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Dr. MEI was the prodigal genius of the Previous Era.

She is the creator of MANTIS, Divine Keys, Stigmata, Super Artificial Intelligence, and has also mastered the technique of sealing Honkai energy.


Dr. MEI takes the similar appearance of Raiden Mei: long purple hair with bangs and purple eyes. She is seen wearing glasses, a lab coat, and a black shirt.


MEI's father is a world-renowned electromagnetic physicist, so she aspires to become a scientist, focusing only on learning and having no interest in other things. However, with Kevin's aggressive attack, Mei's defense is fading.

But the good times didn't last long, and soon after, the Third Honkai War broke out in Nagazora. Because of her paper on Quantum Mechanics, Mei was accepted as an important think tank by the anti-Honkai organization "Fire Moth", and Kevin became a soldier of "Fire Moth" for Mei.

Humanity has suffered heavy losses in the confrontation with the Honkai. In the face of the overwhelming 7th Herrscher, Mei proposed the "Fusion Warrior" program, which incorporates the genes of powerful Honkai beasts into the bodies of soldiers in order to produce super-warriors who can fight the Honkai. Kevin offered to take part in the experiment and, after enduring unspeakable pain, joined the power of the Honkai beast Parvati. With its powerful ability to freeze, Kevin was able to defeat the 7th Herrscher. However, it also leads to temperatures around the world to be minus-degrees all year round, no longer able to make normal contact with humans, "and never being able to embrace my favorite Mei."

In the subsequent "Thousand of Herrscher" - the 10th Herrscher the event, form a network of thousand people, Mei lure them to the Pacific P-21 island, and use "Hollow Armor" to destroy the army of Herrscher.

Half a year after defeating the 10th Herrscher, the Fusion Warrior's plan was once again on the agenda. The fusion warrior born this time is MSA-209 HUA.

Mei then designed Prometheus, a Super Artificial Intelligence, and calculated that there are fourteen Herrschers, and humans will inevitably die by the hand of the Ultimate Herrscher.


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