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Birthday: Unknown (January 1st according to Schicksal archive)
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Chinese VA: Ziyi Qin
Japanese VA: Noto Mamiko
Lances (Type).png Lances 

Durandal (Chinese: 幽兰黛尔; Japanese: デュランダル) is a playable character in Honkai Impact 3rd. She is an enigmatic figure and one of very few S-rank Valkyries within Schicksal. Her squad is known as the Immortal Blades and Rita Rossweisse is her vice captain. The two girls share a long history, but not much is known about it...


Durandal Battlesuits
Valkyrie Gloria (Icon).png
Valkyrie Gloria
Bright Knight - Excelsis (Icon).png
Bright Knight: Excelsis
Dea Anchora (Icon).png
Dea Anchora


Valkyrie Gloria Bright Knight Dea Anchora
Lord Paramount (Item).png
Lord Paramount
Misty Lavender (Item).png
Misty Lavender
Purrfect Holiday (Item).png
Purrfect Holiday
Emerald of Alfheim (Item).png
Emerald of Alfheim
Stellar Promise (Item).png
Stellar Promise


Durandal is a very beautiful woman who is voluptuous in appearance and possesses a regal beauty. She has voluminous, wavy blonde hair fading into a coral pink at the bottom which descends past her waist and is rather wild in its own way. It is usually left loose, but the Battlesuit Dea Anchora depicts her hair tied up in a high ponytail. She possesses deep blue eyes along with a slim but fit figure. Durandal uses lances in battle.


Hardworking and compassionate.


  • Her old profile listed her age as Unknown / Inconclusive and her "three sizes" as 88 cm / 59 cm / 89 cm.


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