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Stats at 4★
Stats at 5★

In the eyes of the sinners, this bow marks the night of sins and dark fantasies. Like a stringed instrument, it whispers ballads of Prinzessin der Verurteilung and her faithful familiar. In the mystic land of Immernachtreich, she has witnessed calmed fury, suppressed passion, and the melting of moons from three worlds. In the end, all she uttered was "This is but another waltz for the Mitternachts."

Weapon Skills
Arrows of Verurteilung

[SP: 0][CD: 0] Use the bow to aim and shoot (max aiming duration: 3s), dealing 570.1% (650.0% at 5★) ATK of Lightning DMG. Hitting an enemy weakspot creates an explosion dealing 120.1% (200.0% at 5★) ATK of Lightning DMG. The weapon active's CD and charging time are based on the shooting mode.

Overture of Nightfall

Team Lightning DMG increases by 9.0% (15.0% at 5★) (cannot stack). The weapon active marks enemies hit for 10s and make them take 75% (125.0% at 5★) ATK of bonus Lightning DMG. 30 times max (CD: 0.1s). Marking CD: 16s.

Added in Version 4.9. Found in:
❌ Events
❌ Foundry
✔️ Limited/Rotating Supplies

Mitternachts Waltz is a weapon in Honkai Impact 3rd.


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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Translation (Unofficial)
English Mitternachts Waltz
Japanese 幽夜のワルツ
Kasokeyoru no Warutsu
Waltz of the Underworld's Night

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