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Kiana Kaslana
Age: 16
Birthday: December 7th
Height: 163cm
Weight: 49kg
Measurements: 84cm/59cm/86cm

Chinese VA: Dian Tao
Japanese VA: Rie Kugimiya


Kiana Kaslana is one of many main characters in Honkai Impact 3rd. She is the daughter of Cecilia Schariac and Siegfried Kaslana. She is currently enrolled at St. Freya High School to train as a Valkyrie alongside Raiden Mei and Bronya Zaychik. Though no matter where she goes, Kiana always manages to find trouble...


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Appearance and Personality

Kiana is a slender, white-haired girl with blue eyes and of average height typical of those from the Kaslana heritage. Though her clothing changes often both in-game and in other sources like the manga due to the different battlesuits she deploys in battle, she usually wears her hair in braids and has a signature cowlick, "ahoge" (lit. idiot hair) on the top of her head. She also primarily uses dual pistols as her weapons in battle.

Regardless of the situation, Kiana is consistently spunky and lighthearted. She is also honest to a fault, stating that instead of guessing on a test, she would rather admit to her lack of knowledge and leave answers blank. Kiana rarely filters her thoughts and states whatever she's thinking long before she considers the consequences of her words or actions. Though her intelligence is often a source of humor, Kiana has shown considerable skill and talent regarding practical battle techniques. It is mentioned that the only reason she has not passed her A-rank Valkyrie exam is because she fails the written portion even while acing the battle portion.

Kiana has also been shown to have noticeable interest in other girls. She blatantly shows affection for her fellow Valkyrie, Mei and when her father, Siegfried Kaslana's, lecherous behavior is described by Theresa, she mentions being "jealous" presumably because she also would enjoy similar activities. It has been heavily implied that Kiana is genuinely perverted as she has made several offhand comments about things like bondage. She is very often unable to contain her affection for Mei. She has demonstrated on several occasions to completely disregard even the most tense situations in favor of insinuating that she'd much rather be spending intimate moments with Mei instead of focusing on the situation at hand. Mei doesn't mind usually unless Kiana is unable to control her public displays of affection.

The content below this contains major spoilers. This is your only warning! Consider yourself warned, Captain!

2nd Herrscher

In contrast to her normal self, Kiana's alter persona as the 2nd Herrscher is haughty and cold-hearted. Her only interest appears to be to obtain the cores of the other Herrschers and destroy humanity. She also views normal humans as being beneath her and takes joy in utterly overpowering them and making their efforts for naught. However, because of this, she is also quickly shocked and angered when someone exceeds her expectations. In contrast to the other Alter egos of Herrschers, Kiana's alter hates her host and wants to destroy everything she holds dear.


The content below this contains major spoilers. This is your only warning! Consider yourself warned, Captain!

Before the 3rd Honkai War

Kiana was born to Siegfried Kaslana and Cecilia Schariac on December 7, 1998. Approximately one year later, even with the combined efforts of both Theresa Apocalypse and Siegfried to prevent it, Cecilia was deployed despite still on maternal leave to face the 2nd Herrscher. Due to her weakened state after giving birth, Cecilia unfortunately could not overpower the 2nd Herrscher alone and needed to fully use her divine key which would be fatal and as a fail safe, Otto Apocalypse, bishop of Schicksal, ordered that a tactical missile be fired at their location. Moments before the missiles reached their target, however, the 2nd Herrscher's influence disappeared, signaling Cecilia's defeat over the 2nd Herrscher. Unfortunately, at this point, the missiles could not be stopped, and Cecilia with the rest of Squad Snowwolf died in the explosion.

One year later, during the events of Everlasting Memory, Siegfried and Theresa work together to smuggle Kiana away from Schicksal, no longer trusting Otto for his hand in Cecilia's passing. It is revealed in a secret recorded memoir that Otto retrieved Kiana while Siegfried only managed to escape with subject K-423, a clone of Kiana made to serve as a host for the fragmented core of the void which contained the dormant second Herrscher, Sirin. She was created similarly to Theresa, who is a biological recreation of Kallen Kaslana and the Honkai Beast, Vishnu. Though Siegfried escapes Schicksal, Theresa is told the truth about Kiana's location and in order to assure her safety she surrenders to Otto but negotiates to relocate to the far east and build a school, St. Freya High School where Otto promises not to interfere.

