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Origin: Isaac Newton Stigmata
Isaac Newton Chibi.png
Background Information
Region England       Height 159cm
Alignment Lawful Neutral       Weight 45kg
Expertise Physics, mathematics       Birthplace England
Stigma Memory Clip 1
"Knight of the Truth" was not what the people called Isaac Newton. She bestowed that title on herself.

Of course, as the leading physicist of her times, her discoveries opened an all-new era for the world and she made significant achievements in astronomy and philosophy.

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She grew up in the villages. Her curiosity compelled her to question many things that people take for granted. Many people found themselves unable to answer her questions. Her child-like looks and passionate questioning often made people think that she's some "innocent heiress from somewhere".
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Despite her atrocious self-confidence, she would spend vast amounts of time to inspect and test her theories and formulas before releasing her dissertations on physics research. The irony is that as Newton rose in status, even her erroneous theories became regarded as fact.
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Newton enjoyed horse racing and often made jokes about that with her self-styled "Knight of the Truth". Even Newton could not remember which came first: her title or her love for the races. Perhaps she shouted it out loud when riding horses int he villages. Newton would remove her monocle and wear a jockey's helmet to take part in the races. Her youthful features attracted many admirers.
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Newton would delve into supernatural forces to explain questions and phenomena that go beyond her scope of knowledge, and fantasize how these elements served as hints to her role as the rescuer of the world.