Couatl: Revenant

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Couatl: Revenant
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One of the possible bosses in Malaria of the Mind.

Boss Attributes[edit | edit source]

Details[edit | edit source]

Resistance: No special resistance.

Strategies: No strategies needed.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Collapsed Point (Menace 1)

Some of Couatl: Revenant's attacks summon Collapsed Points that will stick to a Valkyrie when she comes close. When the Valkyrie is attacked, the Collapsed Point(s) on her will make her take additional damage. Perform an Ultimate Evasion to manually detonate the Collapsed Point(s) and break one layer of Quantum Shield on nearby enemies.

[Strategy] Proactively acquire Collapsed Point(s) and perform Ultimate Evasions to quickly break Quantum Shield.

QUA Blade (Menace 1)

Slashes three times with QUA Blade. The third slash summons a Collapsed Point.

[Strategy] Evade timely.

Revolving Blades (Menace 2)

Charges while spinning, wielding QUA Blade. Summons a Collapsed Point after the charge.

[Strategy] Evade timely or steer clear of the charging path.

Quantum Beam (Menace 3)

Fires Quantum Beams at both sides. The beams quickly move towards the central area and explode when they converge, leaving a delayed-blast zone that triggers an explosion 2s later.

[Strategy] Perform Evasions to leave the central area as the laser beams converge.

Blade Deluge (Menace 2)

Launches QUA Attack two times in a row. Charges forward while spinning, wielding two QUA Blades, and then launches a charged slam with another two QUA Blades.

[Strategy] Dodge the first attack to unleash QUA Retribution and then evade again for another QUA Retribution to quickly break 2 layers of Quantum Shield.

QUA Halo (Menace 2)

Draws a circle with its tail, dealing DMG to nearby hostile units and creating a QUA ring that further deals DMG to hostile units within a large AOE.

[Strategy] Evade according to the location of the shrinking circle.

Void Assault (Menace 3)

Dashes forward and sinks into the ground, leaving a Collapsed Point. Then repeatedly leaps into the air from under the ground to launch an assault. Perform a successful Evasion or Defense to force-activate a QUA Attack, otherwise the Boss will return to the ground after it strikes 3 times or launches assault 7 times.

[Strategy] Keep an eye on the time and frequency of the attack and evade timely.

Tail Lash (Menace 1)

Launches Tail Lash two times in a row, then trhusts forward with the tip of its tail, leaving a Collapsed Point on the ground.

[Strategy] Evade timely.

Charged Hammer (Menace 1)

Charge for a while and then launch a mighty blow with its head, leaving 1 Collapsed Point on the ground.

[Strategy] Evade timely.

QUA Torrents (Menace 4)

Couatl: Revenant summons a QUA Downpour, which attacks the target and generates a delayed blast zone that explodes in 3s. 3 of the raindrops will be aimed at the Valkyrie and each will leave a Collapsed Point on the ground after landing.

[Strategy] Avoid the landing area of the bullets.