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Character Lore • Otto Apocalypse
Stigmata • Otto - Women's AttireOtto Apocalypse (Stigmata)
Otto Apocalypse
Otto Apocalypse (Profile).jpg
565 (In 2017)[1]
Male Sign (Small).png Male
Deceased (by Chapter 28)
Known Relatives
  • Schicksal Overseer (until Oct 13th, 2017)
  • Clown α (Anti-Entropy Visual Novel)
  • Bishop (Medieval age)
  • Archbishop / Overseer (Modern age)
  • Raksha (by li sushang)
  • False God Otto
Chinese Voice Actor
赵路 (Zhao Lu)
Japanese Voice Actor
石田 彰[2] (Akira Ishida)
  • Chapter VI
  • Chapter VII
  • Chapter XXV-EX
  • Chapter XXVI
  • Chapter XXVII
  • Chapter XXVIII

Otto Apocalypse is one of the main antagonists of the honkaiverse, born in 1452 to the Apocalypse family. Though deemed weak by his family members, Otto demonstrated an uncanny amount of zeal and intellect, being capable of creating various toys and gadgets when he was young. Eventually, as he grew up, he was even able to seize the role of Schicksal's Overseer, becoming its 227th[3] and securing it for the next five hundred years in his callous obsession to revive his childhood friend, of which he would sacrifice everything for.


Otto Apocalypse is tall man with long blond hair he always wears a hair tie,and green eye with cyan pupils

In his Overseer outfit before chapter 25-EX he wears a purple jacket with a frilly white shirt inside. He has white gloves,a pink necktie,a brown belt,gray pants, and brown boots. The emblem of House Apocalypse rests on his jacket collar.


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Young Otto was frail and yet incredibly intelligent and skilled in crafts, making the first flying contraption when he was just thirteen. However, his cleverness and dream of becoming the greatest scientist soon led him to focus on enhancing weapons and protection against Honkai Energy, usually at the cost of other's lives. Despite some good accomplishments, the price tag of innocents was something that never settled well with Kallen and when she inevitably found out, drew a rift between them. Eventually, towards the end of their story, Kallen perishes in an ironic hand played by Otto's desire to stop her execution. After her death, Otto flees to a cemetary on the island off of Venice, where he founded a monastery for orphans and returned to upheave Old Schicksal in 1491, fourteen years later. Since then, he's been the sole regent of Schicksal after reforming it, and, using his position, tried to search for ways to undo his original sin of indirectly killing Kallen.

Elan Palatinus | New Schicksal

In 1465, a thirteen year old Otto is running around with his flying contraption before it collides into the wall of his backyard. His brother scoffs at him for playing and when Otto tries to scale the wall and slips, all his brother had to say was more ridicule before leaving Otto alone. Hurt, the young Otto wondered if he was truly as weak as his family deems him to be, but that was when Kallen Kaslana scaled over the other side of the wall with his broken contraption. Kallen marvels at invention, and when Otto said he made it, it was the first time anyone had ever said something nice about what he did when Kallen called him "Master Inventor." She then hops into his yard and asks if he would join her on the quest to make the world a better place.

A year later, the curious duo had followed Kallen's father, out on one of his extermination missions. Being young, they were unaware of the true dangers of honkai beasts and were soon surrounded. Luckily, Francis came in time to save them, but the result was the cost of his own life as he was consumed by the flames of Shamash. Seeing Kallen grieve at the funeral, the naive Otto attempted to seek help from the "Sarira", a Golden Box found in Asia by his ancestors that was said to only be opened by the wisest. His intention was to find a solution that could relieve Kallen's sorrow, even willing to exchange his life as the cost for doing so when the Box asked. However, that didn't settle well with Kallen who berated Otto for sullying her father's sacrifice by not valuing his life, thus preventing Otto from making that exchange.

In 1470, a Honkai disease that will be known as the Black Plague, occurred. It took Otto a few months, testing potential solutions on various sick patients before finally finding the cure when the serum given to Eleanor Schariac, worked.

