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Higokumaru is the most recent manifestation of the Herrscher of Corruption.

She is an assistant in Sakura Samsara open-world map, possessing special abilities limited to the map that can be upgraded.


Higokumaru's size in Sakura Samsara is comparable to most ELFs, with her feet having no visible toes and an oversized head. She has pink hair with a few red stripes and short jagged ears. Her light blue eyes are paired with white pupils. Behind her back are numerous pink-red tails[How many?] with yellow markings.


Game Story[]

Sakura Samsara[]

This mysterious creature was found in a barrel of Yae Village by Yae Sakura who gave it the name Higokumaru. Higokumaru guided Yae Sakura through the castle tower, as they were looking for the missing Kallen.


  • Higokumaru shares visual appearance traits with Rin.
  • Higokumaru calls Yae Sakura "Sakura-nee" (lit. big-sister Sakura) in JP dub and "aneki" (lit. elder sister) in the EN localization.