Some time in between, Siegfried takes care of K-423 secluded from all of his prior connections and continues to fight the Honkai menace whenever possible. In a flashback, K-423 reveals that Siegfried treated her rather brusquely before she turned 9 years old. Somehow on her ninth birthday, she lost all of her prior memories. Siegfried states that a blow to the head caused this. When K-423 asks what her name is, Siegfried replies that all that matters is that she was his daughter, her last name was Kaslana, and that her mother died shortly before she became two years old.

Siegfried continued to reluctantly for K-423, even obtaining anything that she asked for, but he would never call her by the name Kiana knowing he failed to save this actual daughter. He continued to be unattached to her for 2 more years while continuing the fight Honkai occasionally. Each time he returned from battle, K-423 would note that he was heavily wounded. When she questioned his motives for putting his life in danger, he explained that his Kaslana blood urged him to protect people from the Honkai and smiled. This was the first time K-423 witnessed joy in her father. His response resonated with her deeply. K-423 decided that she, too, would like to become a true Kaslana just like her father.

Eventually, Siegfried begins to teach K-423 the signature "Kaslana gun kata," but forbids her from joining any true battles. One night, Siegfried returned heavily wounded once again. After treating him and putting him into bed, K-423 heard Siegfried's Honkai detector react to a nearby signal. Resolved to keep her father out of danger, K-423 took her father's Judgment of Shamash and went out to attempting to defeat the beast alone. Unfortunately, the beast proves to be much more powerful than she could handle. Just before the final blow, Siegfried catches the Honkai Guard's lance bare-handed and defeats it. Sure that Siegfried would be furious, K-423 apologizes to her father and explains that she went out to protect her father because she didn't wish to see him hurt anymore. When hearing this, Siegfried realized that though this might not be his original Kiana, she has the soul of a Kaslana. Brought to tears, he embraced his daughter, and realizing it is her 11th birthday, apologized for not spending time with her on her birthday. He then told her how proud he was and gave K-423 her most memorable birthday present: her name, Kiana Kaslana.

The two of them make an oath together to "Fight for all that is beautiful in this world," the slogan of House Kaslana. Though their living arrangements remained paltry for quite some time, Kiana and Siegfried fostered a strong familial bond. Some time later, the Void Core began to gather enough Honkai energy to reawaken Sirin. She opted to take control of Kiana's conciousness while she slept, and attempted to attack Siegfried, making him unleash Shamash to try and subdue Sirin. He successfully stops her full awakening but lost his arm in the process. Realizing that his lifestyle would bring Kiana harm, as he is a target for Sirin and he couldn't bring himself to harm his daughter,he leaves Kiana his cellphone with instructions to head East while he watches over her from a distance, where Sirin wouldn't be able to notice his presence.

3rd Honkai War Begins

Kiana, in search of her father, looked for Honkai activity in hopes to find him being a true Kaslana. She transfers to a high school in Nagazora, Japan where she had heard of a spike in Honkai energy. This spike is from a student in that high school named Raiden Mei who unbeknownst to Kiana also had a Herrscher gem inside of her. Mei was slowly beginning to awaken as a Herrscher, and was allowing her Herrscher personality to take control and contaminate other students. Those contaminated with honkai energy turned them into zombies as a form of justice from her docile side being bullied. In fear of Kiana getting too close, Mei's Herrscher form tried the same disposal method but was caught by surprise that Kiana had Honkai energy adaptability. The two of them fought until exhaustion and until Mei's Herrscher form finally admitted defeat, vowing to return to take Kiana's life. The docile Mei became aware of how addicted she had become to her Herrscher powers and felt both guilty and thankful for Kiana's interference in her awakening, and the two eventually developed a romantic relationship.

