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This article is about the Supply type. For the housing system, see Dorm.

Dorm Supply is a Supply that allows Captains to roll for Valkyries. The available item pool is large and contains many Valkyries.

  • For this reason, we do not recommend rolling Dorm Supply for a specific Valkyrie because individual item chances are extremely low.
  • Captains also have the ability to roll Dorm Supply for free occasionally by obtaining Dorm Supply Card in various different ways.


  • Dorm Supply is more likely to give an S-Rank battlesuit you do not own (min. 40% chance for an S-Rank drop to be NEW; does not affect the overall drop rate of S-Rankers).
  • For the first 3 S-Rank battlesuits you get in Dorm Supply, at least 1 of them will be NEW.
    • Does not apply to Captains who already own all the battlesuits this Supply can provide.
  • The first 25 Dorm Supply crates will provide at least 1 S-Rank battlesuit. This rule will only apply once to each Captain.
Featured Contents
Non-Featured Contents
Items Character Fragments - Stigmata - Weapons - Upgrade Materials - Equipment EXP - Coins

Specific Rates[]

Character Cards: 20.50%[]

  • S Rank: 1.50%
  • A Rank: 13.50%
  • B Rank: 5.50%

Character Fragments: 11.46%[]

  • S Rank: 1.27%
  • A Rank: 10.19%

Weapons & Stigmata: 31.19%[]

  • 4-star Weapon: 0.46%
  • 4-star Stigmata: 0.73%
  • 3-star Weapon: 7.50%
  • 3-star Stigmata: 22.50%

Others: 36.85%[]

  • Common Upgrade Materials: 14.74%
  • Equipment EXP: 14.74%
  • Coins: 7.37%