drinking on their mission. Ever since Fu Hua left her, Lixue continues to use her master's lessons as the guiding principles in her life, maintaining a calm and steadfast demeanor that strove to improve herself as well as protect others. However, in the presence of her master, Lixue is more open and eager to please, yearning to make Hua proud no matter what. She was incredibly loyal and committed to Fu Hua, as proven in her final act that brought her to her grave.


Lixue had lost her family overnight at the age of 5 and was taken in by Fu Hua, where she was raised in Hua’s Clouded Monastery on Mount Taixuan[1]. She was taught to write, read, and the martial arts. However, they hardly saw each other as Fu Hua was busy, but Hua was still able to make dumplings every time without fail, which Lixue loved despite their humble filling. Eventually, Hua’s absences started to pain Lixue, who realized she wanted to show Fu Hua the other’s importance to her. Up till then, Lixue had called Fu Hua by her name, and finally asked her if she could call Fu Hua her master. It was the first time Fu Hua smiled at her, but she hadn’t noticed the sorrow in Hua’s eyes at the time when she said yes. The day after, Fu Hua had left and never returned, adding on to more of Lixue’s growing angst as she realized her master wasn’t coming back[2]. Yet besides this, Lixue continued to wait every year, making the wonton noodles over and over again, while her Blade Mantra was never able to enter the Flawlessly Calm level. By the time the two were able to see each other again, Lixue had become a Schicksal valkyrie.

In 1991, Lixue had already become an A-ranker, and was onboard an escort mission with Patricia Highsmith and Cecilia Schariac. Lixue was said to have near flawless synergy with the other two valkyries, demonstrated when they fought Welt Yang during his ambush, and had become a trusted associate of Cecilia, given their complementary roles in the later years. This would also lead her to take apart of Theresa’s plan on training Siegfried in secret so that he could reunite with Cecilia.

Second Eruption[]

On February 14th at the Belarus-Poland border, Lixue arrived to assist Shub-Niggurath, who had managed to protect the envoy from the Tower of Babylon for nearly two days. Lixue then returns to Schicksal HQ upon Otto’s recall order for all B-rankers and higher to attend the war council. The next day, prior to the meeting, Lixue is in her Valkyrie Residence home on the Floating Island, playing a zither somberly. This is when Fu Hua arrives, staring at the painting of Nuwa and Fuxi that Lixue managed to remake from the hut that they had lived in when Lixue was young. Noticing her master, Lixue greets her master amiably as she asks the other to stay a while for a cup of tea. Fu Hua, though, only smiles and turns her down, making note of the worry in Lixue’s zither tunes as she reassures her that the war outcome will be good.

At the war council, Lixue arrives on stage beside Cecilia as Otto propagates them to help boost morale in the other valkyries. Lixue is then designated to lead a group of valkyries against the Prince of Haste, who they confronted at Kipchak Steppe the next day at noon. Yearning to make Fu Hua proud of her, Lixue attempts to combat the Seraphim Prince on her own, wielding her Water’s Edge, a 10th Divine Key. However, the pure torrents she unleashed was no match for the Prince’s 5000 Kelvin flames, which quickly overwhelm and shatter the weapon. Because of Lixue's age long grief at Fu Hua’s absences, she was unable to formulate a clear conscience to fully utilize her Blade Mantra, which was one of the tenants of the Edge of Taixuan martial arts Hua had taught her. This didn’t mean that Lixue was defenseless as the Prince descended, though, as she quickly switched to the Stances of the Six Fists close combat to force the Prince back. Fortunately, Fu Hua arrived in time to finish off the Prince.

The following day, Otto, Lixue, and Fu Hua confront Sirin at the Tower. Fu Hua initially takes on Sirin alone, being able to defeat Sirin in her dream world, created with Fenghuang Down. However, after Otto takes longer than anticipated in his exploration of Sirin’s powers and his contact with the Will, Sirin wakes in the dream world. The aftermath has Fu Hua depleted after her trump card move severed the link between the Will and Sirin, instead of killing Sirin. With the herrscher waking to the real world, and Otto in no shape to fight, Lixue hands her master to Otto and tells him to run as she solidifies her resolve to protect Hua, buying the two enough time to escape. In the end, she was no match for Sirin and was killed as a void lance pierced through her body[3].


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  1. Clouded Monastery deprived from “Forgotten Chronicles” and Mount Taixuan derived from Chapter 21, “Cheng Lixue” File.
  2. Lixue’s full name is a reference to the story “Cheng Men Li Xue”, whose central theme revolves around endless waiting.
  3. Aside from the manga, her death scene is also portrayed in the “Shattered Samsara” CG.