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The following is a Glossary of Terms used in Honkai Impact 3rd. They are separated into several categories. If you have a specific term you'd like to search, press Ctrl+F to search for your term.

Key Words

A collection of key terms to help players understand the story and gameplay of Honkai Impact 3rd. These key terms are taken from a glossary in the official Honkai 3rd artbook and have been translated. Although spoilers are rare, there are some small references.

A Series of Honkai Eruptions and aftershocks that result in the birth of a Herrscher.

The 1st Impact Happened in Berlin, 1952 [1]

The 2nd Impact Happened in Siberia 2000 [2]

The 3rd Impact Happened in Nagazora 2014 [3]

Decay, or Collapse (direct translation), Houkai (Romaji), Honkai (localisation)
The force behind the phenomenon that collapses the composition of every substance on earth, or its energy. It originates from the Imaginary Plane, a realm outside of our reality. As long as humanity and its technology will advance, so will the Honkai. It has a sentient Gestalt called the Will of Honkai which only understands malice. Honkai as an extra dimensional form of matter has no mass. It is incredibly unstable and highly radioactive.

Herrschers are humans with high Honkai resistance, who have been chosen by the Honkai as its envoys to humanity. Often, they try to destroy humanity.

Honkai Beasts
Beings originating from the Imaginary Plane to attack humanity. They are called "beasts" due to their fauna appearance, typically that of a quadrupedal animal.
Beasts are broken down into classes, from least to most powerful: Chariot, Archangel, Knight, Templar, Emperor, Judgment and Vipralopa.

Destiny (direct translation), Tenmei (Romaji)
To stop the Honkai and ensure the survival of humanity, Schicksal formed around the 400s CE. Led by the descendants of the Mantis soldiers from the Previous Era, they research biological methods to combat Honkai.
The organization was established by three stigmata bearing families.
The current leader is Overseer Otto Apocalypse, from the Apocalypse family, one of the three Stigmata families. He cannot manifest his own stigmata but has invented the Artificial Stigmata. They produce vaccines that delay corruption for civilians. Artificial Stigmata implants are available to Valkyries that couldn't manifest their own Natural Stigmata.

3 stigmatas.jpg

Stigmata Families
The three influential families that support Schicksal and are the original founders of Schicksal.
House Apocalypse - The family representing the "Overseer". They were in involved with the founding of Schicksal due to inheriting part of the Keys of God from the Ancient Civilization.
House Schariac - The family representing the "Divine Maiden". Members of this family have excellent Honkai resistance.
House Kaslana - The family representing the "Knight". In addition to having Honkai resistance, this family has produced amazing warriors.

The phenomenon when a human with mild adaptability is corrupted by the Honkai. This process consists of rapid biological degeneration and mutation forming a human into a reinforced "Zombie".

Knight / Chevalier

Chevalier photo.jpg

The term given to male members of Schicksal with any form of Honkai adaptability. They are rare and tend to have a safer support role.

Valkyrie Ranks
In the game, the term Valkyrie/Valkyrja applies to playable battlesuits, even of characters that don't belong to Schicksal, and their rank does not correspond with their lore strength.

  • Valkyries who are pure support and do not leave base are D-C Ranks.
  • B Rank - the lowest tier of deployable Valkyrie and most common. They can typically handle a Seraph-rank Honkai Beast.
  • A Rank - The majority commanders and instructors at training Academies.
  • S Rank - There is a higher chance to find a four-leaf clover than it is to find a S rank Valkyrie.
  • Paladins - Overseer's personal guard, consisting of a coed guard who can wield multiple Divine Keys.

Valkyries Abbreviation List

Kiana Kaslana

Also nicknamed Tuna (explanation)

  • White Comet
    • common WC - White Comet
  • Valkyrie Ranger
    • common VR - Valkyrie Ranger
  • Void Drifter
    • common VD - Void Drifter
  • Divine Prayer
    • common DP - Divine Prayer
  • Knight Moonbeam
    • common KMB - Knight Moonbeam
    • uncommon KM - Knight Moonbeam
  • Herrscher of the Void
    • common HoV - Herrscher of the Void
    • uncommon GK - God Kiana, pre-Global release nickname
    • uncommon HV - Herrscher of the Void
    • rare HotV - Herrscher of the Void
  • Herrscher of Flamescion
    • common HoFs/HoFS - Herrscher of Flamescion
    • common HFS - Herrscher of Flamescion
    • uncommon HoF - Herrscher of Flamescion, context dependent as it can be confused with Hawk of the Fog or Herrscher of Fire
    • uncommon FK - Fire Kiana

Raiden Mei

Bronya Zaychik

Murata Himeko

Yae Sakura

  • Gyakushinn Miko
    • common Miko - Gyakushinn Miko
    • rare GM - Gyakushinn Miko, can also refer to Goushinnso Memento
  • Goushinnso Memento
    • common Meme - Goushinnso Memento
    • uncommon UA - Unforgotten Apostle, pre-Global release nickname
    • rare Mentos - possibly an inside joke on the Memento part
    • rare GM - Goushinnso Memento, can also refer to Gyakushinn Miko
  • Flame Sakitama
    • common FS - Flame Sakitama
  • Darkbolt Jonin
    • common DJ - Darkbolt Jonin
    • uncommon Kasumi - Darkbolt Jonin's name in the story (Yae Kasumi)

Theresa Apocalypse

Also nicknamed Teri, Teri-Teri, Teriri

Fu Hua

Also nicknamed Fuka (this is her Japanese name)


  • Ritual Imayoh
    • common RI - Ritual Imayoh
    • rare IR - Imayoh Ritual (sometimes written this way in official media)
  • Sixth Serenade
    • common 6S - Sixth Serenade (if you see something like 7S, 8S, or 9S, it could be 6S plus the ranks, for example: rather than saying SSS 6S someone may say 9S. Context is important.)
  • Sündenjäger
    • common SJ - Sundenjäger





  • Valkyrie Gloria
    • common VG - Valkyrie Gloria
  • BK or BKE - Bright Knight: Excelsis
    • common BK - Bright Knight: Excelsis
    • uncommon BKE - Bright Knight: Excelsis
  • Dea Anchora
    • common DA - Dea Anchora
  • Palatinus Equinox
    • common PE - Palatinus Equinox
    • uncommon Juan (Juan is a meme-name made by the community as a joke, pretty frequently used)


At this point the Battlesuit are more often called by the Character names.

MOTHs / World Serpent

Collaboration Valkyries

  • BH - Asuka (BH = Blazing Hope)
  • PV or Fish - Fischl (PV = Prinzessin der Verurteilung!)












Event Stigmata

  • BoL - Bringer of Light
    • BL1 - first set of stigmata from set, fire set
    • BL1 - first set of stigmata from set, ice set
  • RB - Rebel's Blades
    • RB1 - first set of stigmata from set, lightning set
    • RB2 - second set of stigmata from set, physical set