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Honkai Beasts are a type of Psychic enemy class sent by the Honkai to eradicate humanity. They are living, silicon-based creatures, as opposed to the carbon-based life of humanity. They are divided in classes based on their destructiveness and abilities.

Known Honkai Beasts[]


There are 2 Vipralopa-class Beast were known in the Previous Era.[1]

  • Maheśvara - genes used for MANTIS surgery on Elysia.
  • Vishnu - ability to absorb powers from other Honkai Beasts. genes used for MANTIS surgery on Kosma.


Judgment Class Honkai Beasts are extremely strong. Their appearance is usually tied to the progress of a civilization.


Emperor-class Honkai Beasts as massive in size and highly destructive. They usually require special forces or S-Rank Valkyries to handle.[2]

  • Assaka
  • Mahāmāyūrī- genes used for MANTIS surgery on Su
  • Asura- fire power. genes used for MANTIS surgery on Kalpas.
  • Ganesha
  • Parvati - ice powers. Genes used for MANTIS surgery on Kevin Kaslana.
  • Padishah[3]
  • Ramiel[4]
  • Raziel [5]
  • Sumo[6]
  • Vishnu - has regenerative capabilities. Its DNA was used by Otto Apocalypse in conjunction with Kallen Kaslana's DNA to create Theresa Apocalypse, giving her its regenerative capabilities. She is shown regrowing an arm in 2nd Eruption thanks to this ability.


Templar-class Honkai Beasts are very strong. Valkyries below A-Rank should engage them in squads.[7] They are also a required subject in the A-Rank Valkyrie test.[8]

  • Storm Templar
  • Templar


Knight-class Honkai Beasts have high mobility.[9]

  • Frost Knight
  • Knight
  • Paladin


Archangel-class Honkai Beasts are small and common, making them a low threat.[10]

  • Archangel
  • Baradiel
  • Cassiel
  • Scarlet Uriel


Chariot-class Honkai Beasts are the most common encountered type.[11]

  • Alloy Chariot
  • Blazing Chariot
  • Chariot
  • Frost Chariot


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