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Lin Zhaoyu
Female Sign (Small).png Female
Known Relatives
  • Fu Hua - master
  • Ma Feima - husband
Voice Actors
折笠富美子[1] (Fumiko Orikasa)
  • 7 Sword Visual Novel

Lin Zhaoyu was the 1st of the Seven Swords and Fu Hua's first disciple.


Lin Zhaoyu has black long hair and yellow eyes. She wears a white ribbon on her hair, a white changpao with dark blue sleeves, a black belt, and black boots.


Lin Zhaoyu is a very serene, soothing and polite person, able to address situations without overreacting or panicking. She is obedient, listening to every order her master asks, but despite this she still questions if those corrupted can have mercy. She is also kind, buying gifts for her fellow peers, and helping others even though she has no reason to help them at all.


Manga Story[]

Blade of the Empyrean[]

Lin Zhaoyu is first introduced as she walks alongside her master Fu Hua to meet Yan Shiluo and his cult in order to stop them. As they arrive and meet the cult leader, Yan Shiluo first introduces his guests, who Zhaoyu claims to know them a little but are no march for Yan. As she gets ordered to defeat Yan by her master, Zhaoyu prepares to fight and challenges him to a fight.

Yan accepts the request, and the fight starts. Zhaoyu gets on her battle stance "Opening Form: Onslaught" as the fight starts and cancels Yan's attack with a quick slash which he barely manages to dodge. As she prepares to attack a second time, Yan tries to block her attack, but Zhaoyu uses a katana technique "Guard: Gentle Orchid" and controls Yan's flames with her weapon as she extinguishes it.

After defeating Yan who is kneeling in front of her after his defeat, Zhaoyu points her blade at his neck, but as Yan talks about her mercy, she blushes, until Yan gets interrupted by Fu Hua and dies in her student's hands. Soon after Yan's death, Zhaoyu presents two unknown girls to her master, claiming that they are the "Children of Fire" that have been chosen by the cultists.

Zhaoyu asks Fu Hua about what they should do with those girls now that the cult leader died, in which her masters answers that they should bring them to Mount Taixuan.

Game Story[]


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St. Freya
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