Five years later, after the defeat in the East, Kallen begins to question the sales of the indulgences before Otto distracts her by taking her to a dessert shoppe. Afterwards, however, the two would run into Viktor rebuking a florist for not paying her indulgence in time, which were sales issued by the Church to compensate for their war loss. After the exchange, he attempts to take Sasha, the florist's daughter, to make up for the payment but Kallen interferes, which only gets the priest to become more aggressive before Otto steps in. Recognizing him, Viktor backs off while Kallen begins questioning if the indulgences were unjust. Otto diverts her attention by taking her to one of Shakespeare's play, but the writer's performance infuriated the clergy in the crowd, who ordered the arrest of the heretic. Kallen takes Shakespeare's mask and vigilantly escapes with Shakespeare, while Otto watches, reminded of how he hadn't seen Kallen smile as much as she did then.

A while later, Kallen hatches a plan to rob Viktor for the poor, which Otto supports, but convinces her to also to leave a message warning Viktor of their arrival. Unknowest to Kallen, the message also warned Viktor to hide the secret in his basement, which is later revealed to the human experiments with the Black Box, the second box in the Apocalypse's Reliquary. Otto did this because he didn't want Kallen to find out his own involvement with it. After being robbed, Viktor insists that he knew who the Rogue Extraordinaire was but Otto was able to divert his father's, who was the Overseer, drew attention back to the importance of the experiment. However, Kallen inevitably discovered the plot when she witnessed Sasha being kidnapped from the florist shop at night during her patrols, leading her into the experimental grounds. Eleanor, now a valkyrie captain under Kallen, interferes as she had suspicions that Kallen was the Rogue Extraordinaire that had robbed the clergy, and wields Abyss Flower's spear against her. Before Eleanor could deal the killing blow, however, Otto intervenes, finally revealing himself as part of the ones who knew of the experiments.

While Kallen is in prison, Otto tries to reason with her the neccessity of the Black Box trials, but Kallen refuses to see it past murder, insisting again to protect the innocents even at the cost of her own life. This frustrates Otto, yelling at her for not realizing that dead people can't save anyone, and brings up Francis as an example. This earns him a tight slap across the face, brutally waking Otto up to the reality of his own words that had now hurt her. In a compromise, Otto says the best he can do would be pleading for Kallen and Sasha's release, but the Black Box's situation, he claims, is out of his realm of authority.

Afterwards, the Black Box experiments continue and Eleanor extracts the core within the Black Box with Abyss Flower's spear. Before Nikolas could contemplate how to use it, Kallen disrupts the ceremony, prompting Eleanor to embrace the core, which is revealed to the Previous Era's 12th Herrscher's. After Eleanor is quickly overpowered by Kallen's use of Judah, she attempts to strike Kallen from behind in a last ditch effort to "protect Otto." Seeing this, Otto is forced into action, using the Golden Box's, revealed to be Void Archives, power of the 1st Divine Key for the first time with a mimicry of Shamash. This pierces the core on Eleanor, releasing the PE Herrscher of Corruption from within, who immediately tries to possess Kallen. As Kallen falls unconscious to battle with the herrscher, Otto is frantically trying to wake her up. When she does, Otto insists on bringing her to see some doctors but Kallen brushes his concerns aside as she focuses on the problem with th Black Box. That day, Kallen chose to leave with the Black Box for the Far East, to seal it forever, while Otto could only watch her go. Otto then brings Eleanor's honkai carcass back to study, hoping to create a new order of valkyries that could have the strengths and abilities that Eleanor did when she wielded the core. In the months after, Otto takes Void Archives' offer of deeper knowledge by entering the library that contained much of the Previous Era's inventions. He then received a letter from Kallen, which was a request for him to send the Oath of Judah to help her deal with her crisis with Yae Sakura, in which he complies.

Some months later, Kallen willingly returns to Schicksal as a shell of her former self, but stands firm in her defiance of Schicksal, which only guarantees her execution for her betrayal. In an effort to prevent this, Otto pleads with his father for an alternative, and Nikolas abides by telling his son to marry Kallen. If he successfully convinces the Kaslana, Nikolas will also deal with the current head of the Kaslana family and make Otto, his successor. Otto then approaches Kallen, telling her of the plan and insisting that the most important thing was for her to live, despite knowing that she would never agree. As Kallen confirms these thoughts, Otto leaves, desperately trying to devise another plan to stop her execution. Some unknown time later, he was named the successor by his ailing father, regardless, but his sister, Risa Schariac, assassinates their father behind his back. Unaware of Risa's intentions and already in despair, Otto takes Risa's advice and unleashes Honkai beasts onto the crowd in order to cause a distraction for Kallen to escape her execution, willfully exchanging the civilians' lives for Kallen's own. However, the Kaslana would never flee when innocents were in danger, and she rejects his reasoning as she takes on the honkai, dying in her final stance of defending the people in an ironic twist of fate.

