Darkbolt Jonin
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Base Rank:

Valkyrie A.png


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Obtained From
Darkbolt Jonin Supply
25 Darkbolt Jonin Soul


Close-range AOE DMG dealer
Gain Zakti energy to deal massive Lightning DMG
High mobile combat style

Main Combination

TimeFracture State.png Time Fracture     Lightning State.png Lightning     Lightning State.png Paralyze    


I am but a shadow who cannot die my own death.


 Combination 1
QTE: Shiden Blast

Benefits from the Conductive debuff for enhanced Lightning DMG.

 Combination 2
QTE: Shiden Blast

Benefits from the Conductive debuff for enhanced Lightning DMG.


Darkbolt Jonin Leader Skill.png

Leader Skill
The Sahā World

Darkbolt Jonin Special.png

Special Attack
Combo: Naraka Finisher

Darkbolt Jonin Passive Skill.png

Eight Dukkha

Darkbolt Jonin Ultimate.png

Raksha's Rage

Sakura Evasion 2.png

Raijin's Blink

Sakura Basic Attack 2.png

Basic Attack
Garyu Stance

The Sahā World

Leader Bonus:
Team gains 23% Lightning DMG and 13% total DMG.

The Sahā World Valkyrie SSS.png

Team deals 30.0% more Lightning DMG and 15% bonus Total DMG.

Combo: Naraka Finisher

Tap & hold [ATK] to strike a deadly blow.
Tap & hold [ATK] to consume 100 Zakti and unleash Naraka Finisher.
Naraka Finisher can be unleashed in quick succession, dealing 100% ATK of Lightning DMG against enemies within range.
Naraka Finisher additionally restore 1.4 SP upon each hit.

Yaksha Rush Valkyrie SSS.png

Each cast of Naraka Finisher boosts Total DMG dealt by Naraka Finisher by 12.0% for 2s, 6 stacks max. Each stack's duration is independent of others'.

Raksha AMP Valkyrie A.png

Naraka Finisher deals 15.0% more Lightning DMG against enemies below 30% HP.

Sura's Retribution Valkyrie A.png

Each hit of Naraka Finisher deals 50.0% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG.

Eight Dukkha

Passive bonuses apply automatically.
Zakti: Starts at 0 and maxes at 500. Passive regen: 10 per second.

Branded for Hate Valkyrie A.png

Gains 30.0% Total DMG against enemies with Darkbolt Mark.

Undying Love Valkyrie A.png

Auto-triggers before the Valkyrie dies, activating an invincible Blink status and restoring 1.5% HP every 0.5s for 5s. CD: 60s; CD starts when the Blink status ends.

Endless Desire Valkyrie A.png

Each kill by Naraka Finisher recovers 150.0 Zakti.

Raksha's Rage

Raksha's Rage unleashes Rakshamaru's might to dominate the battlefield.
Rakshamaru is summoned to smite enemies within a large AOE before her, dealing 300%+80%+6x30% ATK of AOE Lightning DMG.
Tap [ULT] again within 12s since Rakshamaru's appearance to perform Samsara of Death, dealing 7x120%+7x180% ATK of AOE Lightning DMG and paralyzing enemies for 4s upon hit.
Samsara of Death boots Ignore Interrupt and grants 40% Total DMG Reduction for 12s.
CD: 20s. The first activation costs 100 SP, while the second costs 0 SP.

Hungering Wraith Valkyrie A.png

The 1st sequence of Rakshamaru attack enhances Zakti regen rate to 12.0 per 0.1s for 7s.

Tiryag's Impulse

Raksamaru's 1st hit inflicts Conductive on the target, which makes it take 40.0% more Lightning DMG for 12s.

Ashura's Gift

Summoning Raksamaru recovers 400 Zakti.

