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Joffrey Joyce Yang
10 (In APHO)[1]
Male Sign (Small).png Male
Known Relatives
  • Welt Joyce - genetic template
  • Elias Nokianvirtanen - adoptive grandfather
  • Heinrich Yang - adoptive grandmother
  • Welt Yang - adoptive father
  • Joey
Voice Actors
皆川 純子[2] (Junko Minagawa)

Joffrey Joyce Yang, aka Joey, is one of the clones of Welt Joyce. He was discovered by Schicksal as a baby and Welt Yang adopted him, appearing in APHO as one of the leads to his adoptive father's disappearance in St. Fountain.


As a clone of the late Joyce, Joey’s appearance is exactly identical to a younger version of Joyce, with dark purple hair and teal eyes. He wears a small navy cloak with teal insides, over a knitted, tan sweater vest and sports gray shorts, high gray socks, and black dress shoes. Over his vest is a grey blue ribbon tie. And over his cloak is a small silver clock with a teal tail design.


Joey is a very caring but reserved young boy, spending a lot of his time buried in books. He adores his adoptive parents and carries a child’s innocence when viewing the rest of the world. Despite these traits though, Joey is a survivor and self-reliant, capable of surviving in an abandoned city without a supervisor for days as he makes quick use of his intuition. However, he’s also very protective of his parents, particularly Welt, and will act when he believes his father is being threatened.


As a Joyce clone, Joey was created by Cocolia and houses some of the former Joyce’s gravitational powers as Joyce had frequently used the 9th Divine Key, Star Of Eden. However, Joey doesn’t actively demonstrate these powers until later on, long after he had been adopted by Welt and a certain red haired, angry pilot. During Squad 3’s investigation of the father and son’s disappearance, they soon discover Joffrey hiding out in a car trunk. The boy had survived in the deserted city for over 12 days, drinking from the river and lockpicking his way into buildings when he was separated from his adoptive father. Once the squad moved Joey back to their makeshift hideout, he was able to explain to them what had happened before he and his father were separated, leading the squad to search the bridge, the last place the two were together when a light had engulfed them. After a happy reunion with his father, the two were then prepared to be transported to safety as Squad 3 continued investigating what had happened to the city. However, on the train out of St. Fountain, they were interrupted by Void Archives, who came to rope Welt into his plan of eradicating honkai permanently. Seeing his father aggravated by VA’s appearance, Joyce’s gravitational powers emerge as he warns Void Archives to stay away. However, Void Archives is able to separate the two, before striking a deal with Welt, with Welt hearing out his plan in exchange for Joey’s safety. After he wakes, Joey is met with Void Archives’ solemn staring, and upon asking what was wrong, Void Archives simply replied that they were both of the same nature, with it hiding in Otto’s body and “Joyce” hiding in this childlike body. Afraid that Void Archives would hurt his father, Joey asks the A.I to return Welt, but Void Archives, in adherence to the deal he struck, only sends Joey away.


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St. Freya
World Serpent
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  1. In Story - 1.5 Destruction After, Welt says Joey is around 10 and we know Joey ages because in Story - 1.2 Heroes I After, Mei says Schicksal found Joey as a baby before he was adopted by Welt.
  2. https://twitter.com/houkai3rd/status/1244924358927077376