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HOLA Chest.png
HOLA Chest
HOLI Chest.png
HOLI Chest
HOMEI Chest.png
HOMI Chest.png
HOMI Chest
HOMU Chest.png
HOMU Chest
HOWO Chest.png
HOWO Chest

50% Captain EXP Chip S.png
50% Beginner Captain EXP Chip S
50% Captain EXP Chip S.png
50% Captain EXP Chip S
Enhanced 50% Captain EXP Chip.png
Enhanced 50% Captain EXP Chip
Enhanced 50% Captain EXP Chip.png
Returnee's Captain EXP Chip (+50%)
Enhanced 50% Captain EXP Chip.png
V3.0 LTO 15% Captain EXP Chip

Banh Chung Rice Cake.png
Banh Chung Rice Cake
Bronya's Bento.png
Bronya's Bento
Bronya's Gas Can.png
Bronya's Gas Can
Cheese HOMU Cake.png
Cheese HOMU Cake
Choco Heart.png
Choco Heart
Dried Yellow Croakers.png
Dried Yellow Croakers
Eerie Cabbage.png
Eerie Cabbage
Empurror Lemon Cupcake.png
Empurror Lemon Cupcake
Energy Bar.png
Energy Bar
Himeko Energy Drink.png
Himeko Energy Drink
HOMU Bubble Tea.png
HOMU Bubble Tea
HOMU's Shopping Giftbox.png
HOMU's Shopping Giftbox
Moon Cake.png
Moon Cake
Mooncake Giftbox (Icon).png
Mooncake Giftbox
Noodles of Wealth.png
Noodles of Wealth
Premium Beef Gift Box.png
Premium Beef Gift Box
Rice Cake Soup.png
Rice Cake Soup
Rosy Love.png
Rosy Love
Sakura Peach Cake.png
Sakura Peach Cake
Seele's Birthday Cake.png
Seele's Birthday Cake
Spring Firework.png
Spring Firework
Stamina Potion.png
Stamina Potion
Steamed Rice Cake.png
Steamed Rice Cake
Swim Tube.png
Swim Tube
Thanksgiving Turkey
Theresa Energy Drink.png
Theresa Energy Drink
Turnip Cake.png
Turnip Cake
Valkyries' Best Wishes.png
Valkyries' Best Wishes
Yae Sakura's Birthday Cake.png
Yae Sakura's Birthday Cake
Bronya's Bento.png
Yae's Flavored Onigiri