Raijin's Blink

Lightning imbued evasion.
Ultimate Evasion triggers Raijin's Blink.
Raijin's Blink: Creates a Lightning imbued shadow at the starting point; the shadows pulls in enemies and deals 50% ATK of Lightning DMG during its existence, and explodes after 3s to deal 400% ATK of Lightning DMG, triggering a global Time Fracture that lasts 3s.
Once Raijin's Blink is triggered, Darkbolt Jonin enters Blink status for 5s, during which she stays invisible and can sprint; while sprinting, her Jonin Finisher can be cast by tapping [ATK] to deal 6x50% ATK of AOE Lightning DMG. Jonin Finisher restores 60 Zakti energy and has an extra 3 SP upon hit.
CD: 15s.

Fusuikami's Bliss Valkyrie A.png

Raijin's Blink's CD is reduced by 4.0s.

Narukami's Curse Valkyrie A.png

Raijin's Blink explosion deals 30.0% more Lighting DMG. Jonin Finisher deals 40.0% more Lightning DMG.

Wakaikami's Vigor Valkyrie A.png

Raijin's Blink restores 100 Zakti energy when procced.

Garyu Stance

Melee moves that incorporate both kenjustsu and taijutsu.
1st Sequence: 50% ATK of Physical DMG + 40% ATK of Lightning DMG. Restores 30 Zakti energy upon hit.
2nd Sequence: 70% ATK of Physical DMG + 130% ATK of Lightning DMG. Restores 40 Zakti energy upon hit.
3rd Sequence: 100% ATK of Physical DMG + 160% ATK of Lightning DMG. Restores 60 Zakti energy upon hit and an extra 3 SP upon hit.
4th Sequence: 130% ATK of Physical DMG + 200% ATK of Lightning DMG. Restores 70 Zakti energy upon hit and an extra 5.5 SP upon hit.

Electrified Razor Valkyrie A.png

During the 3rd & 4th sequences of Basic ATK, the Valkyrie gains Ignore Interrupt and takes 40.0% less Total DMG; the last hit of Basic ATK 4th sequence paralyzes the target for 0.5s.

QTE: Shiden Blast Valkyrie A.png

Triggered off Ignited enemies. Deals 700.0% ATK of AIE Lightning DMG and Paralyzes enemies for 1.0s.

Darkbolt Pursuit

Tap [ATK] when a light circle appears on the character to strike enemies with lethal kunai.
Darkbolt Pursuit: Cast kunai to deal 4x20% ATK of AOE Lightning DMG and inflict Darkbolt Marks (lasts 30s) upon hit.
QTE & the 1st sequence of Rakshamaru attacks can also inflict Darkbolt Marks.
Inflicting Darkbolt Marks on a marked enemy again resets its duration.
Immediately after unleashing Darkbolt Pursuit, tap [ATK] to connect Jonin Finisher, or hold [ATK] to connect Naraka Finisher.

Biting Ember Valkyrie S.png

After unleashing Darkbolt Pursuit, the Valkyrie gains 20.0% Total DMG for 30s. Triggering this effect again to reset the duration.

Lingering Light Valkyrie SS.png

Naraka Finisher gains expanded range and faster ATK Speed. Each Naraka Finisher summons a lightning bolt that additionally deals 220.0% ATK of Lightning DMG.

Jonin's Lantern Valkyrie SSS.png

Zakti starts at 400 and maxes at 600.

* Any numbers shown are for MAX level skills.

Dorm Chibi

Origin: Darkbolt Jonin Battlesuit
Darkbolt Jonin Chibi.png
Background Info
Date of Birth July 22       Height 194cm (including ears)
Gender Female       Weight 56kg
Organization --       Place of Birth Far East
Valkyrie Armor Story 1
Yae Sakura... She could not recall how she received this name. She is more used to the name Kasumi, even though it is just a code.
Valkyrie Armor Story 2
Kasumi is a qualified ninja. She is hardhearted, ruthless, and always relentless on her missions. Her lost memories of her past wouldn't slow her even a bit. Completing missions was the only meaning of her existence. Nothing in the world ever held her back.
Valkyrie Armor Story 3
Nothing... as always.
Until the day she met that girl.
For the first time in Kasumi's life, she felt a sense of warmth. Her eyes started to see beyond darkness.
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