However, due to the time Mei was in her Herrscher form, enough Honkai energy leaked out to create a ripple effect attracting Honkai beasts and turning the student body mostly into zombies. One other student from their class, Bronya Zaychik, was unaffected from the energy therefore also had high Honkai energy adaptability. The 3 of them opted to seek refuge from the approaching beasts and zombies. This event would later be known as the 3rd Honkai Impact from which the game's name is derived. Climbing up an apartment building, they assumed they were safe when they are caught off guard by a Honkai beast knight, and Kiana takes a grievous wound while protecting Mei. Due to the emotional duress of losing her most treasured person, Mei's control over her Gem of Conquest weakened, and the 3rd Herrscher prematurely re-surfaced. Annihilating the knight, she entered a berserk mode getting the attention of the Hyperion. Unaware of the situation, the Hyperion assumes the Herrscher is fully awoken and a battle between the 3rd Herrscher and Murata Himeko ensues. Before the 3rd Herrscher can launch a fatal attack, Kiana reveals that she is still alive and with her bare hands grabs and absorbs the Honkai energy of the wings of the Herrscher, a feat impossible for any normal human or Valkyrie. Forcing the Herrscher to retreat back to slumber within Mei, the girls exhausted from running and fighting succumb to their exhaustion. Himeko retrieves them, and the Hyperion sets sail to their Headmaster, while Bronya, avoiding the fight, sneaks onboard unnoticed.

After docking, Kiana, Mei, and Bronya are all brought to St. Freya High School. The School for Valkyries, fighters of the Honkai. Theresa greets Kiana as she wakes up in the infirmary and introduces herself to Kiana as her aunt noticing her niece's gap in memory. Though Kiana, unable to remember having anyone besides her father, is wary of Theresa being overly familiar, she still agrees to become a Valkyrie in order to obtain information from Theresa after being baited with Siegfried's location and the knowledge of how best to protect Mei from the Herrscher lurking within her. Revealing that her classmates have also agreed to join the school, Kiana, Mei, and Bronya all begin the Valkyrie curriculum.

Chapter 1: Dust, Girls, Battleship

Some time after enrolling in St. Freya High School, a new honkai energy surge was picked up and Theresa dispatched Himeko's student team to deal with it. Unexpectedly awaiting for them in the air qas an alarmingly large battleship found flying in monitored airspace south of Soukai City. Himeko deploys B rank Valkyrie Kiana Kaslana in her White Comet battlesuit, to make her way to the suspicious battleship while taking out low level Honkai beasts that have descended upon the city.

Upon reaching the battleship Kiana joins Mei to investigate the outside of the ship. Kiana starts to feel faint and loses conciousness leaving Mei alone to defend the ship trying to buy Bronya enough time to disengage alarm and defense protocols of the ship. As the situation gets dire, Mei feeling like she has no choice, gives into her Herrscher personality to take out the Emperor class Honkai beast that attacked the two, only to also become exhausted and collapse into the arms of Bronya who was just finishing the process of hacking the mysterious battleship. Accessing the Moonlight Throne database, Bronya notices something is wrong but loses control of her body and becomes Black Nucleus. Under control of some force she turns from searching the database to confront and attack the recently awoken team mates but is luckily subdued by her friends. Kiana and Mei opt to keep the body snatching event from Himeko or Theresa in fear of losing their friend and trusting Bronya's innocence. Himeko's communication cuts back in and she asks for a briefing. After getting a vague report from Kiana, knowing the girls are keeping something from her, she plays along with the girl's report since everyone is alive.

The message on the Moonlight Throne said " This is my gift for you Kiana, find the Gem of Serenity, Desire, Conquest and Haste, and the world will be yours."

Kiana unaware of who would gift her a Battleship since her father didn't have that kind of money, opts to send the "Selene" to Shicksal for inspection.

Chapter 2: Voice in the Dreams

Upon Returning to Saint Freiya, Kiana gets scolded by Himeko for her dreadful grades. Upon hearing if she doesn't pass the final exam she will be demoted to C class and unable to go out on the field with her friends she begs for leniency. Theresa and Himeko task Mei and Bronya to help tutor Kiana and ask for the special help of the Hall Monitor and A rank Valkyrie Fu hua for special training.

(Link to Bronya and Kiana entering stigmata space manga)

As Kiana studies tirelessly every day, her dreams echoed the chaos. A mysterious malevolent voice teases her and pokes fun at Kiana in her nightmares about her weakness. She is told about the last S rank Valkyrie of the Schicksal, the name of that maiden was Cecilia Shariac; Kiana's late mother. Unaware of if the voice is telling the truth or not, upon waking she tries to focus on learning enemy class types and team composition. As the date of the test draws closer, a mysterious auditor from the Schicksal HQ comes to Saint Freiya. Rita Rossweise, the maid of schicksal, one of the immortal blades. Theresa is frustrated that she has to entertain an auditor, but Rita seems more interested in Kiana.