After this, the weight of guilt became unbearable for Otto, causing him to flee to a small island that was used as a cemetery for the city of Venice, where he founded the San Michele monastery that took in orphans. Ten years after that, Otto hears about the rebellion on Schicksal as the people had martyred Kallen's death into the "Holy Maid" and used it as reasoning to rebel against the tyrant rule of Mariselle (Otto's nephew) and Risa. Otto returns with 28 of his orphans, which included Viola and Sasha (who had gone to his monastery after Kallen's death), and joins the rebellion, nicked "New Schicksal." In 1491, the civil war finally came to a close, with Marseille and Risa finally meeting the end of their terrible reign. Otto then reforms the Church, trying to find satisfaction in doing what Kallen finally wanted. However, he only finds emptiness and self-blame. He came to realize that nothing would make up for Kallen's absence in the world and hated the cruel fate that was played to her with his involvement. Therefore, in the years after, the man known as Otto Apocalypse would come to believe that the true undoing of his original sin was only by restoring the original Kallen Kaslana into this world again.

Seven Swords VN

After Kallen's death, in order to seek the help of The Celestial, Otto carried a white coffin to Shenzhou alone. When traveling in Mobei, the caravan was attacked by bandits, and Otto was imprisoned. In the dungeon, Otto met Li Sushang who came to get the bandits to try her sword. Together, they fled the bandits den.

Otto learned that Li Sushang's master was one of Fu Hua's apprentice and went with her.[4]

500 Years of Obsession

In the aftermath of Schicksal's reformation and prior to the in-game events, Otto had tried many ways to bring Kallen back and preserved his own life for five hundred years, implanting metal prosthetics into himself with Void Archives' knowledge and only taking on soulium body doubles and sentience transfer recently. The events in Seven Swords was one of his approaches, in his goal of consulting with the Celestial, but that led to a dead end, given Fu Hua's state. Thus, in 1972, he obtained the technology to finally start cloning Kallen, creating the A-E Series clones, comprising 260 total clones.[5] The first A1 and A2 clones were cloned using Kallen’s DNA only but they melted within 5 minutes, so the A3 clones were mixed with Vishnu genes, and they were fully functional, despite not being able to age past twelve. He also forced them to confront each other to test their cognitive abilities, oftentimes leading to the death of one clone when the other was violent. In the end, only two distinct A3 Series clones came out of this experiment: A-303 and A-310. The former will become known as Amber after she was spared by Theresa, who is A-310. Otto concludes the project as a failure, but makes Amber his secretary and Theresa, his adopted granddaughter.

