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The Honkai is the main antagonist of the series. It comes in many forms, including Herrschers, Honkai Beasts, Honkai sickness, and more. The force behind Honkai is the Will of Honkai.

Honkai Sickness[]

Honkai sickness is one of the many ways the Honkai manifest in their efforts to destroy humanity. It has a mortality rate of 100% and does not have any effective treatment, though the spread of infection can be delayed.[1] It is caused by sufficient exposure to Honkai radiation, and the first stages of the sickness can develop immediately upon exposure.[2][3] The spread of the sickness can be limited by avoiding contact with infected individuals, and wearing personal protection equipment, such as gloves and masks.[2] However, prolonged exposure to multiple victims can still cause an individual to contract Honkai sickness.[2]

The first noticeable symptom of Honkai sickness is purple lines that spread rapidly across the victim's body.[1] Loss of vision commonly follows. Eventually, organ failure occurs in quick succession,[1] in what is known as a 'Honkai cascade'. The exact time between infection and death varies from person to person, however, the vast majority succumb to the sickness not long after infection.[4] There are a few select individuals who have a higher resistance to the sickness and are able to survive longer, although ultimately they still die in the end.[4]

A possible way to save the life of an infected individual is through the excision of any irradiated tissue, organ or limb, and even then, survival is not guaranteed. While a cure for Honkai sickness does exist, its development comes with a steep price. Since MOTH's scientists were unable to figure out how the pathogen works, they resorted to harvesting antibodies from the infected. However, the human body oddly only produces a scant amount of antibodies to combat the sickness, and as a result, creating one vial of the cure required the lives of 1,000 people. While there are individuals that can produce a higher amount of antibodies, they are few and far between.[4]

Honkai Energy[]

Honkai releases a kind of energy that has never been seen in past technology - Honkai Energy.

The efficiency of Honkai can far exceed any energy currently found in the world; Honkai energy possesses the ability to turn humans and animals without sufficient resistance and immunity that come into contact with it into mindless zombies.