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|type = Stigmata
|activity = North America
|height = 157157cm
|stats = Chaotic <nowiki>|</nowiki> Neutral
|weight = 4646kg
|achievement = Electromagnetism, electrical sciences
|birthplace = Serbia, <nowiki>|</nowiki> Croatia
|stigmem1 = The greatest inventor in the human history of mankind (according to herself-styled). TheGenius embodiment of a geniusincarnate (according to herself-styled). SomeoneWorld who changed the worldchanger (according to herself-styled). Add any other nice complimentscompliment you can think of... If you donShe't, she willll be mad atif you (accordingdon't to her(self-styled).
|stigmem2 = AlthoughDespite she callscalling herself the "Creatorgirl ofwho Moderncreated Mankindthe modern world", but in the beginning she wasstarted onlyoff aas girlsomeone who's liked to fiddle withreally wirelessinto electricityradios. AtHer thatparents time,at her parentsfirst thought that she couldwould grow up to beas the town's only female electricalelectrician engineer,in all the waytown until she enteredmanaged to pass an entrance exam for a prestigious Austrianinstitution university.in Austria.
|stigmem3 = In fact, the reason why the ever-serioushighly specialized (didn't pass her math test) Tesla was recruitedenrolled was becausethat she met the Schicksal's special requirements. At that time, Schicksal HeadquartersHQ wasjust expandinginitiated itsa project on researching a Honkai-powered Energy engine, which is whereengines. Tesla's natural talents within electricityelectrical reallymachines beganallowed her to shine. ItShe wasn'twas longsoon until she wentmoved to the North AmericanAmerica Branch.
|stigmem4 = UnhappyTesla, displeased with Schicksal Headquarters,HQ Teslaoverhead didn'tand fairmanagement, muchwas betteralso unhappy at the North AmericanAmerica Branch. [[Edison Chibi|Edison]], whothe wasboss pulling the realstrings "boss",at wasthe notNorth tooAmerica fondBranch, oftried to give her [special techniques]education. andThe quicklytwo foundgirls themselvessoon onhated oppositeeach sidesother. If it weren't for [[Planck]], who tookenrolled her asin a PhDdoctorate studentprogram, herTesla's unique abilities maywould have beenbe forever lost. in the mountains of paperwork.
|stigmem5 = Indeed, Tesla iswas oneindeed a rare inventive genius, quiteand differentinventor. fromUnlike theEdison everwho stubbornstubbornly Edison,upholds whothe isprinciples obsessedof withadaptability chasingand mass production., Tesla's boldwild imaginationimaginations has broughtprovided Anti-Entropy manywith "freakish"plenty technologicalof unimaginable tech breakthroughs. AlthoughNevertheless, inexperiments thisalso process,proved what'sthat beenmost provenof isTesla's thatproposals morewere [complete"utter nonsense] project ideas are in order"...