10 Crystal Giftbox.png
10 Crystals Box
100 Crystals.png
100 Crystals
1000 Crystals.png
1000 Crystals
25 Crystals.png
25 Crystals
300 Crystals.png
300 Crystals
3→4 Enhancement Material Set.png
3→4 Enhancement Material Set
4-star Weapon Box.png
4-star Weapon Box
4★ Blade Option.png
4★ Blade Option
50 Crystals.png
50 Crystals
1000 Crystals.png
500 Crystals
500K Coins.png
500K Coins
Abyss ADV Box.png
Abyss ADV Box
Abyss Basic Box.png
Abyss Basic Box
Abyss Modest Box.png
Abyss Modest Box
Ai-chan's Fun Box.png
Ai-chan's Fun Box
Armada Fuel Chest.png
Armada Fuel Chest
Asterite Box.png
Asterite Box
Azure Party Option.png
Azure Party Option
Battlesuit Fragment Option.png
Battlesuit Fragment Option
Beach Furniture Box.png
Beach Furniture Box
Beginner Exclusive Upgrade Toolbox.png
Beginner Exclusive Upgrade Toolbox
Beginner's Frag Option.png
Beginner's Frag Option
Black Cat Bedroom Set.png
Black Cat Bedroom Set
Black Cat Living Room Set.png
Black Cat Living Room Set
Black Cat's Lucky Crate.png
Black Cat's Lucky Crate
Black Friday Coupon Bundle.png
Black Friday Coupon Bundle
Black Friday Pack.png
Black Friday Pack
Blanc X Arsenal Chest.png
Blanc X Arsenal Chest
Blood Rose - Best Beginner Set.png
Blood Rose - Best Beginner Set
Bronya's Celebration Gift.png
Bronya's Celebration Gift
Bronya's Diary.png
Bronya's Diary
Celestial Box.png
Celestial Box
Celestial Furnishings A.png
Celestial Furnishings A
Celestial Furnishings B.png
Celestial Furnishings B
Celestial Furnishings C.png
Celestial Furnishings C
Celestial Furnishings D.png
Celestial Furnishings D
Celestial Hymn - Best Starter's Build.png
Celestial Hymn - Best Starter's Build
Chronicles Energy Drink.png
Chronicles Energy Drink
CNY Fortune Pack.png
CNY Fortune Pack
Concert Weapon Box.png
Concert Weapon Box
Crystal Chest (100).png
Crystal Chest (100)
Chest 01.png
Crystal Chest (1000)
10 Crystal Giftbox.png
Crystal Chest (50)
Crystal Chest (600).png
Crystal Chest (600)
Crystal Scratch 'n Win.png
Crystal Scratch 'n Win
Decoration Material Box.png
Decoration Material Box
Deep Frag Option Egg.png
Deep Frag Option Egg
Dorm Gacha Type-α.png
Dorm Gacha Type-α
Dorm Gacha Type-β
Dorm Gacha Type-γ
Dorm Prezzies A.png
Dorm Prezzies A
Dorm Prezzies B.png
Dorm Prezzies B
Dorm Prezzies C.png
Dorm Prezzies C
Chest 01.png
Dragon's Treasure Reward Crate
Dream Raiment Pre-order Box.png
Dream Raiment Pre-order Box
Dreams Come True Talisman.png
Dreams Come True Talisman
Valkyrie Ovyom (S).png
Easter Egg.png
Easter Egg
ELF Gacha.png
ELF Gacha
Oneiron - Blood Embrace.png
Embrace Egg
Enigmanon - Parts.png
Enigmanon - Parts
Flame Sakitama - Best Starter's Build.png
Flame Sakitama - Best Starter's Build
Fortune Pack.png
Fortune Pack
Fortune Slip.png
Fortune Slip
Frigid Empress Outfit Chest.png
Frigid Empress Outfit Chest
Fu Hua - Cowgirl Keychain
Gag Toy.png
Gag Toy
Gemina Prayer Slip.png
Gemina Prayer Slip
Halloween Box.png
Halloween Box
Himeko Bundle.png
Himeko Bundle
Frag Bundle.png
Himeko Frag Bundle
Holy Rose Pre-order Box.png
Holy Rose Pre-order Box
HOMU XMas Bell.png
HOMU XMas Bell
HOMU's Gift.png
HOMU's Gift
HOMU's Prize Option.png
HOMU's Prize Option
HOMU's Prize Option.png
HOMU's Prize Option (Winter Diner)
Hunter's Chest.png
Hunter's Chest
Idol's Regards.png
Idol's Regards
Inspector Frag Option Egg.png
Inspector Frag Option Egg
Lucky Chest.png
Lucky Chest
Luxury 4-star Upgrade Chest.png
Luxury 4-star Upgrade Chest
Majestic 4-star Upgrade Chest.png
Majestic 4-star Upgrade Chest
Map Assist Option.png
Map Assist Option
Masquerade - Choose 1 from 3 S-rank battlesuits.png
Masquerade - Choose 1 from 3 S-rank battlesuits
Material Option Type A.png
Material Option Type A
Matrix Furniture Box.png
Matrix Furniture Box
Mei's A-rank Frag Pouch.png
Mei's A-rank Frag Pouch
Memento Prayer Slip.png
Memento Prayer Slip
HOMU's Prize Option.png
Millennial Splendor Option
Mini Wafer Blackbox.png
Mini Wafer Blackbox
Mirrored Flourishes Fragvyom (S).png
Mirrored Flourishes Fragvyom (S)
Mithril Box.png
Mithril Box
Modest Special Toolbox.png
Modest Special Toolbox
Modest Toolbox.png
Modest Toolbox
Moonlight Box.png
Moonlight Box
Mysterion - Jingwei's Wings.png
Mysterion - Jingwei's Wings
Mysterious HOMU.png
Mysterious HOMU
Fragment Chest.png
New Semester Picasso Fragment Chest
Normal Pre-order Box.png
Normal Pre-order Box
Normal Pre-order Box (AK).png
Normal Pre-order Box (AK)
Oneiron - Blood Embrace.png
Oneiron - Blood Embrace
Outfit Option.png
Outfit Option
Peace Slip.png
Peace Slip
Phoenix - Best Starter's Build.png
Phoenix - Best Starter's Build
Phoenix Prayer Slip.png
Phoenix Prayer Slip
Queen's Prayer Slip.png
Queen's Prayer Slip
Random Map Box.png
Random Map Box
Rare Outfit Option.png
Rare Outfit Option
Modest Toolbox.png
Rare Upgrade Materials Box
Red Envelope (L).png
Red Envelope (L)
Red Envelope (S).png
Red Envelope (S)
Red Envelope with 100 Crystals.png
Red Envelope with 100 Crystals
Rita's Prayer Slip.png
Rita's Prayer Slip
Roses of Love.png
Rose of Love
Roses of Love.png
Roses of Love
S-rank Trial Card Option.png
S-rank Trial Card Option
S-rank Valkyrie Option.png
S-rank Valkyrie Option
Seele's Birthday Gift.png
Seele's Birthday Gift
Set Ukiyo Machiya.png
Set Ukiyo Machiya
Sixth Serenade Prayer Slip.png
Sixth Serenade Prayer Slip
Small Crystals Box.png
Small Crystals Box
Special Outfit Coupon Bundle.png
Special Outfit Coupon Bundle
Special Pre-order Box.png
Special Pre-order Box
Special Pre-order Box (AK).png
Special Pre-order Box (AK)
Spring Kitchen Pack.png
Spring Kitchen Pack
Spring Red Packet.png
Spring Red Packet
Starry Giftbox.png
Starry Giftbox
Subspace Vestige.png
Subspace Vestige
Modest Toolbox.png
Summer Military Box
Sweet Memories Box.png
Sweet Memories Box
Team Raid Option.png
Team Raid Option
Time Seal Box.png
Time Seal Box
Treasure Map (A).png
Treasure Map (A)
Treasure Map (B).png
Treasure Map (B)
Treasure Map (S).png
Treasure Map (S)
Ukiyo Dharma of Luck.png
Ukiyo Dharma of Luck
Ultimate Pre-order Box.png
Ultimate Pre-order Box
Ultimate Pre-order Box (AK).png
Ultimate Pre-order Box (AK)
Upgrade Matz Option.png
Upgrade Matz Option
Valkyrie Accipiter - Best Starter's Build.png
Valkyrie Accipiter - Best Starter's Build
Valkyrie Gacha.png
Valkyrie Gacha
Valkyrie Outfit Chest.png
Valkyrie Outfit Chest
Valkyrie Ovyom (A).png
Valkyrie Ovyom (A)
Valkyrie Ovyom (S).png
Valkyrie Ovyom (S)
Valkyrie Ovyom (S).png
Valkyrie Ovyom (S2)
Valkyrie Pledge - Best Beginner Set.png
Valkyrie Pledge - Best Beginner Set
Valkyries' Letter.png
Valkyries' Letter
Wisdom Slip.png
Wisdom Slip
XMas Furniture Box.png
XMas Furniture Box
Yae Sakura Cask.png
Yae Sakura Cask
Yae Sakura's Birthday Bundle.png
Yae Sakura's Birthday Bundle
Yae Sakura's Celebration Gift.png
Yae Sakura's Celebration Gift
★1 Combined Material Bundle.png
★1 Combined Material Bundle
★2 Combined Material Bundle.png
★2 Combined Material Bundle
★3 Combined Material Bundle.png
★3 Combined Material Bundle

