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Origin: Fuxi Stigmata
Fuxi Chibi.png
Background Information
Region Ancient China       Height 154
Alignment Orderly | Kind-hearted       Weight 43
Expertise Chinese Legend       Birthplace Unknown
Stigma Memory Clip 1
To prevent the girl in Xuanyuan's Sword from reawakening, the people of China in the previous civilization offered sacrifices to a god known as the [Knower of All Things]. This deity had a twin sister, Nuwa.
Stigma Memory Clip 2
The Administrator's records contained knowledge of spherical quantum computer [terminals] from the previous civilization. This Administrator was responsible for passing this knowledge to mankind at the appropriate time. Now these spherical orbs are scattered in ruins across the Earth. The Schicksal has already located and collected some of them, and used the orbs to created the weapon [Book of Fuxi].
Stigma Memory Clip 3
Although she is the older of the two twins, she is taken care of by Nuwa on a daily basis and is completely oblivious to that fact.
Stigma Memory Clip 4
It's said that being a soldier is an impressive, yet grim existence, where years of peace provide a stark contrast. But Fuxi always felt that she was just a [useless power with no purpose].
Stigma Memory Clip 5
Besides being adept in combat, Fuxi is also one who possesses wisdom and knowledge. Her perception of the changes and flow of living things is extraordinary, and she is capable of generalizing their changes into laws. This is why she was chosen as a [pioneer] of the early civilizations.