During a Nightmare, Kiana is told by the voice that her mother died 14 years ago fighting the 2nd Herrscher and it was at the hands of schicksal. She doesn't know if the voice is telling the truth but the stress of the exams is enough for her to become agitated.

On the day of the exam, Kiana luckily passes and is challenged to a spar with Rita. She does an admirable job and Rita personally passes Kiana making her an A rank Valkyrie. Upon the end of the exam, Himeko has found information about the location of the gem of desire and of a mythical weapon hidden in the Nine Realms.

(Link to Chiyou Manga + Anti Entropy Invasion)

Upon confirmation of the Location of the Gem of Desire, the girls embark on the Hyperion to meet a Valkyrie named Wendy.

Though suspicious, Himeko orders the Valkyries to head to New Zealand to retrieve the Gem of Desire from Schicksal's Oceanic branch.

Chapter 3: Poem of the Wind

Kiana, along with Mei and Bronya, heads to New Zealand to Schicksal's Oceanic branch to retrieve the Gem of Desire. Though she is curious to know what happened to the recently retrieved battleship, Himeko reminds Kiana to focus on the mission at hand. A bit later, Theresa contacts Kiana privately and explains the analysis of the mysterious battleship. According to the analysis, the battleship was only using 1/24th of its power to steer and remain afloat. If fully activated, the battleship could easily destroy the entire North American continent, but the only way to power it entirely would be to use an excessive amount of Honkai Energy, specifically the strength of nearly four Herrschers. After this statement, Kiana remembers that the mysterious voice in her dreams also mentioned needing four keys and considers that these events may be related.

When Bronya transports Wendy with Project Bunny, Kiana mentions that she'd also like to do the same eventually, to which Bronya promptly denies. However, Kiana notes that Bronya is uncharacteristically kind to Wendy. When Bronya expresses an interest in taking the Gem of Desire out of Wendy's crippled legs, Himeko mentions that the gem would be extremely difficult to keep stable outside of a host. Kiana quickly retorts "Then we should just throw away that stupid gem!" arguing that its worth is nothing compared to a girl's happiness. She's quickly shot down when Himeko mentions the unstable gem could explode and destroy entire cities if left unattended.

Wendy eventually escapes and flies away using the Gem of Desire's power, marking her as the 4th Herrscher. The entire team, including Kiana, strongly proclaims their wish to recapture Wendy and help her overcome the influence of the Gem of Desire just like Mei is no longer controlled while still remaining the 3rd Herrscher. When Himeko mentions that European S-rank Valkyrie, Durandal, is headed to capture Wendy, Kiana mentions she would normally be interested in fighting her, but regrets that this is an opportunity she would need to ignore.

After chasing Wendy for some time, Himeko mentions that both Durandal and a large group of Anti-Entropy forces are soon to reach New Zealand and capture Wendy. However, Theresa mentions that she leaked Durandal's position in a public channel to bait Anti-Entropy into assaulting and slowing her down, giving the group more time. Kiana is amazed at this and thanks Theresa for her help. Afterwards, Kiana asks Theresa about her relationship to Durandal, to which Theresa states that she was once Durandal's superior, but couldn't stand her workaholic personality that would cause Durandal to nag Theresa whenever she would want to relax.

When Kiana and the others finally catch up to Wendy, they manage to convince Wendy that she might have another chance at a normal life. She calms down and submits to being transported, but unfortunately Kukuria takes over Bronya with a supreme command once again and forces her to subdue Wendy. After this, Wendy lashes out due to Bronya's apparent betrayal and once again attacks the Valkyries. After a persistent battle, Kukuria sends a unit of invisible mecha to apprehend the weakened Wendy and Mei. Due to the incoming Schicksal forces, Kiana is left behind alone and returns to St. Freya High School to come up with a plan to save Mei, Wendy, and Bronya.