With the Kallen’s clones project casted aside, Otto turned his vision towards using honkai. He hoped that one herrscher's, particularly the Herrscher of Death[6], abilities would be able to revive Kallen for him. This leads to the establishment of the Babylon labs and cruel the experiments on children, to see if a herrscher could be made. And this is where Sirin and her grievances against the world was born from, leading to the 2nd Honkai War of 2000. Despite claiming that he would work to nullify the threat, Otto refused to exterminate Sirin until he got an answer from her. Thus, Otto impeded Welt Yang when the 1st Herrscher had subdued Sirin and even shot Siegfried Kaslana when the other tried to stop him from killing Welt - all while under the disguise of a clown. When Sirin unleashed her Seraphim Princes, Otto deployed Cecilia Schariac to deal with the Prince of Desire and Cheng Lixue and Fu Hua to deal with the Prince of Haste, while he and Amber went to deal with the Prince of Serenity, who had displayed powers similar to the Herrscher of Death. After invading the Prince's mind and realizing it was just a puppet, Otto tries to seize the gem of Serenity, but only realizes it's a flimsy copy. Enraged, he prevents Sirin from retrieving her prince and declares that he will challenge even God if he had to, for his goal. Afterwards, Otto implores Fu Hua's help in subduing Sirin, when the herrscher descended. While Sirin was incapcipated, Otto was able to invade her mind and search for a way in Sirin's abilities that would help restore Kallen. Sirin, though, only succeeds in producing a soulless copy of her dead mother, which prompts Otto to look for answers from God itself, despite Fu Hua warning him to hurry. After earning an audience with the Will of Honkai, Otto receives an answer when the Will copied Otto's appearance and stabbed itself in the neck. Waking from this, Otto is confused and can't understand the meaning but doesn't have time to think it through, as the Will had notified Sirin of Fu Hua's Fenghuang Down trick and woke its herrscher. This forces Fu Hua to spend her energy, severing the link between the Will and Sirin, before passing out. Otto is then ordered to flee with the unconscious Hua by Lixue, who traded her life to protect her master. Some time later, Otto is back in his base, this time telling Theresa to master the 0th power of Judah, to subdue Sirin. After this fails, due to Sirin's Gem of Serenity reviving her, Otto watches as a beserk Siegfried takes on Sirin, ripping the Gem of Serenity out. Instead of awe, however, Otto only feels disgust as he then orders the fission missiles to be launched all over Siberia, despite Cecilia still being there. His intent was to kill Siegfried and prevent him from using those abilities against him. Cecila had then drained her body of her holy blood to nullify Sirin's cascading state and left Abyss Flower to protect her husband from Otto's fission missiles as she comforts the dying herrscher.

In the aftermath of the Second Eruption, Otto has now kidnapped Kiana Kaslana, and wiped all memory of Anti-Entropy's assistance during the war, out of Schicksal's records, as well as altering Theresa's memories to obscure the truth. With Kiana, Otto begins another cloning experiment, this time in hopes of creating a durable host that can take on the core of void that he had retrieved from Siberia. None of these K series clones functioned properly, however, until the birth of K423, who was bestowed Sirin's wish to have a better life. In 2007, Siegfried returns and escapes with both the original Kiana and K423, but Otto shoots down their plane. Siegfried then only gets away with K423, who he believed was his actual daughter. In 2010, when the Herrscher of Void awoke in Kiana for the first time, Otto then deployed Ragna Lothbrok to handle the situation. Around 2014, Otto is then aware of Kiana's admission into St. Freya and has Fu Hua, who was in the guise of a student there, to watch her growth.

Throughout all these attempts, Otto also had done things to stop others from stopping him. For example, in 1955, when his Abyss Flower user and S-Rank Valkyrie, Reanna Brigantia, sided with the then North American Branch of Schicksal, Otto hijacked her body and killed Welt Yang's father. He then ordered the leveling of New York City, which was prevented at the cost of Welt Joyce's life. Previously, Otto had tried to compromise with the 1st Herrscher of Reason, offering to be partners and name Joyce his successor. Joyce, however, refuses as his ideas didn't align with Otto's. At the time, the North American Branch, which will later be Anti-Entropy, had Edison start creating the Selene from the Previous Era's schemtics of it, which Otto saw as a threat to ending the honkai permanently, and thus endangering his goal, so he sought to exterminate them when they started to resist him. In 1991, when Welt Yang had caused Otto to lose sight of Cecilia, who was his herrscher killer with her holy blood, Otto even swore to kill Cecilia himself if he couldn't retrieve her.

In-game Story

Chapter 6: Babylon's Prisoner

When Kiana fell into a dream in the data center, Otto observed her dream from a distance, sent both Fu Hua and Durandal to monitor her closely, looking for opportunities to capture Kiana.

Chapter 7: Raise the Sword of Rebellion to The Sky

After Kiana was captured and brought to Schicksal Headquarters, Otto injected a large amount of Honkai energy into her body to awaken the consciousness of the Herrscher of the Void, which stirred Benares, forcing Otto to order all the Valkyries to enter the combat state.

When Theresa took Hyperion to rescue Kiana at the Schicksal HQ, Otto tried to persuade Theresa to give up, but she refused.


  • In Captainverse events, he's often acting as the founder of Otto Entertainment, a game company.
  • Otto personally oversaw the creation of Tranquil Rhapsody.


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St. Freya
World Serpent
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