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Murata Himeko
Birthday: June 11th
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Chinese VA: Gui Lin
Japanese VA: Rie Tanaka
Greatswords (Type).png Greatswords

Murata Himeko (Chinese: 无量塔姬子; Japanese: 無量塔姫子) is a playable character in Honkai Impact 3rd. Himeko is known as the Ace of the Far East Branch, and was formerly the Captain of the Hyperion.


Murata Himeko Battlesuits
Battle Storm (Icon).png
Battle Storm
Valkyrie Triumph (Icon).png
Valkyrie Triumph
Scarlet Fusion (Icon).png
Scarlet Fusion
Blood Rose (Icon).png
Blood Rose
Kriegsmesser (Icon).png
Vermilion Knight - Eclipse (Icon).png
Vermilion Knight: Eclipse


Battle Storm Valkyrie Triumph Scarlet Fusion Blood Rose Kriegsmesser Vermilion Knight All Himeko (except Kriegsmesser&VK)
Desert Camouflage (Item).png
Desert Camouflage
Holy Rose (Item).png
Holy Rose
Origin (Item).png
Red Mist (Item).png
Red Mist
Summer Party (Item).png
Summer Party
Night Enchantress (Item).png
Night Enchantress
Rosy Passion (Item).png
Rosy Passion
Frisian Cutlass (Item).png
Frisian Cutlass
Rouged Mayumi (Item).png
Rouged Mayumi
Vernal Brocade (Item).png
Vernal Brocade
Black Mamba (Item).png
Black Mamba


Himeko is a tall woman with red hair done in a somewhat messy, wavy updo with parted bangs, though her hairstyle changes depending on the battlesuit/costume. She also has yellow eyes and fair skin. She utilizes greatswords as her primary weapon in battle.



  • Her old profile listed her age as 27 and her "three sizes" as 94 cm / 61 cm / 92 cm.
  • Himeko's battlesuit [Kriegsmesser] was formerly called [Arctic Kriegsmesser] and the old name is still retained in few descriptions.


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