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Fu Hua
Fu Hua Profile.jpg
February 9th
Female Sign (Small).png Female
  • Original:
    • MANTIS (formerly)
    • Guardian of Shenzou (formerly)
    • A-Rank Valkyrie (formerly)
    • St. Freya Academy Student (formerly)
      • Class Monitor
  • Sim:
  • Class Monitor
  • MSA-209 HUA
  • CM-014 (MANTIS serial number)
  • Hua (Previous Era name)
  • Jingwei
    • Master Jingwei
  • Phoenix
  • Celestial
  • Empyrea
Voice Actors
高山 みなみ (Minami Takayama)
  • Original:
    • Chapter II
    • Chapter XX
    • Chapter XXI
    • Chapter XXII
    • Chapter XXV
    • Chapter XXVI
    • Chapter XXVII
    • Chapter XXVIII
  • Sim:
  • Original:
    • 7 Sword Visual Novel

The strict and studious class monitor of St. Freya High. Her techniques span thousands of years, her memories hundreds...


Fu Hua was born around 50,000 years ago during the Previous Era. She grew up in the slums, and was raised by her father who owned and ran a dojo. She was taught martial arts from a young age, and would diligently keep up with her training whenever she could. At some point, Fu Hua was supposed to leave her hometown to attend a school in a place known as Sapphire. Around the time she was due to leave, her father was attacked by a zombie, and was left hospitalized. His condition was not serious however, and he insisted that Fu Hua leave for the school and stop worrying about their dojo. Though reluctant and unwilling, Fu Hua obeyed her father’s wishes.

Fu Hua did not make many friends at the school. Her attempts at conversation were met only with scorn as her fellow students openly mocked her for her social standing, clothing, and straight-laced personality. She would only be accepted by her peers after she rescued a fellow student during a zombie attack. Just as she began settling in, a Honkai Impact ravaged the city of Sapphire. The metropolis crumbled, and all the Fu Hua held dear was lost along with it. She fled the city, barely surviving until she was rescued by MOTH’s Squad V leader, HIMEKO.

As a soldier of MOTH, Fu Hua lived for nothing but eliminating the Honkai. Unfortunately, while she possessed the necessary drive and will to see such a goal to fruition, she lacked the strength. She could not save anything; cities continued to burn, and humanity continued to take heavy losses. Then, in a cruel twist of fate, her savior HIMEKO turned into the Herrscher of Flame. Fu Hua was the only one of Squad V to survive HIMEKO’s betrayal. She was once more ostracized by her peers, and given the nickname ‘Firewitch's little birdie’. HIMEKO was later killed by none other than Kevin Kaslana.

A year later, Fu Hua and other MOTH soldiers were sent to Australia on a mission. Though the mission was briefed to the soldiers as a simple extermination mission and a test of the recently mass-produced Divine Keys created from the cores of the 10th Herrschers, the mission’s true nature was to attempt to create another MANTIS. The mission appeared to progress smoothly until the appearance of an emperor-class Honkai beast, Ganesha. Five members of the unit died to Ganesha before Fu Hua engaged it in battle. She too was quickly overpowered. However in her final moments, Fu Hua saw the ghost of HIMEKO. She remembers how HIMEKO saved her, and the inexplicable circumstances surrounding the truth of her defection to the Honkai.

Fueled by a desire to understand the truth of why HIMEKO betrayed humanity, betrayed her, Fu Hua awakens as a MANTIS. As a MANTIS, she was able to unleash her Key of Domination’s true power. Some time later, she also received Fenghuang Down, the Divine Key created from the Herrscher of Sentience. Additionally, Fu Hua received SWARA treatment around this same time. Her muscular strength and neural responses increased exponentially, further increasing her deadliness in combat.

After an unknown length of time, humanity’s last stand against the Final Herrscher was at hand. Fu Hua was one of the 8 elite MANTIS warriors tasked with distracting the Herrscher long enough for the Selene to deal what was hopefully a critical blow. Unfortunately, even with the combined might of humanity, the Final Herrscher was merely stalled. Too exhausted to continue, Fu Hua and the remaining survivors of the squad retreated back to Earth, to initiate Project Sanctuary.

