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Divine Keys (also known as God Keys) are Previous-Era Technology (usually a weapon) made with the core of Herrschers from the Previous Era. Only one divine key has been said to be finished in the Current Era.

Key of Revelation[]

Also known as Void Archives.

Status: Active

User(s): Gautama (Buddha)[1], Otto Apocalypse

Requirement: Fundamental understanding of synthesis and creation

Known Abilities:

  • Mimicry: Using the power of the first Herrscher, Void Archives can reform itself into another object, primarily other Divine Keys.
  • Archives: Void Archives has a library of all knowledge from the Previous Era.

2nd Divine Key[]

Also known as the Cosmic Juggernaut, its primary function is observation of the Imaginary Tree and bubble universes.

Status: Active

User(s): Su, Otto Apocalypse

Other Known Abilities:

  • Inverted Horizons (1st)[2] - The key can also be used to open a portal to the Sea of Quanta and sink a bubble universe
  • Seed of Sumeru - The key can be used to create another bubble universe

Key of Sanction[]

Also known as the Seven Thunders of Retribution, the key has many forms, depending on its “mood” and user, and has taken a liking to Raiden Mei. Its primary function revolves around combat, and it does this by generating high voltage projectiles that reduce matter into atoms.

Status: Active

User(s): Sakura (Previous Era), Raven

4th Divine Key[]

The Key is a satellite with the ability to purify an area of Honkai Energy, made from the Previous Era Herrscher of Wind's core. It was used to clean Earth and make the planet habitable again after the Herrscher of the End corrupted it.

In the 50,000 years, the 4th Divine Key has exhausted its energy in order to repair the Earth and then floated in space until Schicksal captured it. Murata Ryusuke who used to be a university researcher, received an invitation from Otto to be the director of St. 7308 and repair the 4th Key as Schicksal planned to use this Divine Key to repair Siberia after the 2nd Honkai War destroyed the entire area.

5th Divine Key[]

Vill-V created it from the core of the Previous Era's Herrscher of Ice, and was initially designed to be a weapon of mass destruction. However, after the 12th herrscher used the missiles she created to destroy the last three cities on the planet, she felt responsible for the destruction that her inventions have caused. She then decided to repurpose the 5th divine key to a "life-sustaining flame", which she then called The Suspended Key; The Great Hibernation.[3] Speculated to play a part in the cryopods that enabled the remaining flame-chasers to survive the end of the previous era.

Status: Unknown

User(s): Su[3]

Key of Creation[]

Also known as Abyss Flower. Abyss Flower constitutes two parts, “Abyss” and “Flower”, nodding to its primary functions of decomposing and restoration.

Status: Active

User(s): Elysia, Su[4], Eleanor Schariac (Black Abyss spear form), Reanna Brigantia, Cecilia Schariac, Durandal

Requirement: High vitality, typically some form of honkai resistance as the key can unleash harmful vapors for those with lesser resistance.

Other Known Abilities:

  • Viriscent Growth[5] - The key can be used to create a large plantlike structure, used to trap enemies or soften landings

Key of Destruction[]

The following weapon forms have historically been in the possession of House Kaslana. They are made from the core of Himeko (Previous Era), the Previous Era Herrscher of Flame. It was so powerful, it needed to be split into two. In the separated form of the Key, it is known as the twin pistols, Judgement of Shamash. The two guns can be combined into the Zweihander form, Cleaver of Shamash, with full abilities. Its primary function is for combat, firing devastating bullets or delivering fire-imbued blows.

Status: Active

Users: Heads of the Kaslana family, Kevin Kaslana, Francis Kaslana, Siegfried Kaslana

Requirement: Honkai energy reserves

Other Known Abilities:

  • Might of An-Utu (0th) - when all limiters have been removed, only a Kaslana with their ICHOR expressed, can survive delivering this devastating blow of destruction, capable of leveling a city single-handedly.

Key of Sentience[]

Also known as Fenghuang Down, it was made with the core of the Previous Era Herrscher of Sentience, Its primary function allows the wielder to manipulate brain signals and actively control the target's mind. Victims will see an illusion created by the wielder and believe that it is real.

Status: Missing

User(s): Fu Hua, Herrscher of Sentience

Other Known Abilities:

  • Sunder of Reality[6] - The Edge of Taixuan, Eminence can be supercharged by Fenghuang Down if the user no longer has a functioning Blade Mantra, using memories as fuselage
  • Dream World - Fenghuang Down can generate a dream world or mental realm at the user’s will
  • Sentience Transfer (0th) -

Key of Devouring[]

Also known as Cosmic Harmony, its two subforms, Twins of Eden and Star of Eden have different usages across the timeline but both demonstrate gravity manipulation. Made from the core of Previous Era Herrscher of the Earth.

Status: Recreated with 1st Herrscher powers[7]

User(s): Eden, Su[4], Welt Joyce, Welt Yang, Bronya Zaychik

Other Known Abilities:

  • Quasi Black Hole (0th) [8] - The key can generate a quasi black hole, where targets close to it will face time dilation on the Event Horizon, with every minute equating 60-65 minutes.

Keys of Domination[]

Also known as the Xuanyuan Swords, they were mass manufactured due to the numerous Herrscher "cores" obtained from the Previous Era Herrscher of Legion. Their forms change, depending on their user, and will bestow different powers.

Status(es): Mostly Active

User(s): Fu Hua (Xuanyuan Sword, Grips of Tai Xuan and Water Edge), Ji Xuanyuan (Xuanyuan Sword), Cheng Lixue (Water edge), Li Sushang (Xuanyuan Sword and Water Edge)

  • Grips of Tai Xuan - was capable of dispersing the physical manifestation of the Edge of Tai Xuan, Eminence.[9]
  • Water's Edge - allows the user to manipulate water to an extent. It was wielded by Cheng Lixue and Fu Hua during the Second Eruption.

Key of Binding[]

Also known as the Oath of Judah, it has a subform known as the Pledge of Sakura. Its primary function is draining honkai energy and imprisonment, but it can also be used as a melee weapon.[10]

Status: Active

User(s): Kallen Kaslana, Theresa Apocalypse

Other Known Abilities:

  • Search[11] - Judah has a locating ability that is activated when it is given something that relates to its target and when its user touches it while thinking of the target. It will then shrink and search for its target in a 200km radius, with its sensory probes.
  • Elysion Pedion (0th)[12] - Judah’s 0th power is creating a field that negates honkai energy and other energy phenomena. Because of this, it can even kill its user without proper training, especially if they have honkai genes or energy in them.

Key of Corruption[]

Key of Blankness[]

  • Unnamed - a battlesuit, capable of harnessing the powers of a herrscher by bonding with cores. Wielded by Dr. MEI against the Previous Era's Herrscher of Legion and Murata Himeko with the Gem of Haste against Herrscher of the Void.[14]


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"Speculations" on this wiki refers to commentary or theories that seem plausible enough, but lack outright official confirmation.
As this content might be questioned by the community, information from this section shouldn't be quoted or referenced as if it was factual.
  • The ending of Second Eruption implies the humans souls of Herrschers are retained in their cores. Therefore, any time a Divine Key "reacts" to someone or shows personality, it is likely that the soul inhabiting the core is reacting to the person and their reactions are manifesting in the Divine Key.