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Kiana Kaslana (Japanese: キアナ・カスラナ; Chinese: 琪亚娜·卡斯兰娜; Korean: 키아나·카스라나) is a playable character in Honkai Impact 3rd. She's commonly featured on the icon for the main game and acts as the main protagonist of it.

Kiana's White Comet battlesuit is the first battlesuit all Captains will obtain upon starting the game. She's also the first character to have 2 Herrscher battlesuits, which in their history are known for bringing power creep to new heights.



White Comet Chibi (Icon).png White Comet's Dressing Room


  • Her old profile listed her age as 16 and her "three sizes" as 84 cm / 59 cm / 86 cm.
    • Her height, weight, birthday and some other details are available in the official manga.[1]
  • Players could obtain celebratory items on her birthday. Those items were:


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