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Weapon Rarity Effect
Blood Dance (5) (Icon).png
Blood Dance
★★★★★ [SP: 20][CD: 15s] Creates a blood tornado that sweeps away enemies, dealing 9x35% ATK of Physical DMG and sending them into a Blood Rage, doubling their Attack Speed but making them take 60% more Elemental DMG. The Blood Rage lasts for 9.00s.
Combo Hit Count exceeds 15, gain 30% Physical DMG. When undeployed, heal 30.0 HP every 0.5s if HP is below 50%.
Ice Epiphyllum (5) (Icon).png
Ice Epiphyllum
★★★★★ [SP: 5][CD: 18s] Generates a 3.5-meter radius frigid zone. Friendly units in the AOE deal 40.0% more Ice DMG for 10.0s. Enemies in the AOE will take a Freezing Bomb that explodes after 6s, dealing 981 Ice DMG.
Gain 15.0% Elemental DMG. Receives an Energy Charge every 5s, allowing the next attack to gain 1,260 Ice DMG to enemies within a 5-meter radius.

Goushinnso Memento equip bonus: Gain 200 Kinetic Energy.

Key of Reason (5) (Icon).png
Key of Reason
★★★★★ Charged cannon.
  • 1st Sequence: Single shot.
  • 2nd Sequence: Empowered double shot.
  • 3rd Sequence: Super-powered triple shot.

Wielder deals 30% more Ice DMG.

[SP: 5][CD: 25s] Unleash a constructor weapon ATK that deals 500.0%+9*85.0+300% ATK of Ice DMG. Final hit freezes enemies for 6.0s. After use, wielder ATKs gain 35% Total DMG Multiplier for 7s.
Herrscher of Reason equip bonus: Active skill inflicts 7s Analyzed debuff on enemies. Casting the Ultimate gives 5 SP.
Frozen Naraka (6) (Icon).png
Frozen Naraka
★★★★★★ [SP: 0][CD: 25s] Generates a 12s Field that moves with the wielder. In the AOE, the wielder gains Ignore Interrupt and 50% Total DMG Reduction. Enemies in AOE take 25.0% more Ice DMG and gradually lose Movement Speed and ATK Speed till they freeze. Tap the Weapon Skill button again to unleash a Special ATK (1 time per Field) that deals 300% + 800% ATK of Ice DMG against enemies in front. CD starts only after the Field disappears.
Wielder deals 45% more Ice DMG.
Gain 1 charge per 5s. Next hit deals 150% ATK of Ice DMG against the target and nearby enemies, slowing their ATK speed and Move Speed by 40% for 6.0s (slow effect does not work on enemies within the Active Skill's AOE).

Goushinnso Memento equip bonus: Provides 200 more kinetic energy and 4.0 SP.

Tranquil Rhapsody (6) (Icon).png
Tranquil Rhapsody
★★★★★★ [SP: 0][CD: 20s] Hold the weapon active button to enter Nightwalk mode (last 2s), during which the wielder is immune to attack; release the button to make wielder reappear and leap backwards pulling in enemies around her and dealing 1000% ATK of AOE Ice DMG. If wielded by Sixth Serenade, she will gain 300 points of Nachtsicht upon entering Nightwalk mode; in Nightwalk mode, she gains another 300 points of Nachtsicht (once during each skill span) and deals 200% ATK of Ice DMG when passing through an enemy; after casting the weapon active, tap [ATK] to immediately unleash her Combo ATK at no Nachtsicht cost.
After unleashing the weapon active or Ultimate, the wielder deals 40.0% more Total DMG for 9s; CD: 15.
The wielder deals 40.0% more Ice DMG and her QTE deals 40.0% more Total DMG; if wielded by Sixth Serenade, her Raven Mark deals 40.0% more Ice DMG, and she significantly gains Ignore Interrupt for 5s after unleashing weapon active or Combo ATK.


Rarity Icon Type HP ATK DEF CRIT Effect
★★★★ Roald Amundsen (M) (Icon).png Stigmata Middle.png 261 0 111 7 Deals 20% more Ice DMG and takes 20% less Ice DMG.
★★★★★ Welt Yang (Stigmata) (M) (Icon).png Stigmata Middle.png 531 0 199 3 Gain 20% Ice DMG. Every hit (CD: 0.3s) on the enemy causes it to take 1.0% more Ice DMG from the host for 5s. Max stacks: 10. Each stack gained resets the duration.
★★★★★ Rasputin (M) (Icon).png Stigmata Middle.png 435 0 199 5 At 10+/30+ Combo Hits, the host deals 20%/35% more Ice DMG respectively.
★★★★★ Turgenev (M) (Icon).png Stigmata Middle.png 459 0 188 12 The host's summoned entities deal 35.0% more Total DMG. The host's QTE deals 25.0% more Ice DMG against Hunter Marked enemies.
★★★★ Olenyevas - Plum Rain (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 286 17 69 7 Deals 10.0% more Ice DMG and takes 15.0% less Ranged Physical DMG.

2 Set Effects[]

Rarity Icons Set Effect

3 Set Effects[]

Rarity Icons Set Effect
★★★★★ Summer Day (T) (Icon).pngSummer Day (M) (Icon).pngSummer Day (B) (Icon).png Exploding water balloon deals 200% more Ice DMG. Shortens CD by 2s.
★★★★★ Turgenev (T) (Icon).pngTurgenev (M) (Icon).pngTurgenev (B) (Icon).png The host's Ultimate and her summoned entities deal 25.0% more Total DMG. When there are the host's summoned entities on the field, team deals 25.0% more Ice DMG against Hunter Marked enemies. This effect cannot stack.