Chapter 4: Betrayal has a Silvery Smile

Kiana, Himeko, and to Kiana's surprise, Theresa form a temporary Valkyrie team to infiltrate Anti-Entropy to save Mei, Wendy, and Bronya. They head to ME Corp where they believe the girls are being held. While looking for a way to infiltrate the facility, Kiana asks Theresa and Himeko about the incident involving Mei's father, Raiden Ryoma, since it feels strange that Mei would be held captive in her father's company. It was believed that ME Corp was working with Anti-Entropy, but Himeko reveals that Ryoma was framed and Kukuria used his arrest to seize the company.

As the three struggle to find a way to infiltrate ME Corp, Himeko states that taking too long will eventually alert Anti-Entropy troops so they should fall back. Kiana earnestly insists that they persevere to save the girls, but Theresa attempts to calm her down. As they discuss their options, Bronya suddenly appears in their communication channels. Though Himeko is highly suspicious, Kiana thinks that Bronya isn't being controlled. The group takes Bronya's advice and heads to entrance C7. As they venture through the facility, Kiana mentions that something feels off, but Theresa reassures Kiana that she would come to her aid if necessary.

As the group ventures further into ME Corp, Kiana notices doors behind them have closed. She suspects this was indeed a trap, and Kukuria confidently confirms this. Even though Anti-Entropy sends reinforcements to ambush the group, they push on still. When Kiana reaches Bronya's location, Bronya requests that she protect Mei to repay the kindness that Mei offered Bronya in her time with them. Bronya then blows up the bio-chip controlling her and falls unconscious. Kiana tries to wake Mei and help return Bronya to Schicksal headquarters.

As they begin to leave the facility, Wendy contacts them. Kiana is relieved to see Wendy alive, and tells her that they're on the way to rescue her. However, Wendy leaves a last message for Bronya and urges Kiana to perhaps use the Gem of Desire's power eventually to allow Bronya to walk normally again. On their way out, Kukuria tells the group that she has killed Wendy for her Herrscher core and uses the advanced mecha MSR-7 Godfather to attack the girls. After a fierce battle, they fend off the mecha and head home. Mei recovers fully, but Wendy is never retrieved and Bronya remains in intensive care.

Chapter 5: Tundra Reunion

Due to the previous battle, Bronya remains in a coma. With no signs of Bronya waking, Theresa goes to a secret facility hidden beneath St. Freya High School to search for information that might aid in Bronya's recovery. Unbeknownst to her, Kiana follows and jumps into the simulation that Theresa brings up of Siberia on February 7th, 2000. Unsure of what is happening, Kiana begins to explore the simulation. While traveling through the unrelenting snow of Siberia, Kiana begins to feel an odd bout of loneliness and thinks of all of the other Valkyries. Kiana searches for other signs of life in the area and eventually hears the simulated version of Theresa from February 7th, 2000 on a communication channel.

After searching for and finding Theresa, Kiana introduces herself as her niece, but the simulated Theresa believes her to be an illusion made by the 2nd Herrscher becauses Kiana was only a 1 year old at the time. After the battle, Kiana attempts again to introduce herself and explains that she learned Gun Kata from her father, Siegfried Kaslana, but Theresa instead reasons that this Kiana must be Siegfried's illegitimate daughter. After this, Kiana realizes that this Theresa must be the simulated version and not the one she knows in reality. Theresa invites Kiana to travel with her to meet up with Siegfried. As they travel, Theresa explains that the 2nd Herrscher is likely headed towards the large tower in the distance known as Babylon Labs so that she can fully awaken her powers using the large amount of Honkai Energy stored inside.

Further in their travels, Kiana realizes that these events are related to her mother's death and asks Theresa if Cecilia Shariac is deployed on this mission. Theresa says that Cecilia isn't currently in Siberia, but if things go awry then Schicksal will forcefully deploy Cecilia to the battlefield as a last resort so their aim is to neutralize the 2nd Herrscher before Cecilia's deployment. Before meeting with Siegfried, Kiana asks that Theresa not mention that Kiana is Siegfried's daughter as to avoid complicating things even further and disrupting the mission. Theresa praises Kiana as a good niece for being considerate of both her father and the mission.

