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Every Kaslana bold, must live by their Oath. Smash the vile Honkai, and purge the false gods. Your sires sleep in the fields, as humanity's brave shields. By the Judgement of Shamash, Kaslanas die and never yield.
Oath of the Kaslana

House Kaslana is one of the three Houses that originally founded Schicksal, and its members hold the title of 'Knight'. They are descended from the line of Kevin Kaslana. The Divine Key Judgment of Shamash has also historically been in the possession of House Kaslana.

Awakened Abilities[]

As descendants of the MANTIS warrior Kevin Kaslana, all members of the Kaslana family are born with ICHOR (Intra-Chromosomal Honkai Gene Repeats) of the Honkai beast Parvati. The ICHOR can only be awakened through the use of meta-morph activators, a Previous Era technology, hence why there has been no record of a Kaslana awakening their ICHOR on their own. As of now, Siegfried Kaslana is the only known individual to have had his ICHOR activated thanks to activators provided by Anti-Entropy.

Known Members[]

50,000 years ago[]

500 years ago[]

  • Konrad Kaslana
    • Francis Kaslana—Claire
      • Karlos Kaslana—Mia
        • Sara Kaslana
        • Reina Kaslana
        • Rueben Kaslana
      • Klaudia Kaslana
      • Laura Kaslana
      • Sofia Kaslana
      • Wilheim Kaslana
      • Kallen Kaslana
    • Luka Kaslana (Francis's brother) -- Helena


  • Delvina Kaslana[1]