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Icon ATK CRT Rarity
Falcon Flare - FINAL (6) (Icon).png 434 25 ★★★★★★
Brought to you by La Vita Nuova, St. 1504 Labs. A passion project by director Nagamitsu 18th, this gun is made of soulium and then machine gilded to give a charming, aged look. It is currently on display at E.T. Studio's exhibition hall. It is cared for by two employees, cleaned once a month, with maintenance every other month. Feel free to come check it out.
"Please don't let weapons define St. 1504 Labs' achievements." They seek to both preserve tradition and keep up with modern sensibilities — This is the Nagamitsu Spirit for the 21st century!
"I'm not saying it's useless. It's just that it's an exquisite piece of art so... I don't want to use it." — "Weapons and people, who uses who? Arahato's Producer: I have lost faith in those in charge. Studio Reason may have to disband."
Weapon Skills
Rising Frostwings
Charged cannon. 1st Sequence: Single shot. 2nd Sequence: Empowered double shot. 3rd Sequence: Super-powered triple shot. Total DMG increases 40.0%. Ice DMG taken by all targets on field increases by 20.0% for 10s when QTE deals DMG. Additional 10s added if Ultimate used during this time, for a max 1 time. (cannot stack).
Collapse Quill
[SP: 0][CD: 16s]Charges in the direction of the joystick and summons a weapon to fire an energy ball, dealing 400% Ice AoE DMG. After passing through Silverwing: N-EX's scatter barrier, energy ball becomes powered up and deals 400% Ice DMG on impact and triggers a small Black Hole, continuously drawing in nearby enemies to deal 30 x 10.0% Ice DMG followed by an explosion dealing 500.0% Ice DMG. Powered-up energy balls reduce Weapon Skill CD by 300.0% upon impact. When Silverwing: N-EX is used, Weapon Skills can be directly followed with fourth blow of a Basic ground ATK or the third blow of a Basic aerial ATK.
Zero Sector
Ice DMG increases by 40.0% for 10s when Weapon Skills or Ultimate are used. Triggering it again resets the duration. When Silverwing: N-EX is used, Ice DMG dealt by energy balls that pass through the scatter barrier increase 40.0%.
Obtained From
Upgrade Falcon Flare - FINAL
Added During
Version 5.4
Falcon Flare: FINAL/6-star
Falcon Flare - FINAL (6).png