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Patricia Highsmith
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Female Sign (Small).png Female
  • A-Rank Valkyrie
  • Genius
  • Pat

Patricia Highsmith was an A-Rank Valkyrie of Schicksal under the Ministry of Intelligence, code-named "Genius".

Different from the bold appearance, she is an intelligent warrior with a lot of thought. She has three Ph.D. degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, focusing on supernatural phenomena caused by the Honkai. She once led a team to solve events such as "invisible amusement park", "unlimited regeneration ramen" and "the sea in the attic".

Ms. Patricia is an excellent user of heavy firearms. At the same time, she is responsible for intelligence gathering and analysis in the Snow Wolf Squad.


In 1991, Cecilia and Cheng Lixue, three A-Rank Valkyrja, escorted the fake "Herrscher Killer Weapon" to the second lab. The team was attacked by Welt but in the end Welt found that he stole the fake weapon.[1]

In 1996, Otto personally ordered the deployment of the female martial arts commando team "Snow Wolf", Patricia was transferred to the Snow Wolf Squad.[2]

On 2 February 2000, on the eve of the Second Honkai War, Patricia was sent to Babylon tower to investigate and study about the ghost. The officer disappeared out of thin air and took over from The Commander Theresa, who was in charge of the mission. After that, she and Theresa released the in-tower experiment. Sirin was caught by the remain Honkai trace in the cell and the researcher's disappearance, and she absorbed Honkai energy to fight back Patricia.[3]

Her right arm is cut off in the battle, and after a difficult escape, she reports to Welt to find Sirin, hoping that Welt will do his best to protect her friends (Members of Snow Wolf and Theresa)[2]

On 10 February, the Anti-Entropy forces withdrew from Babylon[4]. And Eins left Patricia to take care of.[5]

On February 12, Sirin returned from the moon and killed Patricia.[5]


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