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Fu Hua
Birthday: February 9th
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Chinese VA: Minyue Lu
Japanese VA: Minami Takayama
Gauntlets (Type).png Gauntlets

Fu Hua (Chinese: 符华; Japanese: フカ) is a playable character in Honkai Impact 3rd. The strict and studious class monitor of St. Freya High. Her techniques span thousands of years, her memories hundreds...


Fu Hua Battlesuits
Valkyrie Accipiter (Icon).png
Valkyrie Accipiter
Hawk of the Fog (Icon).png
Hawk of the Fog
Phoenix (Icon).png
Night Squire (Icon).png
Night Squire
Shadow Knight (Icon).png
Shadow Knight
Azure Empyrea (Icon).png
Azure Empyrea
Herrscher of Sentience (Icon).png
Herrscher of Sentience


Valkyrie Accipiter Night Squire Phoenix Shadow Knight Azure Empyrea Herrscher of Sentience
Blue Swallow (Item).png
Blue Swallow
Onyx Simurgh (Item).png
Onyx Simurgh
Dark Butler (Item).png
Dark Butler
Rustic Noir (Item).png
Rustic Noir
Spring Traveler (Item).png
Spring Traveler
Fire and Sword (Item).png
Fire and Sword
Sword and Fire (Item).png
Sword and Fire
Blood Voivode (Item).png
Blood Voivode
Cerulean Court (Item).png
Cerulean Court
Ooh! Summer!.png
Ooh! Summer!




  • Her old profile listed her age as 50k and her "three sizes" as 84 cm / 64 cm / 90 cm.
  • Official English site of the game lists her birthday as Unknown, but official Japanese site lists February 9th as birthday date for all Fu Hua's battlesuits including Herrscher of Sentience.


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