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Sirin proclaiming Herrschers as "The Holy Seraphs of GOD".

Herrschers (Chinese: 律者) are entities that have been chosen by the Honkai as its envoys to humanity, considered to be the midpoint between the human race and Honkai Beasts. Unlike Honkai Beasts, Herrschers are fully conscious of their actions, however, they were shown to be influenced by the Will of Honkai.

As Honkai evolves alongside humanity, even the birth of a Herrscher isn't following conventional standards. They can be born inside humans with high Honkai resistance and adaptability, acting as their "2nd persona", taking over the host's body during any moment of weakness - until they take full control. A human can become corrupted enough by Honkai and hatred towards other humans to become a Herrscher, gaining the ability to connect to the Will of Honkai. A soul-less body can also become a Herrscher host as long as it's alive.

In their pursuit of the destruction of humanity, Herrschers will display an immense amount of power, enough to surpass even S-rank Valkyries, and unique abilities that are dependant on their cores or gems. Yet, they can be killed by destroying their host body or extracting/destroying their core/gem.

Playble Herrschers[]

※Sorted by release.

All Herrschers[]

Previous Era[]

No. Title Host Summary of Abilities
1 Herrscher of Reason Unnamed
  • Creation of anything the host has a complete knowledge of
2 Herrscher of the Void Unnamed
  • Manipulation of space and reality
3 Herrscher of Thunder Unnamed
  • Manipulation of electricity
4 Herrscher of Wind Unnamed
  • Weather and air current manipulation
5 Herrscher of Ice Unnamed
  • Manipulation of ice and cold tempuratures
6 Herrscher of Death Unnamed
  • Lifeforce manipulation
7 Herrscher of Flame Himeko (Previous Era)
  • Manipulation of atoms and molecules to produce extreme heat
8 Herrscher of Sentience Unnamed
  • Creation of perfect dreamscapes
9 Herrscher of the Earth Unnamed
  • Manipulation of gravity
10 Herrscher of Domination, more commonly called Herrscher of Legion Multiple individuals
  • Hivemind
  • Granting each member unique powers
11 Herrscher of Binding Unnamed
  • Cancellation of Honkai energy flow within specific radius
12 Herrscher of Corruption Various, starting with Rin
  • Corruption of organic matter
  • Computer software manipulation
13 Unknown Unnamed Unknown
14 Herrscher of the End Unnamed Unknown

MOTH was the main human force against Honkai in the previous era. To grant humanity victory, the organization would create Divine Keys, weapons made from cores of defeated Herrschers. Following Herrscher of Flame's awakening, MOTHs would start transforming selected individuals into MANTIS, powerful supersoldiers with Honkai Beast's genes.

Herrscher of Corruption is unique among previous era's Herrschers in the sense that it can exist outside its host body, moving and even attacking as nothing but a black mist. It was contained within a black box and, since its core couldn't be obtained, no Divine Key could be made from it. It shares this trait with Herrscher of the End who could not be defeated or have its core extracted.

While most MANTIS have died by the time of the current era, Divine Keys created by MOTHs would survive the test of time.

Current Era[]

  1. Herrscher of Reason - Welt JoyceWelt YangBronya Zaychik
  2. Herrscher of the Void - SirinHerrscher of the VoidKiana Kaslana
  3. Herrscher of Thunder - 3rd Herrscher PersonaRaiden Mei
  4. Herrscher of Wind - Wendy
  5. Herrscher of Ice - Ana Schariac
  6. Herrscher of Stars - Chen Tianwu (Owl)
  7. Herrscher of Sentience
  8. Herrscher of Domination - 1000 Individuals under Herrscher of Domination
  9. Herrscher of the Rimestar - Ana Schariac
  10. Herrscher of Flamescion - Kiana Kaslana

The current era features Herrschers who are siding with humanity, an occurrence unheard of in the previous era. All known Herrschers of Reason, Raiden Mei as Herrscher of Thunder, and Kiana Kaslana as Herrscher of the Void and Herrscher of Flamescion are willing to actively use their Herrscher powers against Honkai.


In some cases, there are individuals who possess extremely high Houkai energy similar to a Herrscher but does not possess their own Herrscher core but with a stigmata instead.

  • Honkai Beast getting promoted also counted as Pseudo-Herrscher
  • Houkai energy from the stigmata can infect their mind at any time.

Pseudo-Herrscher with stigmata only[]

  • Yae Sakura: who was possessed by the 12th Herrscher of the old world. She given the stigmata to Theresa in Escape from Nagazora comic, destroying her body.
  • Theresa Apocalypse: Received from Yae Sakura.

Pseudo-Herrscher has condensed a crystal close to Herrscher core[]

  • Yuna: Killed by Theresa in Escape from Nagazora comic after Sakura given the Herrscher power.

Pseudo-Herrscher has been promoted[]

Herrscher "revived" by Sirin[]

The 3 Pseudo-Herrscher are the old friends of Sirin who died in the Babylon experiments, but were returned to existence after the 1st Herrscher's core was captured. They were then given fake cores constructed from Herrscher of Reason's power to become Pseudo-Flame, Pseudo-Wind, and Pseudo-Death Herrscher.


One of 3 Babylon experimental subjects resurrected by Sirin, she was given pseudo-Herrscher core of "Eager Storm", possessing the ability of the Wind Herrscher, and was ordered to destroy in Finland-Oulu, bringing more power to Sirin.


One of 3 Babylon experimental subjects resurrected by Sirin, she was given the pseudo-Herrscher core of "Inflammation", possessing the ability of the Fire Herrscher, and was ordered to destroy in Kazakhstan-Astana, bringing more power to Sirin.


One of 3 Babylon experimental subjects resurrected by Sirin, she was given a pseudo-Herrscher core of "Silent Death", possessing the ability of the Death Herrscher, and was ordered to destroy in Russia-Novosibirsk, bringing more power to Sirin.