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Li Sushang is one of the protagonists of the 7 Swords Visual Novel. She is also a secondary character in the main game. She is the daughter of Qin Suyi, who was one of Fu Hua's disciples.


Her original attire during her first appearance, consisted of a white martial artist dress wrapped in gold and black around her waist and a violet-gradient cape. She has hazel eyes and dark brown hair ribbon tied at the back, styled into long twin tails with blue tips. Waking up in the current time, Sushang takes on the more modern attire of valkyries, donning a white and blue battlesuit that exposed her shoulders and a glowing blue ring centered at her neck. She exchanges the ribbons for a blue flower ornament and hairpins, while her eyes took a shift towards red pupils and indigo to pale orange-hued irises.



She was born in Chuanzhong as the daughter of the owner of Yixin Mountain Resort Li Shen and Qin Suyi, the 7th disciple of Fu Hua. Her parents placed a lot of expectations on her, and Sushang inherited the Xuanyuan Sword from her mother. Sushang was not very talented, however, and at the age of 5 she became the student of Ling Shuang, another of Fu Hua's disciples, in order to improve and to learn the Taixuan swordmanship. 10 years later, Sushang had succeeded in learning the 3rd stage.

7 Swords Visual Novel[]

One of Sushang assignments was to go find and defeat Eagle’s bandits. While traversing the desert to find the bandits, the bandits were meanwhile attacking a convoy of nobles. This convoy also included Otto Apocalypse, who had been travelling in hopes to find the Phoenix. Sushang and Otto grouped together and defeated the bandits.

Game Story[]

In Chapter 26 it was revealed that Li Sushang is still alive and is the current third S-ranker Valkyrie of Schicksal.