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Icon ATK CRT Rarity
Hekate's Sombre (6) (Icon).png 404 53 ★★★★★★
The PRI-ARM form of Hekate's Gloom. Reforged based on the battle data from the Twilight Paladin battlesuit, it's now even more deadly and harnesses Honkai energy with higher efficiency. When Hekate's Sombre spreads its wings, dark blades rain down from the night sky and deliver swift death.
Weapon Skills
Macabre Edge
[SP: 0][CD: 21s] Deploy the cross (summoned entity) to knock down enemies in a large area and deal 200% ATK of Physical DMG. Also Summon a hail of blades that deals 40.0% ATK of AoE Physical DMG and adds 1 combo hit per 0.1s. When the weapon is equipped by Violet Executer, the cross summons 4 additional sets of large blades to attack in synergy, each set dealing 4x50.0% ATK of Physical DMG, and each hit adding 2 combo hits (triggered once every 2s).
Scar of Twilight
Wielder deals 30.0% bonus Total DMG. Landing 10 hits with Basic ATK, Charged ATK, cross, or Ultimate makes wielder and cross deal 3.5% bonus Physical DMG to the target. 10 stacks max. When the weapon is equipped by Violet Executer, Feverish Barrage DMG maxes at 300 combo hits.
Queen of Sombre
Each wave of blades summoned by the cross makes enemies take 2.5% bonus Physical DMG on hit for 8s. 4 stacks max. Triggering it again resets the duration. Unique effect. When the weapon is equipped by Violet Executer: QTE restores 350 Ferver. Large blades boost Feverish Barrage's Crit Rate by 10.0% and its Total DMG by 10.0% on hit for 8s. 4 stacks max. Trigger it again resets the duration.
Obtained From
Upgrade Hekate's Sombre
Added During
Version 5.3
Hekate's Sombre/6-star
Hekate's Sombre (6).png