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Background Information
Region North America - Anti-Entropy       Height 149
Alignment Neutral | kind-hearted       Weight 42
Expertise Theoretical physics       Birthplace Switzerland
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The greatest inventor in the history of mankind. The embodiment of a genius. Someone who changed the world. Add any other nice compliments you can think of... This person actually deserves whatever nice things we say.
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She learned calculus and linear algebra on her own by age 8. By the time she was 16, she presented her idea of general relativity and received her PhD. She viewed gravity as bends in time, thus changing mankind's perspective on the entire universe.
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Her mentor was her friend and teacher, Planck. From when Einstein was 8 years old, she was recommend to Planck by some psychologist, and Planck essentially took on the role of Einstein's guardian. Because of this, although younger than Tesla and Schrodinger, she was technically their senpai.
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Founder of Anti-Entropy along with Walter, Planck, and Tesla. The forerunners of Anti-Entropy were all originally from the Schicksal's North American Branch. This was because on November 25th, 1955, the North American Branch violently broke themselves away from the Schicksal and rapidly grew to be a contender for world power.
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It seems that Walter, the 1st Herrscher, has an interesting past along with the head of Anti-Entropy. No matter what, even if today's Einstein was that Einstein... Walter would not be that Walter.
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