10,000 years later, Fu Hua and the other survivors of the Previous Era awaken from their long slumber. She was tasked with heading Project EMBER, alongside her comrades Fuxi and Nuwa. As such, she was deified by the people of Shenzhou, given the title of the Immortal Celestial. Fu Hua dutifully executed Project EMBER, whilst also protecting the people of Shenzhou from the Honkai. At some point, Fuxi gifted Fu Hua with a mini-droid modeled after herself, named The Book of Fuxi. Fu Hua took to simply calling the droid Little Book. Little Book’s primary directive was to aid Fu Hua in her day-to-day life and keep her company after Fuxi and Nuwa passed on.

Project EMBER would soon prove to have unforeseen and disastrous consequences. In response to Shenzhou’s increasing level of technology, the judgement-class Honkai beast Chiyou emerged, ravaging the lands of Shenzhou. Ji Xuanyan, Fuxi and Nuwa gave their lives to defeat and seal Chiyou away in the ocean. Thus, Fu Hua was left alone, with only Little Book to accompany her. Fu Hua began retreating away from humanity. Her immortality made interpersonal relationships painful, for if those she cared for did not die to Honkai, they would fade away in the unstoppable current of time. Fu Hua became colder and more distant, slowly turning into a Honkai killing machine.

On the day of the eve of the Spring Festival, Fu Hua had just finished clearing out a minor Honkai infestation atop the Great Wall. The nearby civilians thank her profusely, and beseech her to join them for the Spring Festival feast. Fu Hua declines, much to Little Book’s displeasure. She heads off to Fog Mount Temple ahead of Little Book, who stayed behind to speak with the civilians. Little Book does not return. A harried messenger arrives at the temple, informing Fu Hua that Little Book had been ambushed by Honkai beasts. All that remained was the droid’s magic scroll. Fearing for the wellbeing of her last friend, Fu Hua quickly begins to search for Little Book.

She later finds Little Book, thankfully unharmed, sleeping in a cave. As it turns out, Little Book was not ambushed by Honkai beasts, but rather a pair of human children. She later went missing of her own volition to make Fu Hua return to the city to find her. Little Book then begs Fu Hua to stay for the feast. Finally, Fu Hua relents. That night, the two of them wander about the city. The atmosphere conjures fond memories of her late friends, and for the first time in a while, Fu Hua smiles. Little Book comments that Fu Hua always seems happier around people, and suggests that the immortal start a school where she could train disciples and always be surrounded by people. Fu Hua replies that she would consider it.

As the night wears on, Little Book begins to grow weaker. She falls off her scroll and into Fu Hua’s arms, barely able to keep her eyes open. Quietly, Little Book apologizes to Fu Hua. She tells her that her battery is beginning to run out. In her final moments, Little Book thanks Fu Hua, and declares that Fu Hua is her best friend, and that she loved all the adventures they went on together. Then, beneath the shimmering light of a thousand fireworks and in the arms of the one she loves most, Little Book powers down.

Fu Hua did take Little Book’s suggestion to heart, and founded a martial arts school upon Mount Taixuan. Her heart, however, remained cold. In the year 1461, Fu Hua and her first disciple, Lin Zhaoyu, head to Wangshang Mountain to confront a man known as Yan Shiluo. Yan Shiluo was the self-proclaimed ‘second strongest warrior of Shenzhou’, and the leader of a cult. He gained the power of pyrokinesis, presumably from making a deal with some form of Honkai. He greets Fu Hua respectfully, before viciously burning and defeating two other individuals: Li Mengan, a master swordsman, and Cui Yuanpeng, a brawler.

Sensing a spike of Honkai energy in Yan Shiluo, Fu Hua declares that the man is corrupted, and orders Zhaoyu to kill him. Per the motto of the Taixuan school, ‘no mercy for the corrupted’, Zhaoyu dutifully challenges the cult leader to a duel. Zhaoyu proceeds to steamroll the ‘second strongest warrior’, and after a brief interlude from her master, cuts him down. Before they leave Mount Wangshang, Fu Hua gains three more disciples: the twins Jiang Wangxi and Jiang Wanru, as well as Cheng Lingshuang.


  • Jingwei image was made-up by Nuwa when she was writing legends to pass down to the next generation. She believed people from newer generations would be more interested in the legends if she spiced things up a little. According to Fu Hua, Nuwa had always complained about how there were no anime/manga during that era.


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