Holy Guns - Kallen/3-star

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Holy Guns - Kallen (3) (Icon).png ATK CRT Rarity
126 6 Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngGray Star (Icon).png
A member of Schicksal manufactured this pair of pistols many years ago in remembrance of a Valkyrie. This weapon now sleeps in the heart of Schicksal HQ.
Sacred Guardian
When attacked, character absorbs 25% of incoming DMG and unleashes Divine Impact, dealing 290% ATK of Physical DMG to surrounding enemies and slowing their Attack Speed by 75% for 4.5s. Sacred Guardian can only be triggered once every 15s.
Obtained From
Armada Terminal

Upgrade Materials Required To Next Rarity

Required To Fully Upgrade
Frame (Blue).png
Sakura Will (Icon).png
Frame (Blue).png
Microreactor (Icon).png