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ELF Book of Fuxi
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Fire DMG
Added in Version 3.7.

Increases all Elemental DMG but requires 1 or 2 Fire battlesuits on the team to shine.

Best paired with Azure Empyrea.
Chinese voice actor: 杜冥鸦[1] (Du Ming Ya)
Japanese voice actor: 麻倉 もも (Momo Asakura)

Book of Fuxi (Japanese: 伏羲の書 Fukugi no Sho) is an unlockable ELF in Honkai Impact 3rd.

Unlock & Rank-Up[]

Item: Book of Fuxi Part (Icon).png Book of Fuxi Part


※Any numbers shown are for MAX level skills.
File:.png Shenzhou Will
Fire multiple shells, dealing 550% ATK of Fire DMG against the target and restores 3 SP upon hit; CD: 2s.
ATK Interval: 3.3s
ELF Ultimate.png Flame Circle
Force activates the QTE of Valkyrie(s) capable of dealing Fire DMG on the team, and summons a magic fire circle (lasts 10s) to seal enemies within, dealing 5 x 1000% ATK of Fire DMG against them and inflicting a debuff on them to make them take 10.0% more All Elemental DMG.
CD: 35s
SP: 75

Row 1[]

File:.png Passive: Persistence
ELF's Basic ATK hit additionally restores 10 SP for the ELF; CD: 2s.
File:.png Passive: Scorching
ELF's Basic ATK hit has a 18.0% chance to deal 200.0% more Fire DMG; CD: 10s.
ELF General.png Passive: Fiery Soul
ELF's Basic ATK hit on a Ignited target boosts ELF's Total DMG by 15.0% for 10s.

Row 2[]

File:.png Passive: Unification
Within the next 5s after unleashing ELF's Ultimate, the whole team's QTE skills deal 15.0% more Total DMG.
File:.png Passive: Ashes
When the magic circle ends, enemies still within the AOE take 10.0% more Elemental DMG for 5s.

Row 3[]

File:.png Passive: Roar of the Flame
[Team-triggered] With a Valkyrie capable of dealing Fire DMG as the team leader, the whole team gains 9.0% Fire DMG and 6.0% Ice and Lightning DMG.
File:.png Passive: Abundance
ELF's initial SP increases by 40.
File:.png Passive: Joined Flames
[Team-triggered] ELF's ALL Elemental DMG increases by 15.0% when there are 2 Valkyries capable of dealing Fire DMG on the team.
File:.png Passive: Nature Harmony
[Team-triggered] Team deals 6.0% more Elemental DMG when the team is formed by Valkyries with three different Types.

Row 4[]

File:.png Team: Free Will
When a Valkyrie performs Ultimate Evasion, the ELF restores 15 SP and provides a buff for the Valkyrie, which boosts her Fire DMG by 8.0% for 8s; CD: 15s.
File:.png Passive: Still Water
CD of Free Will decreases to 11s.
File:.png Passive: Hong Meng
Within the next 6s after triggering Free Will, the Valkyrie's next Charged/Combo ATK additionally deals 120.0% ATK of AOE Fire DMG.


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Section Quote
Self Introduction
[Official English]
My name is Book of Fuxi. I'm a legendary weapon from the ancient Shenzhou. Yaaaawn... Huh? You want more details? Fine... I master the powers of fire, ice, lightning and swordsmanship. But you'll need to try hard enough to harness my true powers. Can I go back to sleep now?
Time with Captain
[Official English]
Huh? You summoned me just for this? Well, I think you need to get toughened up, youngster. I see... finishing a battle with one punch is not an ability possessed by everyone... Oh, nothing. I was going to take a nap... but since you've asked sincerely, I guess I can lend a hand!
Her Secret Diary
[Official English]
That blockhead said that though my creator made me based on herself, I resembled her sister more. Well whose fault is that? I wouldn't be like this if that blockhead knew how to take care of herself! Ah... but I do miss those years with her.