Broken Handle.png
Broken Handle
Dimension Ring.png
Dimension Ring
Einstein's Torus.png
Einstein's Torus
Fine Salt.png
Fine Salt
Glowing Jade.png
Glowing Jade
Greatsword Bladepiece.png
Greatsword Bladepiece
Grue Jade.png
Grue Jade
Guren Soulsteel.png
Guren Soulsteel
Honkai Beast Paw.png
Honkai Beast Paw
Honkai Cube.png
Honkai Cube
Honkai Shard.png
Honkai Shard
Idol Emblems.png
Idol Emblems
Iralloy Sparkplug.png
Iralloy Sparkplug
Lightning Shard.png
Lightning Shard
Lightning Will.png
Lightning Will
Moon Shard.png
Moon Shard
Moon Will.png
Moon Will
Ocean Shard.png
Ocean Shard
Ocean's Will.png
Ocean's Will
Phase Shifter.png
Phase Shifter
Precision Logic Unit.png
Precision Logic Unit
Sakura Shard.png
Sakura Shard
Sakura Will.png
Sakura Will
SC Metal-H2.png
SC Metal-H2
Senescence Factor.png
Senescence Factor
Shamash Ember.png
Shamash Ember
Spirit Jade.png
Spirit Jade
Super Alloy Shield.png
Super Alloy Shield
Terrifying Candy.png
Terrifying Candy
Tesla Turbine.png
Tesla Turbine
Thunder Jade.png
Thunder Jade
Titanium Barrel.png
Titanium Barrel
Tokiwa Shard.png
Tokiwa Shard
Tokiwa Will.png
Tokiwa Will
Tungsten Plating.png
Tungsten Plating
Twin Lightning Will.png
Twin Lightning Will
Twin Moon Will.png
Twin Moon Will
Twin Ocean's Will.png
Twin Ocean's Will
Twin Sakura Will.png
Twin Sakura Will
Twin Tokiwa Will.png
Twin Tokiwa Will
Umbral Jade.png
Umbral Jade

ADV Supply Card.png
ADV Supply Card
Candy Cane.png
Candy Cane
Darkbolt Jonin Supply Card.png
Darkbolt Jonin Supply Card
Dorm Equipment Supply Card.png
Dorm Equipment Supply Card
Dorm Supply Card.png
Dorm Supply Card
Expansion Equipment Supply Card.png
Expansion Equipment Supply Card
Expansion Supply Card.png
Expansion Supply Card
Focused Supply Card.png
Focused Supply Card
Kitchen Pass
Mystery Scroll.png
Mystery Scroll
Prep Supply Card.png
Prep Supply Card
Rosy Invite.png
Rosy Invite
Shamash Entry Ticket.png
Shamash Entry Ticket
Shrine Prayer Slip.png
Shrine Prayer Slip
SP Supply Card.png
SP Supply Card
Standard Supply Card.png
Standard Supply Card
Starter's Supply Card.png
Starter's Supply Card
Summer Returnee Supply Card.png
Summer Returnee Supply Card
Support Gift.png
Support Gift
Lost Key.png
The Lost Key
Theater Entry Ticket.png
Theater Entry Ticket