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Origin: Higokumaru Stigmata
Higokumaru Chibi.png
Background Information
Region ???       Height 165cm
Alignment Chaotic Evil       Weight 40kg
Expertise Fine dining (?)       Birthplace ???
Stigma Memory Clip 1
Higokumaru had many names. She hated some of them, and couldn't remember others. When people asked about her name, she would feign hesitation and then give an innocent smile: "Higokumaru! That's what Aneki would call me!"
Stigma Memory Clip 2
She likes Yae Sakura... and gives an equal amount of love to fried tofu as well. In fact, she would stay up all night waiting outside the village snack shop to munch on the first batch of freshly fried tofu. This simply means she would sleep through the day.
Stigma Memory Clip 3
Higokumaru enjoys addressing any girl as "Aneki" (elder sis), no matter how old they may be. The word "Aneki" is super special to Higokumaru. It spans 50,000 years of lost time and allows her to reminisce about her times as a young girl.
Stigma Memory Clip 4
Higokumaru loves BBQ and can never get tired of roasting things herself. However, everything she cooks is burnt to a crisp and practically inedible.
Stigma Memory Clip 5
Higokumaru loves street performers. She saw fire spitters when a traveling troupe passed by Yae Village.
Higokumaru was really disappointed. She finally realized that breathing fire was not so awesome after all.