Eventually the two meet Siegfried who mistakenly flirts with his own daughter on her arrival. He then shares that Cecilia has already been deployed and will arrive in Siberia in 30 minutes. In an effort to cancel her deployment, Siegfried heads after one of two leads on the 2nd Herrscher while Kiana and Theresa head to the other. After hearing Kiana's name, he is confused that this young woman shares the name of his daughter. Kiana then slaps Siegfried unprovoked presumably for abandoning her and leaving suddenly, though this version of Siegfried is unaware of these events. After splitting up, Theresa reassures Kiana that they will do everything in their power to defeat the 2nd Herrscher before Cecilia's deployment. She explains that Siegfried joined this mission ready to use the Judgment of Shamash to annihilate the 2nd Herrscher even at the cost of his own life. Kiana mutters a curse to her idiotic father for his reckless behavior.

Upon arriving at the area containing one of the two leads, Theresa and Kiana realize the 2nd Herrscher set a decoy using the armor of defeated Valkyries and a Schicksal aircraft. After engaging the aircraft and chasing it away, Siegfried contacts Theresa to tell the group that he is about to engage the 2nd Herrscher. She accuses him of having the idea of using the Judgment of Shamash to die along with the 2nd Herrscher which he doesn't deny and hangs up abruptly. Theresa and Kiana swiftly travel to his area to find him unconscious next to an extremely large burning pit of flames; proof of his usage of the Judgment of Shamash. Within the large pit of flames, Kiana and Theresa fend off a very large Honkai Beast.

After defeating the Honkai Beast, Cecilia contacts Theresa and mentions that she was able to save Siegfried using her own Divine Key, Abyss Flower. Excited to hear and perhaps even meet her mother, Kiana hurriedly heads to the tower in the distance. Kiana is duly impressed by her mother's ability to save someone from the guaranteed death provided by using Judgment of Shamash, but Theresa explains that this is only possible with the usage of Abyss Flower, a weapon that can cure any wound by using one's own life force. On their way over to the tower, Cecilia commands Kiana to grab specific herbs on their way to the tower to help stabilize Siegfried's condition.

In private, Cecilia contacts Kiana and asks her to call her "mom." Though Kiana is confused, Cecilia explains that Kiana's voice is almost exactly like her own daughter's. Kiana in turn requests that Cecilia abandon the mission, but Cecilia boasts that even in her weakened state, she has about an 80% chance of defeating the 2nd Herrscher. Outside of the tower, Kiana and Theresa face off against the powerful Honkai Beast from earlier once again. Struggling against the Honkai Beast, Kiana and Theresa have a hard time entering the tower. Suddenly, in one blow, the Honkai Beast is disintegrated, and Theresa reveals that the only weapon capable of doing so would be the Abyss Flower, Cecilia's own personal weapon. Cecilia is embarrassed to hear herself introduced in such a flattering manner as she walks over. Kiana, however, is amazed to meet her mother in the flesh after 16 years.

Chapter 6: Babylon's Prisoner


Kiana, ready to go! When Selected
Aye aye, sir. When Moving
I want to eat ramen with a beautiful girl! When Waiting for Battle
Locked and loaded! When Enemy Appears
Instead of treatment, I want Mei-senpai's love When Recovering HP
Kiana's turn! When Using Ultimate Evasion
Neko Charm! When Using Ultimate (White Comet and Divine Prayer)
Gungnir Fire! When Using Ultimate (Valkyrie Ranger)
Gungnir Execution! Using Using Ultimate (Knight Moonbeam)
Alright, showtime start! After Using Ultimate
Just a second... Let me rest... After Being Knocked Down
Aw, man, it shouldn't have been this scenario When Mission Has Failed
Well, victory is only natural. What? Was that not satisfactory? When Mission Has Succeeded
Captain, I'm out of pocket money. Could you... When Tapping Balloon on Bridge #1
Captain, why does everyone say I'm dumb? When Tapping Balloon on Bridge #2
Captain, could you sign my test? When Tapping Balloon on Bridge #3
Captain, I really don't despise you. I'm okay with occasionally listening to you...I didn't mean any of that! Hmph!      When Idle on Bridge
Don't touch me! When Poked in Dorm #1
What are you doing? When Poked in Dorm #2
Let go of me! When Grabbed in Dorm



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