Isaac Newton/5-star
Rarity: Star (Icon).png Star (Icon).png Star (Icon).png Star (Icon).png Star (Icon).png
Obtained From
Upgrade Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton (T) (Icon).png
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Stigmata Top.png 548 92 76 0
Gain 46% Melee Physical DMG. When hit by enemies 2 times, impose a 10.0s CD for this buff.
Isaac Newton (M) (Icon).png
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Stigmata Middle.png 548 0 76 11
Upon being hit and injured by an enemy, gain 41% Move Speed and a shield that absorbs 21% Max HP worth of incoming DMG. Shield duration: 4.0s. CD: 15s.
Isaac Newton (B) (Icon).png
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Stigmata Bottom.png 548 46 76 5
Attacks on the enemy initiates Challenge Mode that lasts 5.0s. During Challenge Mode, attacks gain 41% Total DMG Multiplier but hits taken also gain 31%. CD: 10s.
Spectral Jet 2 Pieces
Basic ATKs (including Combo and Charged ATKs) have a 10% chance to inflict one the following debuffs for 6.0s: paralyze, freeze, stun, slow, ignite, impair, and weaken. CD: 2.0s.
Deadly Acceleration 3 Pieces
For every 1.0s, Basic ATK (including Combo and Charged ATKs) gains 20% Total DMG Multiplier. Stacks up to 5 times. Attacking resets the buff and initiates a 7s CD.
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