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Projects MANTIS (Massively Augmented Neo-Tech Integrated Soldiers) was one of the many projects undertaken by MOTH to defeat the Honkai. The project involved extracting the DNA of emperor-class Honkai beasts and inserting them into human soldiers using ICHOR (Intra-Chromosomal Honkai Gene Repeats) to grant them superhuman abilities and innate Honkai resistance. The project was successful, and produced at least 13 known MANTISes.

The Active Honkai Reaction,[lower-alpha 1] is the final form of the MANTISes that can be manually activated and fully turns them into their Honkai Beasts. All MANTISes have a natural instinct to activate it and have to be actively suppressing it. Dr. Mobius is known to have activated this form (with her sim being able to access less powerful version), and Kevin said if he were to unleash his, the world would end.

Known Members[]

Rank Name Honkai Beast Consequences Status
I - Deliverance Kevin Parvati Freezing aura able to induce hypothermia Alive
II - ⬛⬛⬛ (Ego) Elysia Maheśvara Inhuman ears Deceased
III - Discipline Aponia Mitra Unknown Unknown
IV - Gold Eden Varuna Unknown Deceased
V - Helix Vill-V Unknown Unknown Unknown
VI - Decimation Kalpas Asura Unknown Unknown
VII - Bodhi Su Mahāmāyūrī Unknown Deceased
VIII - Setsuna Sakura Unknown Inhuman ears Deceased, killed by Herrscher of Corruption
IX - Daybreak Kosma Vishnu Inhuman ears, horns, wings, fangs Unknown
X - Infinity Mobius Śeśa Reverse aging upon death, memory loss Unknown
XI - Star Griseo Unknown Unknown Unknown
XII - Vicissitude Hua Garuda Immortality, perfect memory Alive
XIII - Reverie Pardofelis Unknown Unknown Unknown


  1. Better translation from CN would be artificial cascade